Fortnite: NA East FNCS Full Heats and Analysis

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Fortnite: NA East FNCS Full Heats and Analysis

FNCS Heats have finally arrived. See which NA East players made the cut and when they will be playing this weekend.

The finale of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series is upon us. All seven competitive regions are competing in a variety of heats to decide which duos will partake in the Grand Finals. First up, we have the NA East region, which features some of the well-known names in all of the competitive Fortnite realm. To name a few, we have Bugha, Tfue, Chap, TSM Commandment, MSF Clix, NRG Zayt, Saf and the list goes on. We have compiled a full list of each duo and their respective heat along with some interesting tidbits about the high profile duos featured in each. Remember to tune in this weekend for all of the action and earn FNCS Twitch Drops along the way.

Heat One

Heat One will take place on April 17th from 8:00 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST.

  • CadrentTV, Seem Ϟ
  • Bfŏ pof pof, Foppe.
  • jay -ѡ-, Zealousrr
  • Nolanlul, gratrix.
  • Frystsama, Doubtc
  • 7eoLeo, Gandhi dabdabdab
  • fatch., Nobu NicFN.
  • Divineح, Twitch Zailify
  • JαCrispy, Jolxicrr
  • Xcсept, storryㅤ
  • zeprhy, Cоrvus
  • LDamienS Ϟ, roqz
  • cleevlund ʜ, wilsrr
  • cozy-iwnl-, СHAYSE
  • RadiatedSilver, Tahfafishy
  • Ѕcoped, Tfue
  • Adonіs, Zeiy Ϟ
  • tendyxo, Jangо
  • Sid ., Pаns
  • illеst, tаhi
  • Kjrop, Neоnrr
  • Takii 007, zyprr.
  • ykell ʜ, assault jayth
  • MRKN Av, Grotto Chap
  • FunkySavage, Apex Faded ϟ
  • AA BobyBolb, Tubbey.
  • Cloutism, FrostykDURRRRRRR
  • Kdoe., OT Pxlarized
  • EthvnFN, Flоh
  • NobuPaMstou, iCreZz pof pof
  • Dоh, Ѕеvеre
  • FaZe Diggy, Marzz_Ow
  • gіlly, steanzz
  • Cheexy., fliqht
  • ТFlick, cassscat
  • Stats Ω, Physic ψ
  • nosh, chaоtic
  • Mikeу., grandmateets
  • SH OopsRekt Tv, StarvingAidenTv
  • Cloud NFQ, thwifo -α-
  • lyricen, kοlor
  • TSM_Comadon, SEN HighSky -α-
  • Timbers pgod 神, Timbers Alliege
  • M3G4K1LL3R926, Shаz
  • BBG Nittle., casqer
  • gabeitches87, Υeti
  •, Walkman.
  • Vanish Claw, Vanish Agro
  • Al Play Griefs, Hydraxtix

Heat One Analysis

Heat one features some of the heavy-hitters in the NA East region. It might be the most challenging heat to advance out of for the majority of these duos. With only the top 12 teams moving on to the Grand Finals, some hearts will break as a result of this bracket. The most notable storyline of heat one is The Grotto showdown between Tfue and Scoped against MRKN Av and Chap. Since deciding on The Grotto as their new landing spot, Tfue and Scoped have been going at it with Chap and Av. If both teams stick to their guns, we can safely assume only one of these two will make it out unless both duos avoid fighting each other.

There are some other duos worth noting in this heat as well, including Cloud and thwifo, Mikey and grandmateets, nosh and chaotic, TSM Commandment and SEN HighSky and the most consistent duo through the qualifiers, Acron and Vanish Jahq. Be sure to watch how this heat plays out as it will have a significant implication on the Grand Finals.

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Heat 2

Heat Two will be played on April 18th from 12:00 PM EST to 3:00 PM EST.

  • OT Spayde, MIREVZ
  • Vaxry, cN Nayht
  • TеeJay, Ferrrnаndv
  • ms13 dany, Janikǃ
  • Ozirvorr, OT Fwice
  • Vanish Cazz, Code Crimz
  • Тrapy, LG Tyler15
  • NobuPoakz, cN Tragix YT
  • Addison Tre, Lil Fakeout
  • bumpaah, Shmеcked
  • BBG Posick, BBG Smqcked
  • Vanguard iKerry, nоire
  • Alejandro73634, Alejandro73635
  • VoiceCrqck, cloudₓ
  • effzy ll, FaZe CBаss
  • voilrr, vyxrr
  • GoodGuyNani, ekomS Celest
  • A1Cid, A1 SIMPLE
  • Legedien, Armond.
  • TSM Khanadarr, joey2c
  • WhyFxsiions, WhyAgro
  • Kn1pher, snakerrǃ
  • F3AR_MY_SK1LL, Aminished
  • Whitehаt, Threatsrr
  • Nate Hill, FaZe Funk
  • skipa_, КУСЕ
  • cented, NRG Edgey
  • Faultur, frаt.
  • MSF Clix, Vanguard Calc
  • BH Perplexii, Predator Ω
  • Merqz., البلاتين
  • conners., Snazrr
  • RBK Arab -α-, coopgraal
  • Sensful, ADV Cozhies
  • Thumpith, banskyfishy
  • NobuBeefaronie, SFR wCarey
  • Prien Ω, SpirοK
  • Rubyfied, Felix – –
  • KraveTv, cN Proof.
  • PAPERCLIP XCIIィ, Jumpen.
  • SEN Zyfа, Eclipsae
  • roatdw, E11 BlooTea
  • Crumblerr, Speguu
  • potg NFQ, n3moxd NFQ
  • JadenShotz., Boltiverse
  • Jamperδ, megavirgin699
  • Assault Degen, Assault Iciev
  • Thatoneguyluca, Twitter H4NSSEN
  • vanish kwah, OT Inspyre
  • 100T Ceice, FаZe Bizzle

Heat Two Analysis

Former NA West standouts NRG Edgey and Cented are the clear favorites to win heat two outright. They managed four qualifications over four weeks and continue to improve as a duo after journeying from west to east. 100T Ceice and FaZe Bizzle are right behind Edgey and Cented heat two after three successful qualifying weeks. TSM Khanada and joey2c are also in this bracket along with MSF Clix and Vanguard Calc, both of which are looking to extend their tournament lives beyond heat two. Though the qualifying weeks are essential, it will all mean nothing if these duos fail to reach the Grand Finals.

Heat 3

Heat Three will take place on April 18th from 4:00 PM EST to 7:00 PM EST

  • Nathanielѕ, joheerr
  • npen, LG Hogman
  • Vivid Quit FN, nanоlite
  • Bassrr, Enquz
  • Synez., CarsonC_
  • clarityG, 100T Elevate
  • bughа, Liquid STRΕTCΗ
  • Fyеrd, rоhans
  • smugyfishy, HMB Javx
  • ADV Goku, LXRY zero
  • Dаgerath, BrewZzz
  • Deеz, Sрicy
  • Precision03, jm0ᴄk
  • TabzG, Co1azo
  • flipѕrr, rzzy-19
  • Simhotcake42, albionapancake10
  • Sully0123456789, Вeanzy
  • Twitch.TrashyFN_, CarsonCBC
  • blakeps., Assаultrr
  • Spin dabdabdab, Tezza dabdabdab
  • Vanish Strodles, Joji Siwa
  • TSM_Zexrow, TSM.MackWood
  • Sunnyyfishy, Trunkѕ 未
  • OkisFN, MRKN Pxrе
  • Chеwу, suchaclutch.
  • NRG Unknown., BBG Ronaldo
  • Tcrom, Durantrr
  • LITTLEGLACE., The Big Bluff
  • skqttlesfishy, originsrr
  • RobKnight., stonierr
  • Jetonrr, Ѕtrafes
  • Thresh, Vanish Bank
  • NRG Zayt -α-, Safaroonie -α-
  • Captain Knight, Captain Shаrk
  • codgenesis., Shaedess
  • SEN Animal, SEN Aspect.
  • Mateos -, Rogue Morg
  • bawxfishy, OneEyedBаndit
  • Descendz, Mooney .
  • Nееqo, Vуce
  • TiniJelly, Awkua.
  • Lil-flows741YT, Νef
  • Ensena, Ζekel
  • narwhalrr, Agent Frostioss
  • FB ZLaner, SCAR
  • KlutchZG, LaggyZG
  • OSPERATIE, jerids
  • cN Nutex., Outcast Hunt YT
  • asresa, DT Rise
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Heat Three Analysis

Similar to heat one, heat three possesses an impressive spread of talent from top to bottom. We begin with Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha and duo partner Liquid STRETCH. These two seem to have found a rhythm in the Chapter 2 Season 2 meta with qualifications in two of the four weeks. The consistently dominant duo of NRG Zayt and Saf are also in this heat, looking to add another high finish to their resume. TSM Zexrow and TSM MackWood are seeking their second FNCS Championship after winning back in Season X with Vanguard Calc and finishing in second last season. Keep an eye out for Captain Shark and Captain Rogue, also known as RogueShark and Knight, considering their consistent performances in Daily Duo Cups, Duo Cash Cups and the FNCS.

Heat Four

Heat Four will play on April 18th from 8:00 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST

  • Vedrr, Baby XnB
  • ETB Ϟ, Pourings
  • Niyk., fillipisasian
  • Vlictrr, Distrеpt
  • Twitch RnStar1, ʀɴ Juxta
  • Triicк, EmpereurQc
  • addison š, MRKN Noul
  • Rayzoxrr, MPK Chuckyfishy
  • CrаzyGGs, Arоa
  • starkos., assault vyrus
  • sое, rуde
  • Ѕеbbу, itsJustMagic.
  • dolbz, ѕoul.
  • FullHomo JOI, cetia
  • DavisEz, Blаdez
  • HazThaGreat, Avery ψ
  • Fume, Trеnt.
  • FaZe Megga., FaZe Dubs FC
  • Swаy FC, Scrubz FC
  • ninebrees., kyrhа
  • Defy dabdabdab, Loadistㅤ
  • Slayеrr, xDubz FN
  • Fijex, Spades ζ
  • Vexifire, master metahs
  • NОUNZY, Exophrr
  • ZantarYT, Leekura
  • Furiousrr, lil baby ganzo
  • XGeN Chazz, XGeN Splat
  • 100T Klass, Tristan Hipp
  • catchpickleboy, xino -iwnl-
  • BBG Ajay, Rocаine
  • notpandda., sto
  • КΛWZMIК, RiftMull
  • Bezerkrr, bruтal
  • Hornеt, tickrss
  • Strоbе, MRKN Goosh
  • deyyrr, Feаture
  • Yuldy FC, Connfident
  • cizIucky, lazarp
  • Novitk, Advуth
  • hаpped, stаqi
  • Ajerss, innoсentѕ
  • daniel š, acrian
  • Paris FA, MoonCakes誉
  • аgeV, mrknRWR
  • Mоbiy, Aperta_
  • Twitter Visxals, vrxrr
  • Maseff2x, Oath XXiF
  • Connoreo, waffleslul
  • E11 Grazca Ϟ, E11 daxor.

Heat Four Analysis

The final heat of NA East features some of the best duos both across Fortnite history and in the last few months. First off, we have Fortnite World Cup finalists, FaZe Megga and FaZe Dubs. These two are arguably the best that FaZe has to offer, and their partnership has stood the test of time. Megga and Dubs finished week four in third place and took eighth place in week three. It would not be a huge shock to see this FaZe tandem come out on top.

Ajerrs and innocents popped up in the Winter Royale back in December of 2019, where they took first place on day three. Since then, these two have won this season’s FNCS Warmup tournament and declared victory on week two of the Fortnite Champion Series. Other teams worth looking out for are E11 Grazca and E11 daxor, as well as CizLucky and Lazarp considering their success throughout the season.

Featured Image: Epic Games.

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