Fortnite: Mysterious Snowman NPC Details Revealed

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Fortnite: Mysterious Snowman NPC Details Revealed

Leakers reveal more information about the decrypted Snowman NPC.

Reliable leaks last week revealed that Epic Games is working on a snowman non-player character (NPC) for an upcoming season of Fortnite: Battle Royale. This revelation came alongside other news that the developers plan to release a Slurp Bazooka in a future season. The past few three seasons of Fortnite have featured more NPCs than ever before. Henchman, in particular, would roam some of the new points of interest (POIs) introduced in each season. This new Snowman NPC will take that idea to another level, potentially allowing for player interactions.

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What to Expect with the Snowman NPC

Credible Fortnite leaker HYPEX divulged more information on the snowman NPC, including what seems to be dialogue. Here are some of the snippets of words spoken by this new character:

  • Greetings my Hot blooded friend, which task would you like to perform for me?
  • You Look Hot…
  • Magic Claw
  • Thanks
  • Find Chests
  • Not Yet
  • Find those chests!
  • You won't ever see this
  • Here ya go!

Based on the lines above, we can assume that the Snowman will grant quest opportunities to players, potentially even in-game. Maybe the NPC will provide players with XP and loot after completing the requested tasks. We are obviously in the early stages of these leaks, so it isn't easy to piece together exactly what the Snowman will provide. Regardless, it will surely be interesting to see a new NPC in the game that will not send a barrage of bullets your way.

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In preparation for Fortnite's 15th season, it seems that Epic Games has already begun the testing phase. We don't know much information in terms of what theme will overtake Chapter 2 – Season 5. However, Epic Games Chief Creative Officer – Donald Mustard – did reveal that the Marvel Comics partnership will continue. How the Snowman NPC will factor into next season will remain a question until further information trickles down.

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