Fortnite: How To Unlock Monopoly Token Back Blings

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Fortnite: How To Unlock Monopoly Token Back Blings

Learn how you can unlock the eight classic Monopoly tokens in Fortnite.

Epic Games has announced a collaboration with Hasbro to create and distribute a new Fortnite-themed Monopoly board game. Hasbro released the first-ever Fortnite Monopoly game three years ago to the day. The partnership between the two companies remains strong, resulting in a revamped board game.

The latest release — dubbed the Collector’s Edition — features an entirely new board and pieces. Perhaps the most intriguing inclusion for Fortnite players is an in-game cosmetic code that ships with the Fortnite Monopoly Collector’s Edition. Recent leaks unearthed Epic’s plan to release Monopoly’s classic game pieces as in-game wearable items. That concept has come to fruition thanks to this Fortnite x Monopoly board game collaboration.

Monopoly: Fortnite Collector’s Edition with Monopoly Back Bling Cosmetics

Fortnite’s Twitter account revealed the latest Fortnite-themed Monopoly board game. For $36.99 USD, prospective buyers can get their hands on this reimagined version. It includes 10 Fortnite characters with 27 outfits designed as pieces to use in the game. Additionally, the game ships with the eight previously leaked Monopoly token back bling cosmetics.

Here is a complete description of what’s included in the Collector’s Edition release per Entertainment Earth:

  • This premium edition of the Monopoly game features artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the Fortnite video game.
  • Includes a code for an in-game Monopoly Back Bling set (Note: Code can only be used once; only one code can be redeemed per account; code expires Aug. 30, 2024).
  • Players can choose to play as one of 10 different Fortnite characters.
  • The game includes Fortnite property spaces and Health Point chips instead of Monopoly money.
  • The Fortnite edition of the Monopoly game isn’t about what players own; it's about how long they can survive.
  • This game comes with 27 Fortnite Outfits with pawn stands for characters not featured in the previous Monopoly: Fortnite Edition game.
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The precise release date is unknown currently, but you can pre-order the board game for shipment sometime this month. It’s unclear whether the Monopoly tokens will be available in the Item Shop or if these are exclusive to the Monopoly: Fortnite Collect’s Edition release.

We’ll keep you updated with further details!

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