Fortnite: Khanada Takes Aim At Bugha Over FNCS Result And DreamHack, But Why?

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Fortnite: Khanada Takes Aim At Bugha Over FNCS Result And DreamHack, But Why?

The ongoing feud between Khanada and Bugha continues.

Team SoloMid player Leon “Khanada” Khim and Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf are undoubtedly two of the best players in competitive Fortnite today. Each has taken a unique route to achieve elite status as a professional player. Bugha won $3 million and became an instant icon at Fortnite’s inaugural World Cup in July 2020. Khanada gained recognition early in his career but was too young to compete at the same event. Fortunately, he teamed up with Twitch superstar Turner “Tfue” Tenney back in Season X. He has since won multiple tournaments and became a TSM Fortnite member. A rival between these two outstanding players surfaced over the last year and has not entirely gone away.

Khanada and Bugha have thrown subtle jabs toward one another. Bugha had choice words for the Team SoloMid player during the DreamHack Anaheim offline event while the latter coached fellow pro player Clix. It seemed somewhat harmless, but it turns out these two players have zero respect for each other. Khanada escalated the tiff to a personal level, where he threw a jab at Bugha’s father, calling him a ‘leech’ to his son’s success in a now-deleted tweet.

The rivalry between Khanada and Bugha heated up over the weekend during Week One of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), which saw Khanada’s trio triumph over Bugha’s by one placement. The trash talk that followed leads most to believe that this dissension might not end anytime soon.


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Khanada Dishes Harsh Words After Week One FNCS Victory

Khanada, Bucke and Kreo mounted a comeback on day two of the first FNCS Qualifier. The eventual winners finished ahead of Bugha, Avery and Jamper by seven points, despite the latter holding the day one lead. Khanada took a victory lap at the expense of the runner-up trio.

“IMAGINE LOSING WITH STARK UNCONTESTED IMAGINE,” wrote the TSM competitor on Twitter. “like how do you lose a tourney with 3 gold spazs and 12 shockwaves every game actually embarrasing jesus.”

Bugha and company notably land at the Stark Industries point of interest (POI), one of the most powerful this season. It features plenty of heals, superior shotguns and a lot of free mobility. Bugha, Avery, and Jamper did not have to fight any other trios off the spawn, hence the insult. The Fortnite World Cup Champion took the humble route, congratulating Kreo on his trio’s victory.

Bugha had no words for Khanada’s response on Twitter. However, the onslaught from Khanada did not end there.

The DreamHack Tweet

After a successful weekend of trio FNCS, Bugha participated in the NA East October DreamHack competition. He grew noticeably irritated with the tournament and was ultimately unable to qualify. Before the event ended, Khanada took to Twitter with another round of insults toward the Fortnite icon.

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“SOLO WORLD CUP WINNER DOESNT QUAL FOR TOP 1500 OPEN TOURNAMENT,” wrote Khanada shortly before DreamHack competition concluded. Bugha again did not respond.

Is This Presumed Hatred Real?

It seems Khanada will take any and every opportunity to dish an insult in Bugha’s direction. Whether it’s a genuine hatred or not is hard to pinpoint. The “clout” aspect of Fortnite is always worth considering in these situations. Drama seems to be vital in the competitive scene, considering most players are under 18; it comes with the territory. We saw how the Zayt vs Bizzle feud played out. However, this conflict seems different and much more personal.

Perhaps Khanada thrives on the competition with one of Fortnite’s most recognizable names. Unfortunately, this type of ridicule paints competitive Fortnite in a negative light. Whenever one player attacks another player’s family, it’s difficult for outsiders to take Fortnite seriously. Trash talk exists in every sport and video game, but at what point does it go too far? Twitch recently banned Khanada for making ‘violent threats’ while trash-talking in a wager.

No matter which side you take, competitive Fortnite is most exciting when two teams are battling on the scoreboard. It would be much more intriguing to watch these two outstanding trios settle their differences on the leaderboard and humbly celebrate their victories. Until then, Fortnite will live under the current stigma it boasts.

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