Fortnite: Twitch Drops Enabled for FNCS Season Finals

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Fortnite: Twitch Drops Enabled for FNCS Season Finals

Get ready to grab some loot from the FNCS Finals.

The Fortnite Champion Series for Chapter 2 Season 2 concludes this weekend with a round of heats and the Grand Finals across all seven competitive regions. Some of the world’s best duos will be competing for a piece of the $5M USD prize pool that Epic Games produced for the third-ever FNCS tournament. Although there is no dedicated stream for the event, the Fortnite competitive team is granting viewers the opportunity to earn in-game items while watching the FNCS Season Finals.

How to Earn Twitch Drops

In a competitive blog post, the Fortnite team detailed how viewers can go about earning the previously mentioned in-game items.

“To celebrate the conclusion of this season’s Fortnite Champion Series we’re releasing new items as drops: a Spray and a Skate Deck featuring this season’s FNCS logo. To ensure you are eligible for these one-time items, please make sure your Twitch account and Epic account are linked. Then tune in to the FNCS Finals on an approved Twitch channel between Friday, April 17 and Sunday, April 19.

To link your Epic account and Twitch account, head here. You’ll see an option to connect your accounts. Clicking that will ask you to log into Twitch, after which you’re all set.”

The process is simple, and merely watching your favorite players participate in the event will grant you access to some of or even all of the available items. As stated in the blog post, viewers have the opportunity to earn a skateboard back bling, spray paint and an emote all branded with the Fortnite Champion Series logo. These items are exclusive only to this event and won’t be available after this weekend. Ensure that you link your Twitch account to your Epic Games account for a chance to secure these in-game items.

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Which Streamers Have Drops Enabled?

For the last Fortnite Champion Series back in Chapter 2 Season 1, Epic Games provided a list of streamers with Twitch drops enabled on their channel. Unfortunately, it looks like we do not have that luxury this time around. However, we can rest assured knowing that many of the players streaming this weekend’s events will make Twitch drops evident in their titles. Once you locate a streamer with “Drops Enabled” in their title, tune into their stream and wait to collect your loot.

The FNCS Season Finals kick off this weekend with multiple heats per region primarily on Saturday and the Grand Finals for Asia, Oceania, NA East, NA West and Europe happening on Sunday.

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