Fortnite Pro Noahreyli Mistakenly Banned During FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers

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Fortnite Pro Noahreyli Mistakenly Banned During FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers

Noahreyli of the Become Legends esports organization received an accidental ban during FNCS Qualifier 2 Finals.

Top European Fortnite Battle Royale pro — Noah “Noahreyli” Rey — received a ban during today's second Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Season 8 Qualifier. The multiple-time FNCS Finalist revealed his latest ban on Twitter. It occurred in game one of six in today's final Season 8 Qualifier, where teams are vying for a spot in the Season 8 Finals next weekend.

The sudden discipline caught Noahreyli and his teammates by surprise, but the situation is developing and bears similarities to MrSavage's ban from last season.

Noahreyli Banned Unexpectedly During FNCS Qualifier

There was no lead-up or explanation to the in-game ban that befell Noahreyli in game one of FNCS Qualifier 2. He and his teammates — Vadeal and JannisZ — were deep in an endgame before Noahreyli was removed from the game. The afflicted player took to Twitter, questioning the ban and showing his Epic Games Launcher, which also indicated “Banned.”

It's similar to last season, where MrSavage received a ban, forcing Epic Games to wipe out the results of two next matches. That unfortunate scenario theoretically set a precedent for future incidents. However, Epic Games did not outright acknowledge Noahreyli's unexpected ban and continued onto game two. Noahreyli's teammates Vadeal and JannisZ were left without options as 32 teams loaded into the second match.

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Noahreyli Unbanned, No Game Restart

Epic Games made an executive decision not to restart game one or two. Unfortunately, that means Noahreyli, Vadeal and JannisZ missed out on potential points for the entirety of match number two. Noahreyli did take to Twitter shortly after, stating that Epic Games unbanned him while showing that he did not receive any V-Bucks as compensation.

The three players rejoined the FNCS Qualifier 2 Finals in match number three with much ground to make up. This ban marks Noahreyli's second in four months, following a mistake back in June during the Thanos Cup. We'll have to see what more plays out as Europe's top trios compete for a chance in the Season 8 Finals.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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