Fortnite Season 7 Hotfix 17.10: Low Gravity, Alien Nanites & Mythic Ray Gun

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Fortnite Season 7 Hotfix 17.10: Low Gravity, Alien Nanites & Mythic Ray Gun

Learn everything you need to know about the latest hotfix in Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Battle Royale players are deeply entrenched in Chapter 2 – Season 7, the latest major update. The consensus has been mostly positive from the competitive and casual communities. Epic Games introduced unique weapons and vehicles for players to experience in the alien invasion-themed outing. However, most would agree that the map did not change much. The developers promised alterations down the line, and the first has officially arrived along with some other new features in today’s hotfix.

What’s New in Holly Hedges?

Epic Games released a blog post to celebrate hotfix v17.10.

“The Aliens have moved in and put up their three-toed feet at the once quiet Holly Hedges. Alien biomes have started forming around houses, new flora is sprouting to match their homeworld, and the IO's investigation team is curious what's going on. It’s a good location for getting your hands on Alien tech, if you don’t mind the change in ambience [sic].”

Fortnite leaker HYPEX released footage of the no gravity zone. As you can see, players who enter the area can jump and float freely. The aliens are taking over, and this is the first significant adjustment we’ve seen in a primary location.

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Alien Nanites

Leaks earlier this season revealed that a new low gravity item would surface eventually. That rumor has materialized in the form of Alien Nanites. Players can find these virtually anywhere, but there’s a higher spawn rate on the Mothership and in Abductor Chests. The video above displays how they work; throwing them at the ground creates a low gravity biome, where those caught inside will jump higher. Alien Nanites can also function as a material to craft IO weapons such as the Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun.

Here is the description per Epic Games:

“With the latest Alien invention to be discovered — Alien Nanites — you can recreate the atmosphere of their home planet. Throw one down to create a low-gravity biome that you can exit and enter. It’s as thick as gelatin (their planet’s probably super humid), so you’ll practically start swimming when you jump. To descend faster in the biome, try crouching. Also: you won’t get hurt if you jump out of one from a high place.”

Mythic Ray Gun

The new hotfix also saw a new weapon enter the world of Fortnite Battle Royale. A Mythic version of the Ray Gun now spawns with the ZYG & CHOPPY non-player character (NPCS) at the Hydro 16 location. Anyone looking to acquire the weapon must eliminate the NPC, which will then drop the Ray Gun. ZYG & CHOPPY will eventually move around the map as noted by HYPEX.

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Featured Image: Epic Games