Fortnite: FNCS Winner Kami Joins Become Legends

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Fortnite: FNCS Winner Kami Joins Become Legends

Homegrown organization welcomes a new legend as Fortnite Champion Series winner Kami Joins Become Legends.

17-year-old Fortnite star Michał “Kami” Kamiński is no longer a free agent after agreeing to join Become Legends (BL). An accomplished veteran—Kami has competed at the highest level in Europe since before the World Cup era. He spent a brief period with TheCartel Esports and GAMMA Gaming before becoming a free agent. 

Kami remained a free agent for six months, during which he claimed his first-ever FNCS Championship in Chapter 2 Season 8. He now joins Become Legends—one of Europe's premier Fortnite organizations ahead of the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals. He hopes to bring home another Axe of Champions while proudly representing the “BL” tag. 

Kami to Become Legends is Official

The announcement arrived via Twitter earlier than initially expected. Become Legends teased a new signing late last month and anticipated delivering the news in April. Followers quickly connected the dots and predicted that Kami would become its latest member. 

BL revealed the Kami signing accompanied by a brilliantly directed video featuring mysterious figures wearing the brand's hoodies and Squid Game-style masks. The Polish phenom stepped to the center unmasked to reveal his identity as a Become Legends player. 

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In Good Company


Kami joins an impressive list of Fortnite's top talents, such as his former trio teammate Iwo “Setty” Zając, Noah “Noahreyli” Rey and Aleksi “Raifla” Ruuska. While not the most robust roster, Become Legends players rarely fail to deliver outstanding performances. Kami and Setty dominated FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 alongside fellow Polish player Maciej “GXR Teeq” Radzio. The Polish trio finished runner-up in the FNCS Grand Royale later in the same season. 

Kami's recent success is notable, but his career stretches back to 2018 before competitive Fortnite took shape. He's qualified for ten FNCS Finals to date and seldom has disappointing results. 

Here are results for every FNCS Finals where Kami has competed:

Chapter 2 Season 2: 5th

Invitational: 11th

Chapter 2 Season 3: 36th

Chapter 2 Season 4: 4th

The Chapter 2 Season 5: 6th

All-Star Showdown: 41st

Chapter 2 Season 7: 4th

Chapter 2 Season 8: 1st

Grand Royale: 2nd

As you can see, Kami is an outstanding player whose success spans multiple years and vastly different seasons. 


Looking Ahead to FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1

He'll look to grow his list of achievements this weekend in the Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals. Kami and teeq are favorites to take home another Axe of Champions. It won't be easy, but their path to the winner's circle seems promising. 

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You'll have to tune in Saturday and Sunday to see if Kami can collect another FNCS title for Become Legends. There's no denying it would be an excellent start for Kami under the organization. 

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