Fortnite: NA East Duos to Watch in the Fortnite Champion Series

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Fortnite: NA East Duos to Watch in the Fortnite Champion Series

Here is a look at some of the top NA East duos heading into the Fortnite Champion Series.

We are about two days away from the commencement of the third-ever Fortnite Champion Series. Thus far, we’ve seen trios and squads, but this time Epic Games is bringing back duos for competitive Fortnite. A lot of fans and players enjoy duos both to watch and play, considering the dynamic between two teammates. In the past, we’ve seen some outstanding NA East duos like Zayt and Saf perform well in tournaments.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 reshaped Fortnite as we know it, and this time around, we have some new drop spots and weapons. Several thousand duos have perfected their strategies and will put them to the test beginning this weekend. Let’s take a look at some of the high-profile NA East duos competing in this iteration of the Fortnite Champion Series.

SEN Bugha & Liquid STRETCH

Team Liquid’s STRETCH and Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Bugha first have been teaming together since Season X. The two reached Grand Finals in both Fortnite Champion Series events and even finished in third place on day two of the Winter Royale in 2019. It’s a new season, and STRETCH and Bugha have been steadily improving as a duo. They just achieved a second-place finish in the first-ever Contender Cash Cup Duo tournament. Keep an eye out for Bugha and STRETCH over the next few weeks of the Fortnite Champion Series.

Liquid Chap & MRKN Av

The combination of Chap and Av has been fascinating to watch. Chap had previously played alongside a fellow organizational teammate, Vivid, but took the upcoming FNCS in a different direction. Although somewhat unknown, Av has been around a long time and has emerged as one of the best controller players. His slaying prowess mixed with Chap’s rotational genius and exceptional game sense is the recipe to success. Chap and Av’s first two duo tournaments have resulted in a 29th and a fourth-place finish. The upcoming FNCS season sets nicely up for the new duo.

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Tfue & Scoped

Many know Tfue as arguably the most popular Fortnite streamer in the world. His stardom often blinds people from the fact that he is still an incredible competitive player. Despite the occasional Fortnite or Epic Games roast, Tfue remains at the upper-echelon of the popular Battle Royale title. The days of Cloakzy and Tfue as a duo, however, are no more as Tfue continues improving and contending in tournaments. Back in December, he held tryouts and meshed immediately with a rising controller player, Scoped. Although somewhat unknown before teaming with Tfue, Scoped possesses talent similar to all of the other controller players across the globe. Tfue and Scoped achieved a ninth, and a 16th place finish in the Winter Royale, but the FNCS is a different ballgame. They have something to prove, and this is the stage to do it. Tfue and Scoped will be fascinating to watch.

TSM Commandment & SEN HighSky

The duo partnership of Commandment and HighSky dates back to March of 2019. That’s nearly a full year of these two talented players competing in all types of Fortnite tournaments. Although they did not qualify for the duo World Cup, they continued teaming through both FNCS tournaments, the Winter Royale and many others. It’s safe to say that Commandment and HighSky have some of the best chemistry of any duo across the seven regions. Their results in the first two duo events of the season are a 14th and fifth place, respectively, in the FNCS Warmup and Contender Cash Cup Duos. Let’s see if this duo has another run in them after a long history of competing.

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100T Ceice & Ghost Bizzle

After having split with former teammate Elevate, Ceice went in search of a new duo partner for the foreseeable future. He tried some, but none worked out until he played alongside former Secret Skirmish winner, Ghost Bizzle. The newly developed duo of Ceice and Bizzle started off Chapter 2 Season 2 with a bang. The pair won the Shadow Contender Cash Cup Duos after having placed second in the FNCS Warmup tournament. These two are arguably the hottest duo heading into the first official week of this new competitive season. Their hard work has paid off to this point, but it’s a long season, and Fortnite is continuously evolving. However, Ceice and Bizzle established themselves early and will look to stay on top throughout the season.

Other Notable FNCS Duos

  • Kreo and Bucke
  • Joey2c and Khanada
  • Elevate and ClarityG
  • Clix and Blakeps
  • Zayt and Saf
  • ZexRow and MackWood
  • Dubs and Megga
  • Cloud and Thwifo
  • Avery and HazThaGreat
  • Crimz and Cazz
  • Marzz and Diggy
  • Reverse2k and Sane
  • Ninja and SypherPK
  • Unknown and Ronaldo
  • Slackes and Keys
  • Vivid and Nanolite
  • Funk and Nate Hill
  • Mikey and Grandmateets
  • Knight and RogueShark
  • Zyfa and Eclipsae
  • Calculator and Jackieski
  • CizLucky and Lazar

Be sure to tune into individual player streams and keep an eye on the leaderboard all weekend long to see which duos qualify for the semi-finals.

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