Fortnite: FNCS Season 8 Week 1 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 8 Week 1 Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps the first of two FNCS Qualifiers in Chapter 2 – Season 8.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is officially underway after much anticipation. Fortnite’s latest season — Chapter 2 – Season 8 — brought new locations, more loot, multiple team changes and a new format. With trios still the primary focus, Epic Games reduced qualifying opportunities from three weeks to two, expanded the Reboot Round and increased weekly Season Finals qualifier spots from three to five. As a result, consistent play is much more important and achieving a top-five finish in the qualifiers should be the only goal.

Week one had a lot to offer in what has already been an outstanding season for competitive Fortnite. Thousands of teams across seven worldwide regions attempted to secure one of those five crucial spots—which would guarantee them passage through to the Season 8 Finals.

There’s a lot to recap, so join ESTNN as we go region-by-region after the first of two FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers!


The dominance continues for Queasy, Th0masHD and Anas — who look like perhaps the world’s best trio. Before claiming first today, they took first in the season’s inaugural Trio Cash Cup and Cash Cup Extra. With Queasy running point and his teammates looking for eliminations, a week one win seemed inevitable.

The three players put forth a consistent effort, with no finishes worse than 12th in the finals. As usual, Queasy led his team to a Victory Royale in game one and rode the momentum from there. Queasy, Th0masHD and Anas managed 175 points, including 29 eliminations. They have secured a spot in the Season 8 Finals in impressive fashion.

The French/Swiss connection of Andilex, xsweeze and 4zr found themselves in second after six matches in the week one final. Fresh off a Trio Cash Cup victory — Andilex and company qualified for round four of the first qualifier and claimed Misty Meadows. It worked out in their favor, as they finished with the second-highest average placement behind only Queasy’s team.

Their consistency translated to a runner-up finish, granting them the second of five spots in the Season 8 Finals. Andilex, 4zr and xsweeze will undoubtedly be one of the favorites to claim the Axe of Champions in a few weeks.

Grabbing the third of five qualifying spots was the highly-regarded trio of benjyfishy, MrSavage and Endretta. After winning round three impressively, many fans and analysts chose MrSavage and company as week one winners. It seemed the three dynamic EU players were on their way to fulfilling that prophecy. Unfortunately, a few crucial mistakes kept that from happening.

Nonetheless, the fan-favorites ended their week one effort with 150 points, including 30 eliminations and one Victory Royale. MrSavage, Benjy and Endretta can now prepare for the Season 8 Finals, where they hope to win their first Axe of Champions.

Raifla, K1nzell and Jur3ky finished fourth and zeykoo, Esty and slovay took fifth, respectively, earning them the fourth and fifth spots in the Season 8 Finals.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: Queasykame, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD – 175 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: Falcon Andi EW, 4zr, хsweeze – 166 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: 00 Endretta, NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage – 150 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: BL Raifla, Heretics K1nzеll, Jur3kystein – 148 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: zeykoo 7, Esтy, Wave slovay – 143 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: Falcon TaySon 7, Falcon chapix, rezon ay лол 7 – 143 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: QBмаsteя, Atlantic Zhiny, XT Fredoxie – 134 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: aryanly 11, Bifrost Milan, Lίquid mίtr0 – 125 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: GUILD Hen 75., Falcon Refsgaard, TrulеX – 115 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: airknn., Laizen le toutax, b1acky.BDS – 106 points (335 Series Points)
  • 11th: BL Setty, KamiFN, GXR teeq – 106 points (310 Series Points)
  • 12th: Quintensoefy, FS Umplify, Matsoe – 104 points (305 Series Points)
  • 13th: Lootboy bagfi, Lootboy Zeston, Lootboy Hijoe 97 – 97 points (300 Series Points)
  • 14th: еgrm, Vitаlity Nikof, nаekoz – 95 points (295 Series Points)
  • 15th: XT Max only, Flames Tilted, Atlantic Zroqz – 95 points (290 Series Points)
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NA East

Commandment and Cented eliminated any discussion of a second-place curse after their performance in week one. The two swapped out Edgey for STRETCH and looked like a well-oiled machine. Commandment, Cented and STRETCH earned 198 points across, including 33 eliminations and one Victory Royale. Their average placement of 5.17 led the field by quite a wide margin.

Despite their success, it felt as though they left a lot on the table—a scary prospect out of a team that looked untouchable in their first major tournament. Commandment, Cented and STRETCH will now bide their time until the Season 8 Finals, where all eyes will be on them to collect an FNCS title.

Back-to-back tournament winners Deyy, Jamper and Tragix kept the train rolling in week one of the FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers. After trouncing the opposition in rounds one, two and three, they gilded into Dirty Docks without a single opponent in sight. What transpired over the final six games showed how exceptional they are as a unit.

Deyy, Jamper, and Tragix finished with 36 eliminations — the most of any team. There were questions regarding how they’d perform in set lobbies, considering how well they are at compiling eliminations. Deyy, Jamper and Tragix answered all of those questions. They secured spot number two of five with a bullet.

After winning their first Trio Cash Cup as a unit, Edgey, Threats and Rise instantly became one of the favorites in FNCS Season 8. While they fell a bit short in the elimination department, their consistency carried them into a top-five finish. Edgey, Threats and Rise finished week one with an average placement of 7.33, second behind only Commandment’s team, and accumulated 168 points overall.

Eomzo’s team and Bugha’s team rounded out fourth and fifth place. As a result, they’ll join the last three trios in the Season 8 Finals. Those that finished outside the top-five earned much-needed Series Points that should advance them to the Semi-Finals.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: TSM FTX Comadon, FaZe Cented, Liquid ЅTROMADON – 198 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: LG jamper -VII, XTRA Deyylol ., NOVA TRAGIX – 186 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: ManCity Threats, NRG Edgey, DТ Rise – 168 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: kwаh, TNG Eomzo, paperφ – 166 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: TNA Muz ., mero, SEN BUGHADORF – 154 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: XSET Ceice 4PF, K2G Cold, elitxe ay лол 7 – 150 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: Nittle, FS casqer, G2 Smqcked – 145 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, BBG KHANADA 200 – 145 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: LG Slackes, Acоrnski, G2 Jаhq – 138 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: NOVA mikey6, SUMMR, fyеrd – 126 points (335 Series Points)
  • 11th: DeRoller., Speguu, strawhat charlie – 111 points (310 Series Points)
  • 12th: zNounzy, TNG Eclipsae, Coop XIII – 108 points (305 Series Points)
  • 13th: Twitch.TrashyFN_, TSM FTX Co1azo, lazarp – 107 points (300 Series Points)
  • 14th: skqttles, C9 nosh, TNG Nut – 105 points (295 Series Points)
  • 15th: AG Staqi, twitch fnpozed, XnBǃ – 102 points (290 Series Points)

NA West

NA West produced a result that should surprise no one that even remotely follows competitive Fortnite. EpikWhale, Arkham and rehx — who have won four consecutive FNCS titles — mopped the region once again. We’ve reached the point where NA West should be renamed to honor the one trio that continues to exceed expectations.

The four-time champs blew away the competition with 207 points, 40 eliminations and two Victory Royales. It’s unprecedented what EpikWhale, Arkham and rehx have done for the last four seasons. They are heading toward their fifth title, which would elevate their historical dominance even higher. EpikWhale even teased disbanding after week one just to do it all over again.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: 100T Arkhram., 100T rehx, NRG EpikWhale5x – 207 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: KNG сhicken, Kytrex, 33 Mechtonzey – 168 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: CLG Nitrix, Hocklе, АngeІ – 154 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: Reguletor PSR, 33 BLIZY NO.9, 33 NATE – 148 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: 33 Mоny, KNG exe, Xen FJAA – 148 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: XTRA Quinn, 33 wave, Kewlǃ – 148 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: poffiee, outcast cyrzr, eclipse – 144 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: CLG symetrical, TEMPLE B, 33 wavyjacob – 137 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: 33 NACH, PSR GRIM, LIMIT FLETCH – 130 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: аlteu, GODAIM G5RC, antraxs – 129 points (335 Series Points)
  • 11th: MERK Yumi, PSR Squishy, konoszn – 129 points (310 Series Points)
  • 12th: KNG defiable, MSF KADﱞENOX, 33 Tavern – 126 points (305 Series Points)
  • 13th: PSR Rexzi, WTJDynamic, zehlo – 122 points (300 Series Points)
  • 14th: ERA ALITHY, 33 Frapai, CLG NARCISSIST – 122 points (295 Series Points)
  • 15th: XTRA Reetlol, 33 favs, XTRA snacky – 95 points (290 Series Points)
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Here are the results from all the other server regions:


  • 1st: NEW ızukı, new dream, klosewhale – 182 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: Liquid Persa, TCE cоllet, Hero Nicks 7 – 163 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: 9z H4wwk, SNG Frans, new bagu 32 – 160 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: eRa cadu, VKS Seeyun2x, 9z Ed – 158 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: rustyk ay лол, Tecne -VII, fаzeryache 32 – 142 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: xeat o GRАNDE, TCE guneves, nov1cе – 140 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: poorboy smuuth, HwS Snohxx, poorboy pattata – 136 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: NEW orіgins, faze iwnl, TCE jpsk1ng – 136 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: pattaty, histtory, sng ktz – 132 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: acq dott1, wey, WAVE SCARPA – 130 points (335 Series Points)


  • 1st: KWZ RiaMUMR Ӝ, COR Raifer, rinreyli – 217 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: miya -nꜱʀ-, FCS Frareyli Ӝ., kwz pinaxyz – 203 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: ALBA rаiny, ボンラギス, Macyfishy – 200 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: Rialy Zell, GameWith kogane, KWZ かげとら – 172 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: ALBA OTOME, FOCUS xL2R2, FOCUS LODSTK – 169 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: Runa King 7, rаru, CR yusea -VII – 168 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: ALBA-A SwizzY, svn Highground, svn shamokiy – 152 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: lcf Ryle 7, clxxer 77, ALBA たかちゃん – 150 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: GENIUS demon ӝ, Moon ӝ, FOCUS zuko. – 133 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: alba maesar ., ぼっととReet, ALBA KUREN – 133 points (335 Series Points)

Middle East

  • 1st: Falcon Spy, Sonic Rаpit, Falcon Rv – 197 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: KINGS xL2R2, Hero, Falcon KiritoKun – 188 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: ASMR vagnaR2x, KINGS I4xPRO, TU Dexefite – 159 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: Medal FKS, Ün8, OWL P5EK – 159 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: QnDx Zzz, Nаchiiri, Fаlcon GntL – 158 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: KinGﱞ., Hawk PEKGL, Twitter xisimba – 154 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: MageVaks, LND Zevil, SADNESS iwnl – 148 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: Falcon Phantom 7, Kai, AbuFal7 – 145 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: Unlucky Smsom, Njbу, SCYTES netlov. – 143 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: HwR Hellon, КAL., SCYTES 아제 라마트 – 134 points (335 Series Points)


  • 1st: Wrath Sоrif, MG oreo ihmo, Eshz FA – 210 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 2nd: digga ronin, JFT ǃsens ihmo, xalkerr FA – 191 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 3rd: MG Zedoxzr 7, GLM siookie, mako raiku – 156 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 4th: PWR Jynх, GLM danath, PWR worthy – 154 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 5th: MG Raptah, basil aim, PWR aleccZ – 146 points (Qualified for C2S8 Finals)
  • 6th: GLM suns, warriors tuii, аlex potter – 144 points (365 Series Points)
  • 7th: M9 Twitch Crippa, M9 Bmp, Zuruuyu – 143 points (350 Series Points)
  • 8th: Mazer BESTPLAYER, Mazer Tayson 7, Mazer KHANADA 7 – 139 points (345 Series Points)
  • 9th: JFTpumpky X volx, JFTvolx X pumpky, PWR synс – 127 points (340 Series Points)
  • 10th: fortnite maestrо, РWR x2Jеsse, PWR radius – 126 points (335 Series Points)

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