Fortnite: FaZe Sway Accused of Cheating in Solos Cash Cup

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Fortnite: FaZe Sway Accused of Cheating in Solos Cash Cup

A Fortnite player has accused FaZe Sway of teaming during the Fortnite Solos Cash Cup.

In the NA East Solos Cash Cup on August 28th, FaZe Sway endured some criticism from the Fortnite community. In the video shown below, courtesy of @MildySour_ on Twitter, Sway encounters the player by the name of Wistles in a Cash Cup match. As Sour pushed into Wistles’ box, Sway launchpads over to him in order to provide help. Sway then disengages after Wistles completes the elimination.

FaZe Sway Accused of Teaming

Many believe that Sway and Wistles were communicating with one another while competing in the same lobby. Even in the instance of a smaller tournament and prize pool, this is not a good look for any player. Epic Games addressed these types of issues in recent months. This form of rule-breaking is punishable and can result in a temporary ban from playing Fortnite. In April of 2019, Epic Games released a statement which says the following:

“As some of you are already aware, we recently added a real-time teaming detection algorithm to competitive play, including tournaments and Arena games. This is in addition to the offline teaming detection we already had in place. In 8.40, we turned off this detection in custom matches to allow content creators greater freedom to experiment on the island, but it remains enabled in all competitive play.”

Fortnite's History of Accused Cheaters

The Fortnite developers have been cracking down on this, and it has been an issue for quite some time. In the past, bans have lasted up to three days, but there is not a clear picture or measurement of how long each ban lasts. Professional Fortnite players like XXiF and ronaldo have also endured cheating accusations and subsequent discipline from Epic Games. These players never truly recovered from the cheating accusations. Fans at the Fortnite World Cup infamously cheered while watching XXiF’s elimination from one of the six matches. The community does not take kindly to cheaters.

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Punitive Action from Epic Games

Teaming in solos has long been an issue that the developer does not have a definitive plan of action against. From the video, there seems to be sufficient evidence against Sway and Wistles to back up the allegations. However, Epic's handling of this specific rule violation is unclear at this point in time, and the team behind competitive Fortnite has yet to release a statement in this regard. Additionally, the Fortnite Competitive community hasn't been kind to Sway, especially on Reddit. This situation undoubtedly casts a shadow over his past accomplishments and the future of his career.

Usually, the public relations response is much worse than the developer’s discipline. Considering Sway currently has nearly reached 2 million subscribers on YouTube, he will likely escape this with nothing more than a blemish on his record.

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