Fortnite: How To Get Zyg and Choppy’s Mythic Ray Gun In Season 7

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Fortnite: How To Get Zyg and Choppy’s Mythic Ray Gun In Season 7

Learn where you can find Zyg and Choppy’s Mythic Ray Gun introduced in hotfix v17.10.

Epic Games released a surprising hotfix to Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 earlier today. The developers introduced a new no gravity biome into Holly Hedges and finally brought Alien Nanites into the fold. For more on that, refer to our hotfix breakdown from this morning. A new rarity of the Kymer Ray Gun is also now available in-game. Today, ESTNN will guide you through finding the Mythic weapon and how to acquire it.

Where to find the Mythic Ray Gun

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 map is shown with character Zyg imposed over it and a red circle around him, with a red line leading to a smaller circle to indicate the location of the Zyg and Choppy Mythic ray gun.

You can find the Mythic Kymera Ray Gun at the Hydro 16 building located East of Slurpy Swamp and over the waterfall west of Misty Meadows. Once landing there, you’ll notice the Zyg & Choppy non-player character roaming the area. The Robot/Alien hybrid must be eliminated for it to drop the Mythic Ray Gun. It’s relatively straightforward, but be cautious because these NPCs can punish missed shots like no other. Next, we’ll take a look at the Mythic Ray Gun’s statistics.

Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun Stats:

  • DPS: 180
  • Damage: 12
  • Fire Rate: 15
  • Magazine Size: Unlimited
  • Cooldown: 1.75 seconds
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.2x

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, Zyg and Choppy will move around the map in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to update this article when that happens.

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