Fortnite: Ninja Calls Out FaZe Sway on Cheating Accusations

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Fortnite: Ninja Calls Out FaZe Sway on Cheating Accusations

In case you missed the story earlier today, FaZe Sway endured heavy criticism due to accusations of teaming in the Solos Cash Cup. He and a friend by the name of Wistles were communicating in Discord during one of the matches. Sway launched in on Wistles to help him in a one-on-one fight and the victim of this called him out on Twitter. Refer to our previous article that details what exactly took place. FaZe Sway did issue an apology on Twitter after receiving backlash. However, Sway further backed up his stance after this situation came to light by the popular streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Ninja’s Response

Ninja tweeted his take on the situation in regards to its overall effect on competitive Fortnite. The notion of cheating in any competitive instance is deplorable as it devalues the overall impact of the game. In the past, the collective community has brought such cases into the spotlight. Epic Games is now under the microscope. The decision is in their hands to decide how to handle this specific incident and further incidents down the line.

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Innocents Comes to Sway’s Defense

Innocents, a player for Ghost Gaming, came to Sway’s defense. He stated that he, under no circumstance, would knowingly eliminate a friend or teammate in any tournament. Ninja promptly responded with “That ain’t int chief.” This is just one of many indications that teaming, or at least some form of mutual agreement, exists in Fortnite tournaments. It begs the question of whether or the Fortnite developers will closely review this situation.

Ninja and Sway Discuss the Situation

Ninja further elaborated on his stance in regards to Sway’s alleged intent to cheat. Blevins essentially reinforced the notion that cheating is cheating. Whether Sway actually assisted in the elimination or not is irrelevant. He launch-padded over to his friend in order to help him. There’s no doubt that this controversy has spiraled out of control. Sway responded to Ninja in a deleted tweeted stating that people are blowing all of it out of proportion.

Popular Players Chiming In

The reason this story has now elevated to the next level is because of players like Ninja and Ryan “Liquid Chap” Chaplo. These are highly recognizable names in the Fortnite community. Ninja and Chap calling out Sway for his wrongdoing is not surprising. The volatility of Fortnite is most certainly no secret. In previous months we have seen escalated cheating accusations. From stream snipers to players teaming in solo matches, there is no shortage of controversy.

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Regardless of the tournament size, teaming and other forms of rule-breaking is a punishable offense. In other significant esports, there is a zero-tolerance policy. Fortnite is a bit different because of how many online tournaments exist. The difficulty of cracking down on every case of cheating most certainly poses a challenge. Discipline for such actions helps reinforce Epic Games’ support behind competitive Fortnite.

A Possible Resolution

Ninja offered a solution to Epic Games for resolving this issue. Cheating overall has not run as rampant in Fortnite, but the cases that do exists are damning. The Fortnite community now eagerly awaits as Epic Games will most likely need to at least respond to all of the happenings.


Stay tuned to ESTNN as we continue coverage of the situation with FaZe Sway.

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