Fortnite Leaks Reveal Planned League Of Legends Crossover

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Fortnite Leaks Reveal Planned League Of Legends Crossover

Leaks in the Fortnite scene indicate Jinx from League of Legends will become a cosmetic outfit.

Fortnite developer Epic Games is undefeated when it comes to securing high-profile collaborations. The last few years have proven that the iconic Battle Royale title remains an unstoppable force in gaming. Fans have seen every character from Marvel’s Deadpool to Master Halo’s Chief join the ranks as a playable character. Epic’s strides to grow the “metaverse” have broken every barrier imaginable.

Recent leaks in the Fortnite scene indicate another potential crossover that would bring a character from the League of Legends (LoL) universe into the fold. To celebrate the upcoming Netflix series — Arcane — Epic and Riot Games plan to announce Jinx as the first-ever League of Legends hero to join Fortnite.

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Reliable content creator ShiinaBR took to Twitter, revealing the planned crossover. The tweet indicates that “Jinx from League of Legends will join the Island, celebrating Riot Games’ new show “Arcane.”

The wording seems convincing, and ShiinaBR is one of a few Fortnite community members who rarely miss vital information. While the content creator did not reveal their source, the release date aligns with the release of Arcane. Due to hit streaming on November 6, Arcane is Netflix’s first-ever League of Legends animated event series—starring actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purcell respectively, as Vi and Jinx in voice acting roles.

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In addition to Netflix, Arcane will also be available to stream on China’s Tencent Video website. It’s worth noting that Tencent owns a 40% stake in Epic Games, which could lend more credence to the Fortnite x League of Legends.

Epic has not confirmed or denied the rumors, so we’ll ultimately have to wait for an announcement. According to ShiinaBR, we can expect something next week.

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