Fortnite: FaZe Clan Duo Nate Hill and Funk Split

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Fortnite: FaZe Clan Duo Nate Hill and Funk Split

One of Fortnite’s original duos is ending.

Competitive Fortnite fans may be witnessing the end of an era, as FaZe Clan members Nate “Nate Hill” Hill and Trevor “Funk” Siegler will not compete together in DreamHack Duos. This duo partnership between two veteran Fortnite players began during competitive Fortnite’s infancy. Nate Hill and Funk joined FaZe Clan as a duo and stuck together through most of their careers. However, it seems that these two are seeking opportunities elsewhere, at least for the time being. Both players have confirmed on Twitter that they are looking for duo partners for DreamHack’s inaugural duos competition.

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Funk’s Twitter Post

On the heels of a sub-par Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 4 effort, Funk announced on Twitter that he is searching for a teammate for duos. He had just competed alongside XSET Snood and chenkinz, but fell short of the Grand Finals. The tweet above indicated to most that either Nate Hill is not competing in DreamHack or he and Funk were no longer teaming together. Nate soon confirmed the less likely option in the minds of many.

Nate Hill in Search of a Duo

Nate Hill notably did not partake in the most recent FNCS installment due to other commitments outside of Fortnite. This decision led many to believe that perhaps Nate no longer wanted to compete in Fortnite. After dedicating the better part of three years playing Fortnite almost exclusively, Nate recently began working other games into his streaming rotation. Many people believed Nate Hill would step away from competitive Fortnite in favor of a more casual Twitch presence and the freedom to stream more than just one game. However, he confirmed on Twitter that he is seeking a duo partner, presumably for DreamHack.

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Funk’s Comments on Stream

Funk addressed he and Nate’s parting of ways in a recent Twitch stream. “Me and Nate are finding new duos,” said Funk. “Nate doesn’t want to scrim all the time, and I want to scrim all the time. It’s simple as that.” Nate Hill typically streams earlier in the morning before Pro Scrims kick off later in the evening. Funk seems more committed to improving with whichever duo partner he lands on in hopes of placing well in DreamHack’s Duo competition. If this decision sticks, it will surely be the end of one of Fortnite’s longest-lasting partnerships.

Impressive Three-Year History

Funk and Nate Hill are two of the last remaining “Fortnite OGs” from the days of the Summer and Fall Skirmish tournaments. As FaZe Clan’s second duo, Nate and Funk qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in July 2019, managing a respectable 31st place finish. The pair briefly teamed in Season X before Nate Hill moved forward with SypherPK and NICKMERCS, whereas Funk competed with BlooTea and bhegs. Neither Nate Hill nor Funk qualified for the Season X Finals. As fate would have it, Nate Hill and Funk would rekindle their duo partnership in Chapter 2 – Season 1.

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Nate Hill and Funk formed a squad with famous streamer Ninja and Reverse2k. These four players showed promise, ultimately qualifying for the Grand Finals and securing an eighth-place finish. Nate Hill and Funk continued their nearly three-year tandem into Chapter 2 – Season 2, for the duos Fortnite Champion Series. Unfortunately, Nate and Funk failed to reach the Grand Finals after players in their heat purposely ended their run. Since then, the two FaZe Clan players participated in Daily Cup tournaments here and there with Team Liquid’s 72hrs leading into Chapter 2 – Season 4.

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There’s a possibility that Nate and Funk end up playing together regardless. Sure, there’s no shortage of talented players out there, but chemistry is essential in duos. DreamHack’s first NA East duo tournament is only seven days away. Both FaZe Clan players have some work to do.

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