Fortnite: FNCS Season 8 Week 2 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 8 Week 2 Recap & Results

Find out who is moving directly to the Season 8 Finals as ESTNN recaps the last FNCS Season 8 Qualifier.

Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 8 saw its second and final weekly Qualifier come to an end this evening. This abbreviated competitive season emphasized consistent play across two weeks to reach the Semi-Finals or Series Points or a top-five finish in one of the FNCS Qualifiers. Many top trios worldwide secured a spot in the Season 8 Finals last week,  and five more in all seven regions would do the same in week two.

The ultimate goal for all trios is to avoid the FNCS Semi-Finals, primarily because a top-five finish in the Qualifiers guarantees your trio a portion of the $3M USD prize pool and a shot at the Axe of Champions. Today, we are recapping the events that unfolded over the weekend as we move closer to crowning the next FNCS Champions. With the final Qualifier now in the rear-view, let’s look at how each region played out and see who is moving on to the FNCS Season 8 Finals!


The last 24 hours for Merstach, Malibuca and Shizo has been a rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainty. This underrated trio sat on the outside looking in after round three concluded. They finished 34th in the week two semi-finals for the second consecutive week, leaving them out of the finals. However, Malibuca went to work and discovered that a previously banned player took seventh in round three.

Epic investigated the situation and swiftly banned the rule-breaking team. That meant Malibuca, Merstach and Shizo secured themselves a spot in the week two finals. What transpired over the final six matches is nothing short of impressive. The Russian/Latvian combination trounced the field to the tune of 199 points, including two Victory Royales and 46 eliminations—the most of any team. Malibuca, Merstach and Shizo now challenge Benjyfishy’s team at Steamy Stacks in the Season 8 Finals.

Three-time FNCS Champion TaySon failed to qualify in week one alongside teammates rezon ay and Chapix by one elimination. Despite the inherent frustration, this dynamic trio rallied back in week two. They reached round four with relative ease and proceeded to earn 187 points in round four. TaySon, rezon ay and chapix managed the highest average place of 5.33 and finished top-ten in all of their matches. The three-time FNCS Champ eyes his next Axe of Champions with two outstanding teammates.

FlowiS, HellFire and Skram bounced back from a rough outing last week with Lazy Lake uncontested. It was unlikely that the same outcome would occur again. The Danish trio erased the memory of week one, managing 180 points across six games. Their performance included 36 eliminations—the second-highest mark behind only Malibuca’s team.

Essitam’s trio finished fourth with 160 points and Floki’s team narrowly won the tie-breaker over Skite’s team to secure the final guaranteed Season 8 Finals spot.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: Merstach, TT9 Malibuca, Onyx sнizonaмe – 199 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: Falcon TaySon 7, Falcon chapix, rezon ay лол 7 – 187 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: Flames Flownada, Hellnada, 00 Skram – 180 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: Essitam L2R2, Sabajoo, tidi not nice – 160 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: Solarу Floki, Solarу Clement, GO Decyptos – 152 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: Vitality Snayzy, Ѕkitе, naуte – 152 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: dyoxyache32, KPI Crow, KPI 조세 – 147 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: karmafnr 11.5, TT9 Zendaya.lyk, OVA Awaer7 – 145 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: Fastroki, fnatic crriya, аqua – 131 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: kura, NxS Risttreto, johkusck – 125 points (335 Series Points)
  • 11th: Jоe, FaZe Mongrааl, falcon venô – 115 points (310 Series Points)
  • 12th: GameWard Wanlast, podasaï ϟ, Solary EMXXRR – 114 points (305 Series Points)
  • 13th: Lootboy bagfi, Lootboy Zeston, Lootboy Hijoe 97 – 101 points (300 Series Points)
  • 14th: GDT Morumbi 11, D A A N, loky 11 – 100 points (295 Series Points)
  • 15th: CL l1nk, Siberiajkeе, CL Fury – 92 points (290 Series Points)

NA East

The NA East region was full of surprises, and the results were a far cry from what most were expecting. After six intense matches, the trio of OSP, Visxals and Fryst came out on top. The three players landed on the middle map split on their road to two Victory Royales, 30 eliminations and 180 points. OSP, Visxals and Fryst opened their day with a six-elimination win and ended with an 11-elimination victory.

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Their collective performance could be our first indication of how underrated the new Convergence is in a competitive setting. OSP, Visxals and Fryst are moving into the FNCS Season 8 Finals with deserved confidence.

Another relatively underrated team — Smite, Twix and Tetro — somehow overcame the odds and snagged a second-place finish. Heading into round four, these three were just one of three teams planning to land at Catty Corner. Their off-spawn success became an unbelievable story.

After losing three consecutive spawn fights, Smite, Twix and Tetro forced top contenders Khanada, Ajerss and Degen to switch their drop spot. That opened the door for Smite’s team, who proceeded to earn 170 points overall. They managed 27 eliminations on their path to second place. Smite, Twix and Tetro have shown their knowledge of Catty Corner and could be a problem for any team looking to contest them in the Season 8 Finals.

Nosh, skqttles and nut came up a bit short in week one. They played well but ultimately ended with 105 points and settled for 14th place. Redemption was a significant storyline for these three players in week two. An uncontested Believer Beach drop put them in an ideal position heading into their final run at a top-five finish.

The underrated trio proceeded to meet expectations, compiling 166 points across six matches. Nosh and company came out the gate rough with a 21st place finish. However, their next five games resulted in an eighth, first, fifth sixth and second. It was a complete performance when the stakes were high, which pushed them through to the finals.

Susscript’s team and RogueShark’s team secured fourth and fifth—the final two spots before the FNCS Semi-Finals next weekend.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: OSPERATIE, K2G Visxals, C9 Fryst – 180 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: FLu Smite, FLu Twix, tetrobcool – 170 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: skqttles, C9 nosh, TNG Nut – 166 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: lil аle, susscriptbot, PSR Vilets – 164 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: KNIGHT, RogueShаrk, clarityG – 152 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: Av 203, Dmur., YOUNG EDAN 116 – 142 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: NRG Buckе, TNG Peterbot, G2 MackWood – 140 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: LG Slackes, Acоrnski, G2 Jаhq – 139 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: SEN botboispect, Moon Cazz, whofishy carеs – 137 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: XTRA Illest, C9 Avery, TNGchukky uchiha – 135 points (335 Series Points)
  • 11th: Reducs, Aperta, sparkgkky – 128 points (310 Series Points)
  • 12th: FaZe Megga, K2G Rocaine, FаZe Dubs – 121 points (305 Series Points)
  • 13th: kreo, XTRA Furiouѕ, XTRAVERT203ONLY – 121 points (300 Series Points)
  • 14th: TNG Nani yt, FLu Kwanti, dusky – 109 points (295 Series Points)
  • 15th: VCGO Avivv Yt, DOM, Ganzo Lakes – 104 points (290 Series Points)

NA West

Dominance is the only word we can use to describe what NA West players Jelty, criizux and andyverga did to the field over the last two days. The complete Spanish-speaking team put on a clinic beginning in round two and ending in round three. With no EpikWhale, rehx and Arkhram to fear, NA West became ripe for the picking.

Fan-favorites Jelty, criizux did just that. They look untouchable during their run, which included first-place finishes in rounds two, three and four. Jelty and company’s round four performance stood out in particular. They won the first two games, respectively, with 15 and 14 eliminations—securing them a spot in the finals at least. Jelty’s trio ended the weekend earning 201 points and 43 eliminations.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is the trio to dethrone the reigning NA West kings.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: 33 andyvergа, FS criizux, G2 Jelty – 201 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: PSR Aiden, solution rodrigo, Xen Nigel – 199 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: poffiee, outcast cyrzr, eclipse – 174 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: Xen Keto, BLUZRO 200, Xen Oka – 170 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: MERK Yumi34, PSR Squishy, konoszn – 168 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: 33 NACH, PSR GRIM, LIMIT FLETCH – 166 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: 100T Falconer, 33 KADENOX, 33 Chris – 163 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: 33 kenshi, ERA ALITHY, CLG NARCISSIST – 147 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: XTRA Reetlol, 33 favs, XTRA snacky – 141 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: xtra hashira 067, 33 Kaboo, PSR Nico – 137 points (335 Series Points)
  • 11th: KNG defiable, AG Mojo, Sаlko – 134 points (310 Series Points)
  • 12th: ZD Jarrito, Walay1k, psr jeevan – 109 points (305 Series Points)
  • 13th: PSR Parz, IGL XEN BEAST, Assault mitoo7 – 103 points (300 Series Points)
  • 14th: KNG jagveer, Bumbоy, PSR Batman Bugha – 89 points (295 Series Points)
  • 15th: XTRA Caleb, Riversan, XTRA Tautai 067 – 83 points (290 Series Points)
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  • 1st: pattaty, LoudHisttory7, sng ktz – 202 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: rynm7, KBR -ɢ-, SNG diguerа – 168 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: EXL Pedrito, az truenx7, xLuchi7 – 164 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: Liquid Pina, yagami, digaiyun – 146 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: NEW orіgins, faze iwnl, TCE jpsk1ng – 140 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: NEW kaykywhale, NEW Insano, NEW Lord – 140 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: poorboy smuuth, HwS Snohxx, poorboy pattata – 138 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: NEW Edson, TCE cocak1ng, TCE spıtflоw – 131 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: sпowz., C9 dkiNgg9x, Lucxss 7 – 124 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: LOUD leleo7, noble мoja, SNG kıng – 123 points (335 Series Points)


  • 1st: 僕が1番強いるなちだよ, rаru, CR yusea -VII – 179 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: GW CHOCOLUV 老桜, えいむ., GW_Harukiyo – 168 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: しゅんしゃんだ, CRR1ZART, Rid Bob 777 – 163 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: FOCUS seak., desway7, ALBA-A fa1zzy – 156 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: CRLowGroundRur1, FA ペぽ L2R2, A2almight Koyota – 153 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: ALBA-A SwizzY, sleppyzotax, 347monkey – 152 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: ALBA-A 2SNgNl, FCS Jozya Yato, svn leyyner – 148 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: GW_Nephrite, 猫愛好家れん偽, ALBA ROCCA – 141 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: CREssーǃǃ, peterpan 203, user1p424hr02yi – 134 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: SVL KAWASHI 99, SVL SHELIEMAY 7, SVL CHIFFON 74 – 132 points (335 Series Points)

Middle East

  • 1st: Falcon Phantom 7, Kai, AbuFal7 – 217 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: Falcon Speedyyy, SCYTES Heif, Medal 7man – 191 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: Unlucky Smsom, Njbу, SCYTES netlov – 186 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: HwR Hellon, КAL., SCYTES Murloc – 155 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: Hawk Naif, Jounior 7, King ofSweaty – 150 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: GXR Souriano, DEMONAL7, KINGS MSG – 141 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: Venomy HulksBoB, k1nq, BLEED 203 – 135 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: Sa, Viiroos, KO OUTLAAW – 125 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: Falcon Snowruto, Falcon Modisk1x, Falcоn Mansour – 124 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: 3BoooD, Hawk RdLz, LND Suly – 124 points (335 Series Points)


  • 1st: VortexM, jace aim, TaySunz 7 – 220 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: RG wishy washy, m0untаin, WRATH kunai – 191 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: GLM Sрiker, Pleasant fab, Keemo Park – 182 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: GLM suns, warriors tuii, overt alex – 162 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: fortnite maestrо, РWR x2Jеsse, PWR radius – 159 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: goeg ihmo, Wrath Korq 7, Wrath skits – 159 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: Gаzer, radial fa, GLM Baily – 143 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: JFT apolox, macheew, bhrax – 130 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: PCG xcon, MG K W O L I T, sadla 7 – 121 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: HVN willgød, M9 mana, cents on shlonk – 114 points (335 Series Points)

That concludes our coverage of the second and final week of FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers. Next weekend will be jam-packed, with the Semi-Finals, Reboot Rounds and Season 8 Finals occurring across three days. Be sure to check back in the lead-up as the journey to the Axe of Champions continues!

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