Fortnite: How To Reboot A Friend And Earn In-Game Rewards

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Fortnite: How To Reboot A Friend And Earn In-Game Rewards

Learn everything you need to know about Reboot a Friends.

Four months ago, Epic Games introduced a beta version of “Reboot a Friend,” a program that tasks current Fortnite players to bring friends who have since stopped playing. For just under one month, players could team up with other former players to earn in-game rewards based on the number of matches completed. Epic included a few caveats in the program, most notably that only players who last played Fortnite more than 30 days ago could participate in Reboot a Friend. The beta ended on January 14, but Epic Games has officially relaunched Reboot a Friend with new rewards to collect and challenges to accomplish.

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Reboot a Friend Program

The developers have not changed much about the Reboot a Friend program. It utilizes the same structure as before, where current Fortnite players can invite friends who have moved on to other games. Multiple in-game cosmetics are up for grabs. Interested parties can unlock each of the rewards by consistently teaming with those who haven't played in over 30 days. The more friends you invite and play with, the more prizes you'll unlock. Here are three options that will get you closer to the rewards:

  • Invite your friends and play games together to earn points and unlock rewards.
  • Invite up to three friends to form a bigger squad and earn prizes even faster.
  • Play games with squadmates to earn points and unlock prizes.
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How to Reboot a Friend

To Reboot a Friend, you must visit the program's page and follow these instructions:

  • Click “Get Started”
  • Sign in to your Epic Games account
  • Select “Reboot”
  • Click “Reboot” next to the names of your friends that appear

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Rebooting one friend earns you 100 bonus points and each additional game played with that friend grants ten more points. It appears that you can reboot up to three friends, each of which is worth 100 points. Consistent play will increase your points and move you closer to the in-game rewards. Here is the list of items up for grabs and how many points you'll need to unlock them.

  • Reboot a Friend Spray – 100 points
  • Heartbeat Wrap – 200 points
  • Toxic Flash Glider – 300 points
  • Plasma Carrot Pickaxe – 400 points

Reboot a Friend will last for 19 days starting today. That means you have until April 25 to grab the rewards above. Be sure to take advantage while you can because these might not be available in the future!

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