Fortnite: How to Watch Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl III

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Fortnite: How to Watch Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl III

We break down the Streamer Bowl III format, scoring system, prize pool, list of teams and where to watch.

The third annual Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl is mere days away. Beginning February 9, Fortnite Trios consisting of a Twitch streamer, NFL superstar and Community Champion, will compete for a share of $1M USD charitable prize pool in Los Angeles, California. 

The previous two Streamer Bowl iterations saw famous Fortnite player Cody “Clix” Conrod secure the tournament victory alongside Chicago Bears' running back — Tarik Cohen. However, 2022 is a new year, and the event's third installment features outstanding players looking to shine. 

Streamer Bowl III kicks off a week leading to the Super Bowl LVI showdown between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. Today, ESTNN looks at the format, prize pool breakdown, list of teams and offers different ways to view the competition. 

Streamer Bowl III Format & Scoring System

Twenty teams of three will partake in Streamer Bowl III on February 9. Like last year, Trios have four custom-lobby matches to accumulate as many points as possible. Teams can earn points based on eliminations and placement. 

Final leaderboard positions depend on how many points each Trio compiles throughout the four matches. The Streamer Bowl follows the FNCS scoring system, which awards 30 points for a Victory Royale and two points per elimination. 

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Here is the complete scoring system:

  • 1st: 30 points
  • 2nd: 26 points
  • 3rd: 24 points
  • 4th: 22 points
  • 5th: 21 points
  • 6th: 20 points
  • 7th: 19 points
  • 8th: 18 points
  • 9th: 17 points
  • 10th: 16 points
  • 11th: 14 points
  • 12th: 13 points
  • 13th: 12 points
  • 14th: 11 points
  • 15th: 10 points
  • 16th: 9 points
  • 17th: 8 points
  • 18th: 5 points
  • 19th: 5 points
  • 20th: 5 points
  • Eliminations: 2 points each 

Streamer Bowl III Teams

The complete list of teams has not been determined as of posting this article. However, we do know which Twitch streamer and NFL player combinations to expect on February 9:

  • Clix & Tarik Cohen
  • SypherPK & Juju Smith-Schuster
  • Alixxa & Austin Ekeler
  • LosPollosTV & Justin Jefferson
  • Aydan & Jarvis Landry
  • Nate Hill & Christian McCaffrey
  • Swagg & Alvin Kamara
  • BrookeAB & Keenan Allen
  • Bugha & Kyler Murray
  • Chica & Anthony Hines
  • Deyy & Boston Scott
  • Elded & Anthony Barr
  • Jelty & JaQuan Hardy
  • NickEh30 & Kurt Benkert
  • Symfuhny & Saquon Barkley
  • Pgod & Marquise Brown
  • Replays & Aaron Jones
  • Stable Ronaldo & Avonte Maddox
  • NICKMERCS & Mike Evans

The teams above will add one of 20 Community Champions from the Streamer Bowl III Community Cup from December 15:

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NA East

  • 33 Fatch
  • Doniee
  • FLu Cam
  • Cooper
  • Seek
  • ManCity Threats
  • TNA Muz
  • OA Snaz
  • Giants
  • Sprite
  • OMG Me II
  • Crackly
  • FS Narwhal
  • FS Joji
  • Dalty walty

NA West

  • Kruyor
  • 33 Mechton
  • NorCal Fecoy
  • Znolol
  • Zookez

Streamer Bowl III Prize Pool

Teams will compete for a $1M USD prize pool—all of which goes to their charity of choice. Clix, Tarik Cohen and Community Champion Xacial won $250K USD. No teams involved will walk away empty-handed, but every point on the leaderboard matters. 

Here is the complete prize pool breakdown:

  • 1st: $300,000
  • 2nd: $175,000
  • 3rd: $100,000
  • 4th: $75,000
  • 5th: $50,000
  • 6th-10th: $30,000
  • 11th-15th: $20,000
  • 16th-20th: $10,000

How to Watch Streamer Bowl III

Twitch will handle the Streamer Bowl's broadcasting duties, featuring a lineup of casters, interviewers and analysts on the Twitch Rivals channel. Additionally, viewers can watch each participant's perspectives on their Twitch channel. For example, Nick “NickEh30” Amyoony is one of many content creators involved in the tournament. You can catch his point of view on his Twitch channel

The same notion applies to all other participants involved. Thankfully, there is no shortage of viewing options during the Streamer Bowl III. 

Be sure to tune in on February 9 at 5:30PM EST to see which team claims the Streamer Bowl Championship and $300K USD to the charity of their choice!

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