Fortnite: FNCS Invitational Finals Day 1 Complete Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Invitational Finals Day 1 Complete Results

ESTNN takes a look at the leaderboard after day one of the FNCS Invitational Season Finals.

Competitive Fortnite’s top 100 solo players in all seven regions are halfway through the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. Thus far, we’ve experienced three weekends of unconventional competition. Controller players have dominated the narrative to this point, but the current leaderboards show a diverse range of inputs. Six matches of play have come and gone, with many players eclipsing 100 points. To see who qualified out of the Reboot Round, refer to our article from yesterday.

Let’s see how the leaderboard sits across the seven competitive Fortnite regions with six crucial games remaining.


Two-time FNCS finalist JannisZ of Wave Esports walked away with the lead after the first six games of the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. He played a slow-paced methodical playstyle with only 14 eliminations. Although he did not earn a Victory Royales, JannisZ’s consistency shined as he managed top-five finishes in five out of six games. We’ve seen JannisZ shine before as a solo and with duo partner E11 TaySon. One hundred sixty-five points is an excellent start for the DreamHack Winter finalist.

World Cup runner-up XL Wolfiez fell ten points behind JannisZ on day one. He played quite a different game with 24 eliminations across six matches. We’ve seen Wolfiez show up on the big stage before, and he continues to do so in the FNCS Invitational. Rounding out the top three was Duo Fortnite World Cup Champion COOLER aqua. Of the top three, aqua was the only player to earn a Victory Royale. After day one, the leaderboard features some of EU’s best at the top. We have six more games left to decide the winner of $120K USD.

Here is how the top-25 looks after day one:

Rankings for Europe showing JannisZ in the top spotRankings for Europe showing Maestrorr in 25th place

NA East

Cheater Neon achieved two Victory Royales on day one of the NA East Grand Finals to take the lead with 129 points. Neon was one of the many controller players atop the week two leaderboard for this region. He came out of the gate hot with a win in game one and then finished the day with another. Neon is surprisingly only one of two controller players in the top five.

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FaZe Bizzle is one of the all-time Fortnite greats and is right behind Neon with 117 points. The former Secret Skirmish Champion managed four prominent top-ten placements in meta dominated by controllers. Bizzle’s been vocal about his frustration with Fortnite as of late, but that did not stop him from continuing to cement his legacy. Team SoloMid’s Khanada rounds out the top three with 112 points. He and Bizzle are in the best position to run down Neon and take home the FNCS Invitational Championship.

Rankings for NA East showing Cheater Neon in the leadRankings for NA East showing whofishy cares at number 25

NA West

Daddy rift got off to a commanding start in the NA West region. Over six matches, rift amassed an impressive 143 points and 16 eliminations. It was a reliable performance overall for the controller player. This previous Solo Cash Cup winner is in the driver seat thus far. With a major championship in sight, rift needs an equally impressive performance to retain control.

Another Solo Cash Cup warrior named maken attempted to keep pace with rift. He earned 119 points with 14 eliminations on day one of the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. Maken is a two-time FNCS finalist but has yet to achieve victory in three seasons. He will need a strong effort tomorrow to come from behind. The top-25 features NA West standouts 100T Arkhram, XTRA Reet, 100T Rehx, Aydan and many others. Here’s how the scores stand after the first six matches.

Daddy rift appears number one in the rankings for NA West Frapai rounds out the top 25 in the NA West rankings


After reviving his FNCS Invitational chances in the Reboot Round yesterday, BLS VortexM continued to impress on day one of the Grand Finals. He achieved 137 points across four matches. VortexM’s 18 eliminations topped all Oceania players. This two-time FNCS finalist is seeking his first major Fortnite tournament victory. It would be quite the story should VortexM remain on top after qualifying out of the Reboot Round.

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Other notable players inside the top-25 include Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 1 champion x2Twins Jordan. RNG Jynx, looter and worthy. It will all come down to day two, but VortexM has a sizable 18-point lead over KwolitFN.

Rankings for Oceania showing BLS VortexM in first placeRankings for Oceania with Asfit is FA in the 25th spot


South America’s Frosty continued quite possibly the most dominant FNCS Invitational run across all seven regions on day one of the Grand Finals. After winning both weeks one and two of the tournament, Frosty took a commanding lead with 160 points. With a controller in his hand, Frosty amassed 21 eliminations and completed two Victory Royales. Frosty could make history should he finish in first place tomorrow. He currently maintains a commanding 41-point lead.

Top players within striking distance of Frosty include rustyk, Fishy L2R2, LoraxSalviano and Filipe. However, the story of the FNCS Invitational for the Brazil region belongs to Frosty.

Rankings for Brazil showing Frosty in first placeRankings for Brazil showing Gustavox8 in 25th place


NEXUS PoCo matched OCE’s VortexM with 137 points to take an early lead for the Asia region. PoCo did not require a Victory Royale, but 16 eliminations and consistent top-ten placements undoubtedly helped. FNCS Invitational week two winner CR qjappy continued an impressive stretch of play on day one of Grand Finals. He reached the 130 point threshold and currently sits only seven points behind first place. Six games remain in the Grand Finals. Anyone could walk away with the $15K USD grand prize and the Axe of Champions.

Rankings for Asia showing NEXUS PoCo in first placeRankings for Asia showing weather Pinaly in 25th place

Middle East

ASMR KiritoKun became the first FNCS Invitational Grand Champion after 12 intense matches in the Middle East region. He and SAQR QnDx were neck and neck, but KiritoKun did just enough to take home the victory. KiritoKun produced one Victory Royale and 247 points. His key to success proved to be an average placement of 16.00 across all 12 matches. The Middle East victor takes home $15K USD and the FNCS Axe of Champions. Congratulations to KiritoKun for an impressive showing in the FNCS Invitational!

Rankings for the Middle East showing ASMR KiritoKun in the top spotRankings for the Middle East showing Scytes Fares at number 25

That concludes day one coverage of the FNCS Invitational Finals. Stay tuned for the final results tomorrow evening!

Source: Fortnite Tracker

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