Fortnite: Reboot A Friend Program Offers Free In-Game Rewards

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Fortnite: Reboot A Friend Program Offers Free In-Game Rewards

Fortnite: Battle Royale will soon feature a chance to earn free rewards.

The holiday season keeps on giving, especially when it comes to Fortnite. Its developer, Epic Games, continues to find ways to offer incentive-based programs for in-game rewards. Whether it's playing a demo like the new Avengers game in exchange for a harvesting tool or buying a new Star Wars game for an exclusive glider, the developers always have something up their sleeves. Epic's latest development is “Reboot a Friend,” where players can snag free in-game items for bringing former players back to Fortnite.

Reboot a Friend Program (Beta)

An obvious play on Fortnite's patented Reboot Van, the “Reboot a Friend” offers rewards for bringing old players back. Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey was able to capture the leaked website, which describes this program as “an easy way to play Fortnite with friends you missed and get rewards doing it.” From December 14, 2020, to January 4, 2021, players can participate in the Reboot a Friend Beta. There are some conditions worth noting before searching for an old friend you no longer play Fortnite with.

  • Only friends who haven't played Fortnite for 30 days or more are eligible candidates for rebooting.
  • You can only reboot one friend during the Beta.
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Epic will provide a list of players on your friendslist that have not played in over 30 days. Here are the tiered rewards you will receive while participating in the Reboot a Friend program:

  • Play one Game Together – Reboot Emoticon
  • Play five Games Together – Key Change Lobby Track
  • Play 10 Games Together – Twin Talons Pickaxe
  • Play 20 Games Together – Holofoil Wrap

Beta Eligibility and Registration

A complete list of FAQs leaked alongside the Reboot a Friend website. Players can enroll in the Beta on Fortnite's website when the page goes live, presumably tomorrow.

“Any player with a valid Epic account can participate in the Reboot a Friend Beta. You must log in and register on the website and invite eligible friends in order to participate,” the website reads. Although Epic Games has not officially announced the Reboot a Friend beta, we can expect more information direct from the developers tomorrow.

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