Fortnite: Illest And FNCS Champion Mero Join XTRA Gaming

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Fortnite: Illest And FNCS Champion Mero Join XTRA Gaming

Professional esports organization XTRA Gaming added two of North America’s best Fortnite players over the past 48 hours.

XTRA Gaming made a splash in the North American Fortnite scene over the weekend after signing two of the NA East region’s top players. Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 4 Champion Mero and multiple time FNCS Finalist illest have landed themselves on an established team. XTRA houses players predominantly on the west coast but could not pass on the opportunity at hand. Considering their results, Mero and illest had an impressive competitive run in Season 4. It was only a matter of time before the two found an esports brand to represent them.

XTRA Gaming Welcomes Two Controller Phenoms

The organization’s announcement for the Mero signing came through Twitter on Saturday evening. After leaving Team New Age, for whom he had just won an FNCS Championship, Mero allowed his contract to expire and examined his options. It didn’t take very long for XTRA to reach out and agree to terms with Mero. His record speaks for itself; he’s an FNCS Champion with multi-format success in Fortnite dating back to early 2020. Not many people can mimic the consistent success Mero has found over the past few months.

Illest followed a similar path to Mero, arriving on the scene as an exceptional controller talent. This five-time Solo Cash Cup winner gained most of his notoriety in 2020. Illest’s hard work moved him up the ranks in competition, allowing him to qualify for the last three FNCS Finals. He managed finishes of 27th, 8th and 14th in those tournaments. Many refer to illest as one of the most clutch players in Fortnite, considering his ability to make the right decisions and earn eliminations during frantic end games.

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XTRA Gaming Supports Controller Players

Considering their last three signings were Reet, Mero and illest, it’s safe to say XTRA is in the controller player market. All three controller gang members represent the input well and with no regret. Controller aim assist is always a topic of discussion in Fortnite, but there’s no denying how far these three players have come. Despite multiple controller reworks, those who possess raw talent like Reet, Mero and illest find their way to the top of leaderboards. It seems to be a successful recipe for XTRA Gaming.

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