Fortnite: NRG Signs Ronaldo

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Fortnite: NRG Signs Ronaldo

NRG adds another Fortnite talent to its growing roster.

It’s no secret that NRG Esports possesses one of the most talented Fortnite rosters from top to bottom. Benjyfishy, Zayt, Unknown, EpikWhale, and Edgey are some of the best players in their respective regions. With multiple championships between the active members, NRG continued building an outstanding roster, adding Twitch superstar and Fortnite World Cup Finalist Clix to the fold. Some thought NRG would rest after adding Clix. However, the organization just added another FNCS Champion to its lineup of players.

NRG Ronaldo

NRG Esports announced their signing of Ronaldo earlier today. It featured NRG executive producer Grady Reigns scrambling to enlist a Fortnite player to help out with the announcement. Grady unsuccessfully reached out to benjyfishy, Clix and Unknown. His last resort was Zayt, who agreed to help out. The organization then announced Ronaldo as its newest member, followed by a compilation of impressive in-game clips.

From a competitive standpoint, Ronaldo has achieved quite a lot in a relatively short amount of time. He won FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 1 alongside Unknown, KEZ and Avery. Ronaldo and Unknown also linked up for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 2. They qualified for the Grand Finals and finished in 36th place.

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Many of those within the competitive Fortnite realm recognize Ronaldo as much more than just a talented Fortnite player. One of Ronaldo’s defining qualities is his comically horrible microphone quality. He recently launched his brand of viewing parties similar to TSM EmadGG and has found success in that regard. Those viewing parties feature Ronaldo hype casting tournaments. Considering his recent success on Twitch, it’s not surprising to see NRG snatch Ronaldo from free agency. He recently signed a six-month contract with Built By Gamers, which expired in January. Ronaldo averages anywhere from 6K to 10K with each passing Twitch stream. It will be interesting to see what opportunities open up for him as he joins one of the top esports organizations.

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