Fortnite: K1nzell Wins Europe August DreamHack Online Open

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Fortnite: K1nzell Wins Europe August DreamHack Online Open

Fortnite veteran k1nzell wins the August DreamHack Online Open for Europe in impressive fashion.

One hundred of the best European Fortnite players went to war in the second monthly DreamHack Online Open tournament. Last month, Polish player teeq barely qualified for the semi-finals and went on to win the inaugural competition. This time around, European players yielded the highest prize pool payout yet again. Like the NA West and NA East regions, Europe saw 750 players advanced out of heats one and two into the semi-finals. From there, the top 100 players after three hours and a maximum of ten matches moved into the Grand Finals.

Some of Europe’s best players reached the final session, including FaZe Mongraal, NRG benjyfishy, BL Anas, MCES Andilex, BL Hen and many others. As the tournament closed, Fortnite World Cup Solo Finalist k1nzell reigned supreme, clutching the victory in his final match.

K1nzell Pulls Ahead in the Final Match

Former Team Atlantis competitor k1nzell put together an outstanding performance across the six closing matches of the DreamHack Online Open. He managed 293 points overall with 15 eliminations and no Victory Royales. Despite not earning a match victory, k1nzell’s 15.33 average placement significantly contributed to his winning effort. To close out the tournament, k1nzell outlasted FNCS Invitational Champion Wave JannisZ and RLluka in the final game. His six-elimination runner-up finish secured him the number one spot and $16K USD. The crafty veteran finds himself atop a competitive Fortnite leaderboard once again.

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Tournament standout RLluka made a run at the championship but fell short in match six. He compiled 15 eliminations and one Victory Royale, amounting to 261 points overall. The Albanian-native walked away with $8K USD for second place. FNCS Invitational winner Wave JannisZ rounded out the top three with 255 points. He pocked $7.4K for his third-place finish.

Team MCES members Andilex and xSweeze respectively finished in fifth and sixth on the leaderboard. Some other notable placements include FaZe Mongraal in 16th, NRG benjyfishy in 33rd, Saevid in 39th and crr in 53rd. Refer to the leaderboard below for the final standings of the August EU DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite.

Fortnite Europe August DreamHack Online Open Final Results with the top 50 player names and their winnings

Fortnite Europe August DreamHack Online Open Final Results with the 51-100th player names and their winnings

Congratulations to all finalists for this month’s DreamHack competition, which marks the final tournament of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3. Chapter 2 – Season 4 will release later this week!

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