Fortnite: LeTsHe Joins G2 Esports

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Fortnite: LeTsHe Joins G2 Esports

One of Europe’s best controller players is the newest member of G2 Esports!

German professional Fortnite: Battle Royale player – Kevin “LeTsHe” Fedjuschkin – experienced a quick turnaround after his former organization Team Atlantis closed down its operations. In an instant, LeTsHe became arguably the most sought after free agent in competitive Fortnite. Many of those within the competitive scene theorized as to where LeTsHe would land. Today, the German controller player and Fortnite World Cup Finalist announced that he is the newest addition to G2 Esports’ European roster. LeTsHe is also the second player of late to become a member of G2 Esports after FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 Champion – Coop – joined three weeks ago.

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LeTsHe announces new org on stream

After Heat 2 of the first-ever DreamHack Duos event concluded, LeTsHe and G2 revealed the news with a hilarious Dominos cross-promotion. LeTsHe released a statement regarding this news:

“I’m super excited to join such a huge organisation as G2. I love their character and can’t wait to show some great things together! With me representing G2 in Fortnite I am confident I can show everyone why G2 is feared in every other game they are in.”

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It only made sense for the controller standout to join G2 Esports, considering their headquarters is in Berlin, Germany. LeTsHe’s new organization is close to home. G2 just so happens to be a formidable force in the esports scene. With established teams in other esports titles such as League of Legends, Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege and Valorant, G2 CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santos seems committed to growing the org’s Fortnite roster. Here’s what he had to say about the addition of LeTsHe. Ocelote has this to say about the acquisition:

“We are ramping up our G2 presence in Fortnite and we’re sure we’ll make a big splash together with LeTsHe. He’s loved in Germany, all across the EU and known in NA! First with Coop in North America, and now with LeTsHe in Europe, we are proving to the world that, like in every other esport, we are here to win.”

LeTsHe is a smart addition

Not only does LeTsHe bring immense skill to the table, but he also has a community for loyal Twitch viewers. The German player typically averages 6K viewers on any given stream. He pulled even more than that recently while competing with fellow EU pros MrSavage and Benjyfishy in Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 3. LeTsHe is a Fortnite World Cup Finalist and three-time FNCS Finalist, who possesses a third-place finish at DreamHack Winter 2019. G2 made the right decision to expand its European Fortnite team with LeTsHe.

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What’s next for G2?

There’s no telling what else is on the table for G2 Esports as they dive deeper into competitive Fortnite. Two-time FNCS winner TaySon recently became a free agent, and we can safely say that his phone is ringing off the hook. Perhaps G2 Esports could look to add another top Euro talent.

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