Fortnite: LeTsHe Forced Out Of FNCS Semi-Finals Over Account Issue

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Fortnite: LeTsHe Forced Out Of FNCS Semi-Finals Over Account Issue

An Epic Games account issue forced German standout LeTsHe out of the FNCS Semi-Finals.

Top Fortnite Battle Royale player Kevin “G2 LeTsHe” Fedjuschkin and his teammates “IboooHai” and “Sevenjosh” were removed from the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Semi-Finals before their heat on Saturday. The three European players were due to compete in Heat C, but an apparent account issue for LeTsHe stemming from May 12 prevented that from happening.

Despite working with G2 Esports and Epic Games, neither party could find a resolution to the problem. Unfortunately, that means LeTsHe, Sevenjosh and IboooHai surrendered their spot in Heat C and will not have a chance to compete for the Axe of Champions.

Xbox Account Link Problem

This incident began mere days after LeTsHe competed in some console-specific tournaments. LeTsHe linked his Epic Games and Xbox account together, which somehow disabled the German player’s account entirely. LeTsHe took to Twitter on May 19 to update his followers about the account link situation.

“Hey guys, just want to give an update. After linking my xbox and epic accounts, my account was suspended. I'm working with G2 and Epic to fix this but this means I can't finish playing in DreamHack. Thanks for your support and looking forward to getting back for FNCS.”

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The issue prevented LeTsHe from competing in high-level tournaments such as the DreamHack Open, and more importantly, the seasonal flagship FNCS competition. With just a few days remaining until the Semi-Finals, LeTsHe worked with G2 and Epic Games to reinstate his account, which would have added himself and his teammates back into the tournament.

LetsHe Removed from the Fortnite Champion Series

The standout controller player again went on Twitter with one final update ahead of the FNCS Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, the news was not positive and instead led to one of Europe’s most recognizable names missing out on the season’s pinnacle event.

“Hey guys, unfortunetly [sic] the situation still has not been resolved. I appreciate the hard work of G2 and others trying to solve this. Because of this i can't play FNCS, i'm sad to let everyone down and my fans and want to wish everyone luck this FNCS.”

It’s never enjoyable to watch one of Fortnite’s top talents miss out on another opportunity to achieve greatness. LeTsHe’s illustrious career includes four FNCS Finals appearances amongst numerous other impressive results. After three strenuous qualifying weeks that netted LeTsHe, Sevenjosh and IboooHai no prize money, their season ends prematurely.

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The three players will have to gear up for Chapter 2 – Season 7 and the upcoming FNCS All-Star Showdown Invitational. Hopefully, LeTsHe and Epic Games can work out the account issue for future competitions.

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