Fortnite: How To Get The Sideways Scythe In Season 8

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Fortnite: How To Get The Sideways Scythe In Season 8

Slice and dice the opposition with Fortnite’s new Sideways Scythe weapon!

Fortnite Battle Royale’s annual Fortnitemares update went live early this morning for all players to enjoy. The robust patch v18.21 brought many unique gameplay elements, items and cosmetic collaborations. Perhaps the most intriguing addition is a new weapon — the Sideways Scythe — that instantly piqued the interest of Fortnite players. On the surface, the Scythe functions similar to the Infinity Blade from Chapter 1. While early reports are that the Sideways Scythe is not very powerful, it’s a new weapon worth trying.

Today, ESTNN provides you with a guide to help you find the Sideways Scythe in Chapter 2 – Season 8. Allow yourself to be the judge on whether it’s worth carrying in your inventory.

How to get the Sideways Scythe

A Sideways Chest from Fortnite glows a purple aura on a city street.

The comparison to Fortnite’s Infinity Blade applies only to its appearance and functionality. In terms of its availability, the Sideways Scythe is much easier to find than the Infinity Blade. To locate this weapon, you must enter the Sideways and open the various Sideways Chests spread throughout the area. Eventually, you’ll come across some rarity of the Sideways Scythe. That’s all you have to do. Another option is to eliminate a player that’s attacking you with the weapon.

We provided a comprehensive guide earlier this season, showing players how to find the Sideways in each match. Be sure to check that out if you’re a little lost. The weapon itself has received some criticism for its lack of damage.

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Nonetheless, it’s an exciting addition to Fortnitemares 2021 and offers unique gameplay elements such as quicker movement and unpredictable attacks that aren’t usually available in Battle Royale mode. Hopefully, this guide helps you in your quest to rack up eliminations and earn a Victory Royale with an entirely new weapon.

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