Fortnite: Malibuca Destroys Solos Cash Cup Point Record

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Fortnite: Malibuca Destroys Solos Cash Cup Point Record

Malibuca shatters Solos Cash Cup point record and looks to become a first-time FNCS Champion.

Russian professional Fortnite player Danila “Malibuca” Vladimirovich is here to take over. A relatively unknown player in previous seasons—Malibuca spent many seasons fighting other top players such as Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen, Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish and Endre “Endretta” Byre at Steamy Stacks. As a result, Malibuca did not earn the recognition he truly deserved. 

However, that narrative has changed since Chapter 3 Season 1 began. A new map allowed Malibuca to claim a spot and hone in on his skills. It seems Chapter 3 is the young Russian player's time to shine, especially following his record-breaking performance over the weekend. 

Malibuca Shatters Solos Cash Cup Point Record

It was a breakout weekend for Malibuca; he put the entire European region on notice. His impressive Solos Cash Cup run began on Saturday; he finished 21st in round one, managing 149 points, one Victory Royale and 58 eliminations. That top-100 performance secured him a spot in the Solos Cash Cup Finals. Malibuca's previous Cash Cup results included an 83rd, sixth, 62nd and fifth before yesterday. 

The field on Sunday featured several of Europe's best talents and FNCS Finalists; Chapix, Xsweeze, Wolfiez, Decyptos, Endretta and more. Not a single player involved struck fear into the heart of Malibuca. He went out and dominated the field with little resistance along the way. 

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A Historic Performance

The TT9 Esports player managed 36 eliminations across six matches in the Cash Cup Finals. Even more impressive was Malibuca's three Victory Royales, which he earned back-to-back-to-back in games three through five. After his third consecutive win, it became clear that no one would catch Malibuca. His dominance prompted him to broadcast his final match on Twitch; he finished third with five eliminations. 

Overall, Malibuca compiled 211 points in the Cash Cup Finals and showcased high-level Fortnite gameplay along the way. The previous record-holder — t3eny — earned 161 points across six matches. Malibuca finished his Cash Cup run with more eliminations and Victory Royales. 

Fans Take Notice of Malibuca's Greatness

Mere hours after his outstanding Cash Cup performance, Malibuca surpassed 50K followers on Twitter. He wrote: 

“50k… I don't know what I can say to you guys… Just one year ago my dream was to reach 5k, DREAM, but now 50.000 malibucas is for real.”

The Russian player is more than just an exceptional Solos player. He's done well alongside Duo partner Andrey “Merstach” Piratov—a teammate of Malibuca since Chapter 2 Season 6. The pair is one of only a few Duos that could dominate the upcoming FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1. Malibuca and Merstach have qualified for every Duos Cash Cup Finals this season, finishing 21st, fourth, sixth, second and sixth. 

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The journey is just beginning for Malibuca. He's no longer living in the shadow of Europe's other great players. At just 16-years-old, he has found consistency in a season of Fortnite that many believe to be inconsistent. The Axe of Champions is not far out of reach for Malibuca. 

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