Fortnite: Noahreyli Permabanned for “Cheating” & Promptly Unbanned

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Fortnite: Noahreyli Permabanned for “Cheating” & Promptly Unbanned

Noahreyli, one of Fortnite’s best current players, had a brief scare with a potential permanent ban during a recent Twitch stream.

Competitive Fortnite players and fans across Twitter erupted with confusion and dismay as top European player Noah “Noahreyli” Rey received a permanent ban live on his Twitch stream earlier today. Just 45 minutes after going live for the Thanos Cup, Noahreyli was removed from his second match. Shortly after that, a screen indicating that he has been banned from Fortnite Battle Royale for cheating. The clip from Noahreyli’s stream quickly made its rounds, and many were left wondering if the punishment is accurate or a mistake from Epic Games.

Noahreyli Banned from Fortnite on Stream

Noahreyli, who many recognize as one of the best players in Europe, began his day intending to compete in the Thanos Cup. Unfortunately, his tournament day ended after only one match. While queuing into his second game, the match abruptly ended, and he received a permanent in-game ban. The clip surfaced through many different Fortnite players and personalities on Twitter. However, no one can seem to piece together a legitimate reason for Epic’s punishment of the talented player.

Firstly, Noahreyli stated on his stream that he is not a cheater. The mysterious situation could have meant a missed opportunity for Noahreyli this coming weekend. We’ve seen a similar situation before with former FNCS winner “KEZ” — who was also banned mid-tournament. Epic Games’ anti-cheat seldom misses the mark. So naturally, it’s worth wondering how the case of Noahreyli could be any different.

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Noahreyli Unbanned in Record Time

Become Legends reached out to Epic Games regarding the ban and had it reversed in record time. The organization took to Twitter with an update, stating that Noah’s ban was a mistake on Epic’s part.

“Noahreyli has officially been unbanned. It was a mistake from Epic Games,” the tweet reads. Bizarre is one word to use in this regard. Fortnite Twitter began theorizing that keyboard macros could have led to the ban, but none of that conjecture seems to matter at this stage. Noahreyli’s account is back online, and he will look to win the FNCS All-Star Showdown this weekend with this temporary scare behind him.

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