Fortnite Leaks Reveal Potential Spider-Man Collab In The Works

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Fortnite Leaks Reveal Potential Spider-Man Collab In The Works

Could Spider-Man be the next Marvel character to join Fortnite?

Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man might be joining the ranks of Fortnite Battle Royale in the future—telling leaks revealed today. During the Fortnite patch v18.20 downtime, leakers located a codename “WestSausage” in the files. While the connection to Spider-Man is not evident, Epic tends to use aliases to disguise what’s in the works. Some believe WestSausage could represent WebSlinger. What’s more, the file includes swinging mechanics, which could lend more credence to the potential Fortnite x Spider-Man crossover.

Potential Fortnite x Spider-Man Leaks

The Spider-Man leaks came from HYPEX—a well-respected figure in the Fortnite scene. With the help of fellow Fortnite creator gameshed_. It’s certainly not set in stone, but HYPEX usually is accurate with his leaks and predictions.

If so, the WestSausage in-game code could mean a Spider-Man collaboration. The mention of a swinging mechanic makes it even more of a possibility. It’s worth noting that the latest Spider-Man film series installment—No Way Home—hits theaters in December 2021. With that in consideration, we could see the crossover occur around that time.

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Ongoing Fortnite x Marvel Crossovers

A variety of Marvel superheroes in Fortnite pose with a menacing, massive figure in the background shrouded in lighting and black clouds.

As we know, Epic Games and Marvel Comic have worked together since the early days of Fortnite Chapter 1, beginning with the Avengers: Infinity War limited-time mode (LTM). Since then, we’ve seen Deadpool as the main Battle Pass character in Chapter 2 – Season 2, an entire Marvel-centric Chapter 2 – Season 4 and more recently, Carnage as the highest unlockable character in Chapter 2 – Season 8.

A Spider-Man appearance in Fortnite was inevitable. If true, Fortnite moves even closer to having a complete roster of Marvel characters in Battle Royale mode., We’ll have to see how this story develops throughout Season 8 and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates in this regard!

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