Fortnite: Innocents and Assault No Longer with Ghost Gaming

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Fortnite: Innocents and Assault No Longer with Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming loses two more players.

The year 2020 has been an odd one for Ghost Gaming players thus far. Just last month, Snood, Kayuun and Thwifo all left Ghost Gaming presumably due to expiring contracts. Since that time, the veteran Fortnite organization has not signed a single new player to their roster. Earlier today, controller players Daniel “Innocents” Rebelo and Kovon “Assault” Richardson both announced their departure from Ghost Gaming.

Innocents Leaves Ghost Gaming

Innocents Tweeted earlier today that he is no longer with Ghost Gaming and is in search of a new organization. It was somewhat of a surprising turn of events considering his recent success and extended history with the organization. In that period, he maintained a steady competitive Fortnite career. Two of his most significant accomplishments were a first and second-place finish in the Winter Royale 2019. He will now move on to other opportunities with the hopes of some new competitive Fortnite tournaments in the future.

Assault Follows Suit

Recent Elite Cup winner, Assault, joins Snood, Kayuun, Thwifo and now Innocents as former Ghost Gaming members. Similar to Innocents, Assault performed well during the recent Winter Royale competition. He also took first place in the previously mentioned Elite Cup, which featured some of the best players across NA West, NA East and Europe. Unfortunately, both Innocents and Assault have fallen victim to the recent roster purge by Ghost Gaming. Both players possess immense talent and would make substantial additions to any organization.

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The State of Ghost Gaming

Since January 18th, six players have left Ghost Gaming. Strangely enough, the organization has not made any mention of these players leaving. As of today, the only active North American players remaining include, Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, Sean “Sean” Close, Rocco “Saf” Morales and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller. As their Fortnite roster dwindles down, we will have to wait and see if Ghost Gaming has a plan for the future or if they are refocusing their approach.

Whatever the case may be, Innocents and Assault are exceptional controller players and should not have too much trouble finding a new team to represent.

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