Fortnite FNCS Season 6: NA East Heats & Preview

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Fortnite FNCS Season 6: NA East Heats & Preview

Get a look at all three NA East heats ahead of the competition.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) in Chapter 2 – Season 6 is nearing the finale, where 33 teams in all seven competitive server regions will compete for a share of $3M USD. Three qualifiers thus far have secured a spot in the Season 6 Finals for nine top-performing teams, who will join the top three teams from the FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 Finals. Those who could not guarantee themselves a seat in the finals will need to battle through the Season 6 Semi-Finals and perhaps even the Reboot Round if necessary.

NA East players have a long weekend ahead of them for those wanting to compete for an Axe of Champions and the $3M USD prize pool. Epic Games has separated 99 total teams into three separate heats based on Series Points. Each group will compete in six games to determine who will be moving into the finals. Only six teams can move on while the rest will compete in the Reboot Round or head home empty-handed.

Epic Games has released the official list of heats for all regions, and today we are taking a look at NA East. All of the heat breakdowns below include a drop map to help viewers understand where each trio is landing and the implications of a contested point of interest (POIs). With all that said, let’s get into the FNCS Semi-Finals analysis.

Heat A

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 map with names of NA East Heat A FNCS trios at their preferred drop locations.

  • jayth is vibing, kyrha irving, TNG PXMP
  • 9LIVES VOILCCEPT, XPRT Xccept, Snakeccept
  • AKA Рrеdator, AKA SquishGGs, AKA Playify YT
  • youtube zymtx, Tіe, Aggro Kloud
  • Speguu, OUTCAST GOKU YT, strawhat charlie
  • Youtube Zykic, noob chubz, forts.
  • Vexifire, ETB -_-, ghost nanoo
  • PaMstou, wCarey, Fаtch
  • TFC Sharkman., fearfll, Enquz
  • yt convictedfnbr, SEN VORTEX, Youtube Kwanti
  • Vanish Strodles, F1 Zorq7, Devour Tkay
  • ѕummr, ENDLESS Legedien, 4LK spex
  • FS notpandda, STO, tuexy
  • cripstreetCRUSTY, pro tiekko, Kippits
  • AceSkiAckesAhq, CidUckeAdaWood, divine
  • K a r p, Pіeces, Demonstatix
  • Dоlzeur, slаqzz, b4byB0ss-eAyr0g
  • TNA OliverOG, rаlFN, Lаrson
  • zcoderr, Peterbot ., Cartoon Paul
  • Nobu Beef, TNG Lupien., TNG NicFN
  • TMP codgenesis, XPRT atoms, G2 Coop
  • TC Reece, twitch zuccrr, ENG Ecto
  • demonparis, psdо, Insight demonyx
  • Twunti, Sully ﮎ, 7eoLeo
  • 9LIVES Crumble, KNG Nexy, Marzz_Ow
  • DeRoller., BBG Ajay, TMP vyx
  • areusssj, Е13, Rvn Zlats
  • bbg kre, FS Bully iwnl, XnBǃ
  • Curіx, Hide n Sеek, Timbеrz
  • Twitch ApollozFN, Kawzmik, Doxyfishy
  • Strіfe, twitter walkfnbr, dripzy1k
  • kwаh, Elite Neeqo, 24 PAPER
  • tna ops scam me, Rehan plays osu, TMP Logic

Heat A Breakdown

The first of three NA East Semi-Final heats features some underrated names in the scene. Leading the way are Nobu Beef, TNG Lupien and TNG NicFN. This trio came out on top in Series Points and played consistently well through the qualifiers, managing finishes of 18th, 5th and 8th. Their success could come down to whether another team will contest them at Retail Row. If not, Beef, Lucien and NicFN should secure a position in the Grand Finals.

Another team worth highlighting is that of BBG Kreo, XnB! and FS Bully. It’s surprising to see these three not in the Season 6 Finals, given their talent. However, their first two qualifying attempts did not turn out very well. They did bounce back in week three with a 6th place finish, followed by an 8th in the last DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. Kreo, XnB and Bully will look to secure Lazy Lake for themselves with hopes of advancing to the final round.

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Fatch, wCarey and PaMstou are a team that has been flying under the radar all season. After a rough outing in the first qualifier, these three rifled off a 4th and 11th to close out the qualifying period. They’ll be landing Misty Meadows and seem to have their strategies solidified. It would not be surprising to see Fatch and company finish inside the top-three in Heat A.

Heat B

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 map with names of NA East Heat B FNCS trios at their preferred drop locations.

  • Canadian Fane, Ghoul.Fps, AKA Spiritz
  • Аdrian AP, Balanced Arkive, Сlamps
  • Justicе., Dictate, Userz .
  • Elite Plege, Pandushh, Pure Ganzo
  • twitter cozyFA, CrazyGGs, vanish addison
  • vnsh elsa, vnsh ethom, Vanish Twistz
  • pаrur, Posick, Eomzo
  • Castle Bread, OVA Cashew, OVA carry cashew
  • brewgha, OUTCAST FADED, Тurtss
  • FaZe Megga., Rocаine, FаZe Dubs
  • LG Xoonies, npen, Pxlarized
  • AKA Swaysuo yt, Evasion., BK Crown Loadist
  • el аle, vilets2wavy, cozhies2wavy
  • Aperta_, sparkgkky, Aminished
  • serenity death, 4LK chay5e, HЕARTT
  • Felix – -, 4LK Pozed, Sparebow – –
  • XTRA Furiouѕ, Ghоst Blаke, XTRA Illest
  • doh2c, ENG CRXSPY, Vaghue
  • Dawn Woо, ttv LightWerksfn, Dawn Fusionz
  • Balanced Nevify, lyejax, JaxenJ.
  • rippay, balanced frеeze, niуk
  • NRG СІіх, SEN BUGHA, FаZe Bizzle
  • chеwy., Donieeeeeeeeeeee, XPRT Magnolia7
  • Gyplol, TC 0nset, youtube adhi
  • cloudy -α-, Klaѕѕ, susscript Ȣƻ
  • cerbs., рub., vantam.
  • Diхon, sое, susso1
  • SEN ZYFA, TNG Eclipsae, 9LIVES Lazar
  • xerx 15, Twix Dauda n0w, Chubѕ
  • elite gabe89, 9LIVES Tahi, sprite dabdabdab
  • JadenShotz., TC NetZz, noob savaje
  • mrlоnely, optify fwexnite, vizeе

Heat B Breakdown

The most significant storyline out of Heat B pits two top NA East against each other at the exact location. NRG Clix, FaZe Bizzle and SEN Bugha have been battling rivals Elite Gabe, 9LIVES Tahi and sprite for the entire season. Cooler heads have not prevailed, and neither trio seems willing to concede Sweaty Sands to the other. It’ll be a bloodbath and could result in one of the two not advancing to the finals.

Apart from those two, Userz, Dictate and Justice have been one of the most consistent teams in Season 6. Finishing second in Series Points, this trio is deserving of a finals appearance. Their three qualifier performances resulted in a 4th, 7th and 28th. Userz, Dictate and Justice will have to fight another trio at Catty Corner and Weather Station, which are actual power positions on the map. If they stick to their plan, advancing to the Season 6 Finals may require flawless off-spawn fights.

Klass, Susscript and cloud are a team that stands out amongst the pack based on past results and their drop spot. This trio will be landing at Dirty Docks and have managed a 5th and 21st in their first two FNCS Qualifiers. Storm Surge could be an issue, considering the location of Dirty Docks and lack of opponents landing near them. If they figure out early-game damage, they could move on in the competition.

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Heat C

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 map with names of NA East Heat C FNCS trios at their preferred drop locations.


  • acrian, AMWK, SHMEEB VIII
  • Ozirvo, Gandhi dabdabdab, XPRT EtFopVine
  • ADV Klayy, Aѕylum, DJ
  • Kjrop, mirevz361, NeonWTFF YT
  • 9LIVES TabzG, TSM Сo1azo, TSG Ved
  • Dequented 15, zemo 13, Tetro 16
  • Bigdcawesomer, FaZe Sway, TSM.Scrubz
  • ZombieϞ, Hаn., kburbski
  • coldfv, Chronic Shxn, рurе сryp
  • TNG Dxrant, TRNL Trap, TNG Nani yt
  • AKA Bezerk, AKA Reducs, AKA Brutal
  • Hornеt, scylix, Adonis Lite
  • Young.Hagzen, young militoski, chepiiski
  • OA Mini, Clover Plays Osu, Мuffin
  • mikey6., Okiѕ, NRG Ronaldo
  • OA Sticks, Chronic Jayѕ, Kn1pher
  • cizIucky, NОUNZY, Shaedess
  • XSET Knight, XSET Shark, clarityG
  • SEN Animal, SEN HighSky, XSET Av
  • Rubyfied, Costaǃ, tobx e.e
  • balanced hngry, AKA Skills, assault brycx
  • beckеrz, User-1802c3c6d6, vonix down bad
  • Fodnn, Fuﱞnny, shonye
  • MSF Cplіtt, 4LK Smite, XPRT Strafes
  • yuz, AKA CJR, AKA RwR YT
  • Nittle, FS casqer, G2 Smqcked
  • OwlFN, chaоtic, ѕtrep
  • 4LK Looney, Spud Lite, Distrept yt
  • XPRT OSP, LG Joji, BBG Calc
  • hofпеr, TFC dankline, Twitch Cobolt
  • Ethor., Boxеr, Pykz.
  • Avivv Yt, Zûkymini wkey, leoziv
  • XSET Ceice, Liquid Scopеd, ENDLESS TRAGIX

Heat C Breakdown

It’s hard to look at Heat C and not label XSET Shark, XSET Knight and clarityG as the favorites to win. They ended the qualifiers with the third most Series Points and recently decided to move from Pleasant Park to Lazy Lake, a choice that will benefit them greatly. Shark, Knight and clarity will have to fight early but are smart enough to readjust and secure the qualification.

It’s challenging to ignore Nittle, FS casqer and G2 Smqcked, given their recent successes. These are three of the most recognizable names in Heat C, and they have the raw talent it takes to compete in the FNCS Semi-Finals. Their sights are on Retail Row, which they just claimed in the Reverse2k Cup and took second. Nittle, casqer and Smqcked are veterans with plenty of ability to outlast many other teams.

Anytime you see BBG Calc, a former trio FNCS winner, he commands attention. After a disappointing result in Season 5, he joined LG Joji and XPRT Osp and has found success with this combination. Qualifiers one and three resulted in a 9th and 13th for this trio. They’ll be landing Steamy Stacks with plenty of loot, but perhaps not enough surrounding enemies for Storm Surge. Regardless, Calc has been down this path before and can do it again.

There are a lot of teams in play, and anyone could triumph in this evenly matched region. Tune in next weekend to find out which teams move on, which ones go home, and which will have to fight for their tournament lives in the Reboot Round.

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