Fortnite: Ghost Assault Wins the $10K Practice Server Elite Cup

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Fortnite: Ghost Assault Wins the $10K Practice Server Elite Cup

The world’s best Fortnite players clashed in a $10K USD tournament funded by Epic Games.

Practice Server pulled out all of the stops with the first-ever Elite Cup. This tournament featured the best of the best in the NA East, NA West and European competitive Fortnite regions. An impressive mix of players coupled with a $10K USD prize pool provided players with adequate practice heading into next weekend's DreamHack Anaheim event. This tournament adopted the DreamHack scoring system to prepare players for what's ahead. When the final leaderboard appeared, Ghost Assault came out on top with the $3K USD grand prize.

Assault Runs Away with the Victory

The long-time Ghost Gaming member reaffirmed how dominant controller players are capable of being in Fortnite. Although he did not earn a Victory Royale, Assault managed 17 eliminations in total and 297 points overall. His lead over second was insurmountable when the final game closed as Assault finished with a comfortable 24-point lead over Daxor.

It was only a matter of time before Assault won a significant event considering his consistency in Solo Cash Cups. He’s cemented himself atop the continuously growing list of talented controller players in competitive Fortnite.

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Final Leaderboard

Fortnite Elite Cup Leaderboard

Each match in the Elite Cup produced a different winner. In order, the Victory Royales respectively went to COOLER aqua, Khanada, Rubyfied, NRG benjyfishy, kolorful and Verox. Fortunately for Assault, his placement points and 17 eliminations placed him safely ahead of all other players when the tournament ended. It’s worth noting that despite this tournament occurring on NA East servers, European players aqua, benjyfishy and Verox all managed to earn a Victory Royale.

Daxor of E11 Gaming held first place heading into the final match. But, not even they could not hold off the onslaught of Ghost Assault. Another notable player atop the leaderboard is TSM ZexRow, who continues to improve in solo competitions. Dominant controller player, UnknownArmy, racked up 19 eliminations en route to a sixth-place finish. The results of the Elite Cup should give the competitive Fortnite fandom an idea of what will take place in Anaheim next weekend.

Controller Players on Top

With the next major LAN tournament rapidly approaching, we can expect controller players to come out in full force. After Breso’s win at the Australian Open Summer Smash 2020, the floodgates are open for players like Assault, Wolfiez, Unknown and many others to follow suit in a LAN environment. Unfortunately, Assault will not be in attendance in Anaheim to follow up on this brilliant performance. Nonetheless, we can expect fireworks from many of the world’s best as they storm into the Golden State on February 21st and 22nd.

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Congratulations to Ghost Assault on an outstanding performance and victory in the inaugural Elite Cup!

Photo Credit: Practice Server

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