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Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Qualifiers: Complete Recap & Results

FNCS Chapter 3, Season 1 Qualifier Results
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ESTNN recaps the first and only two Qualifiers of FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is underway in Chapter 3 Season 1. Duos worldwide had two months to prepare for the challenge of a lifetimeโ€”all in the pursuit of greatness, a share of more than $3M USD and the elusive in-game Axe of Champions reward. Epic Games unexpectedly shortened this season's marquee competition, including only two Qualifiers, the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals.ย 

You might be wondering what that means. Well, the format and schedule left no room for error. Participants needed to be sharp and well-versed in the Chapter 3 Season 1 meta if they hoped to reach the FNCS Finals. The first two preliminary Qualifiers concluded early this morning after four straight days of high-level action.ย 

All entrants hoped to achieve a top-eight finish in round three of either Qualifier or compile enough Series Points to reach the Semi-Finals. Let's see how the action played out and who advanced to the Season Finals.ย 

Europe: Qualifier 1

The European region saw several top teams reach round three in Qualifier 1. However, only eight could earn a direct passage to the Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals. After six matches, Become Legends' Raifla and GAMMA Gaming's Merijn claimed first-place comfortably. The pair compiled 203 points despite not winning a game. Consistency was essential, as Raifla and Merijn placed no lower than 16th and managed 29 eliminations.ย 

Highly touted Duos such as GUILD Hen and Queasy, Kami and GXR teeq and Wave Vadeal and GUILD rezon ay also secured critical top-eight results. MCES DKS, mY Raizen, LootBoy trippernn and FLAMES PabloWingu helped their teams achieve the same goal.

*(Q) denotes teams that have qualified directly to the Grand Finals.ย 

  • 1st: BL Raifla & GAMMA Merijn โ€“ 203 points (Q)
  • 2nd: GUILD Hen & Queasy โ€“ 188 points (Q)
  • 3rd: mYi PHYENIX & mYi Raizen โ€“ 173 points (Q)
  • 4th: MCES DKS & MCES BadSnipR โ€“ 164 points (Q)
  • 5th: LootBoy trippernn & Zroggy โ€“ 152 points (Q)
  • 6th: Kami & GXR teeq โ€“ 146 points (Q)
  • 7th: FLAMES PabloWingu & FLAMES Swag โ€“ 140 points (Q)ย ย ย 
  • 8th: Wave Vadeal & GUILD rezon ay โ€“ 132 points (Q)
  • 9th: Falcon Refsgaard & Skram โ€“ 132 points
  • 10th: stena & Reyedmdr โ€“ 122 points

Europe: Qualifier 2

Europeโ€™s FNCS Qualifier 2 featured another stacked field of the region's top Duos. All eyes were on veteran players Benjyfishy and MrSavage after the pair came up short in Qualifier 1. Benjy and Savage reached round three without much trouble before delivering on all expectations. They secured a position in the FNCS Finals with 165 pointsโ€”though another team finished slightly ahead of them.ย 

The combination of GUILD Anas and Rix Pinq stole the show. Across six matches, Anas and Pinq managed 167 points, including back-to-back Victory Royales in games two and three. Those two wins alone provided the two players enough points to qualify and eventually finish in first place.ย 

Previous FNCS winners Stormyrite, Kiryache and Stompy also joined Benjy, MrSavage, Pinq and Anas inside the top eight. All other challengers will shift focus to the Semi-Finals next weekend.ย 

  • 1st: Rix Pinq & GUILD Anas โ€” 167 points (Q)
  • 2nd: NRG BenjyFishy & 100T MrSavage โ€” 165 points (Q)
  • 3rd: Claim Neylu & AVE Flickzybuca โ€” 160 points (Q)
  • 4th: TchypSs & ARTSKILLREYLI โ€” 155 points (Q)
  • 5th: kiryache & FS Stormyrite โ€” 153 points (Q)
  • 6th: mYi Hookka & Zeston โ€” 151 points (Q)
  • 7th: Juu & mouz Stompy โ€” 150 points (Q)
  • 8th: Monaco pkr & Glorious Mappi โ€” 145 points (Q)
  • 9th: CL l1nk & 97default โ€” 143 points
  • 10th: FOKUS Vortex & GUILD JannisZ โ€” 132 points

NA East: Qualifier 1

Fortnite veterans TSM FTX Commandment and Liquid Stretch have been relatively quiet this season. While they did not win a Duos Cash Cup, the NA East stars had three top-ten results heading into the FNCS. Commandment and Stretch put on a clinic in the Grand Finals of Qualifier 1. Their six-match effort resulted in 19 eliminations, one Victory Royale and 191 pointsโ€”putting them in first by 32 points.ย 

NRG Bucke and Cam started hot with back-to-back wins in games one and two; they finished in fourth overall. Other talented Duos led by G2 Jahq, Acorn, Visxals, Nani and npen also secured a top-eight result. TNA Mero and SEN Bugha barely cracked eighth place after missing game five.ย 

  • 1st: TSM FTX Commandment & Liquid Stretch โ€“ 191 points (Q)
  • 2nd: 33 Visxals & Tkay โ€“ 159 points (Q)
  • 3rd: Nani & Elite PXMP โ€“ 159 points (Q)
  • 4th: NRG Bucke & Cam โ€“ 157 points (Q)
  • 5th: illest & G2 Jahq โ€“ 156 points (Q)
  • 6th: Acorn & KNG Khanada โ€“ 155 points (Q)
  • 7th: PSR Zemo & Elite npen โ€“ 155 points (Q)
  • 8th: TNA Mero & SEN Bugha โ€“ 143 points (Q)
  • 9th: 33 Cold & FaZe Cented โ€“ 139 points
  • 10th: Avivv & KNG squish โ€“ 138 points
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NA East: Qualifier 2

Regardless of the region, no other team made a louder statement than Degen and Eomzo. The unsigned Duo dominated NA East Qualifier 2 with 226 pointsโ€”an FNCS record. Degen and Eomzo's path to victory included two wins and 35 eliminations. Despite several top NA East Duos being in contention, it was a relatively stress-free outing for the Qualifier 2 winners.ย 

The remaining teams to finish in eighth or higher featured various talents. Avivv and squish secured second place after finishing tenth in Qualifier 1. Other notable names such as OliverOG, Jamper and Dukez also squeezed inside the top eight. Sixteen teams have officially punched their ticket to the Grand Finals, including the eight below.ย 

  • 1st: Degen & Eomzo โ€” 226 points (Q)
  • 2nd: Avivv & KNG squish โ€” 147 points (Q)
  • 3rd: OT Spayde & Chimp โ€” 141 points (Q)
  • 4th: Walkerrz & Ephites Golden โ€” 137 points (Q)
  • 5th: TNA OliverOG & twitch playifyx โ€” 135 points (Q)
  • 6th: LG Jamper & Dukez โ€” 128 points (Q)
  • 7th: DeRoller & Trashัƒ โ€” 125 points (Q)
  • 8th: Reducs & savaje โ€” 121 points (Q)ย 
  • 9th: 33 Glace & Chukky โ€” 120 points
  • 10th: LG Slackes & clarityG โ€” 120 points

NA West: Qualifier 1

NA West's first Qualifier contained many unexpected outcomes. For one, the region's dominant foursome of Reet, Rehx, Arkhram and EpikWhale failed to reach round three. That meant all other players needed to take advantage and try to claim one of the eight available spots in the Grand Finals. Rising talents WTJ Kevin and Yasir were up to controlling NA West.ย 

The relatively unknown Duo had themselves an evening, collecting 200 points, one Victory Royale and 34 eliminations. It was an outcome not many expected. A familiar team โ€” 33 kadenOX and Nova 4DRStorm โ€” concluded their run just five points short of first but qualified nonetheless. Notable players also to land inside the top eight include Quinn (third), defiable (fourth), Jagveer (sixth) and Jay (eighth).ย 

  • 1st: WTJ Kevin & Yasir โ€“ 200 points (Q)
  • 2nd: 33 kadenOX & Nova 4DRStorm โ€“ 195 points (Q)
  • 3rd: Quinn & 33 WAVE โ€“ 189 points (Q)
  • 4th: KNG defiable & 33 SxhoolWicked โ€“ 163 points (Q)
  • 5th: PSR Rexzi & WTJ Dynamic โ€“ 153 points (Q)
  • 6th: IGNITE Jagveer & 33A Solution โ€“ 152 points (Q)
  • 7th: ttv VicterV & IGNITE blzerd โ€“ 142 points (Q)
  • 8th: Mizu Dog & CLG Jay โ€“ 134 points (Q)
  • 9th: 7W Crmzn & IGNITE Vlux โ€“ 134 points
  • 10th: 33 CYRZR WLR & PSR Nico โ€“ 132 points

NA West: Qualifier 2

The kings of NA West evidently needed a warm up day before roaring back with a vengeance. 100T Arkhram and NRG EpikWhale rebounded from their poor showing in Qualifier 1 to decimate their opponents. The two multi-FNCS winners compiled 216 points, including a whopping three Victory Royales and 25 eliminations. Arkhram and EpikWhale were not willing to endure the Semi-Finals and will instead head to the Grand Finals.ย 

Qualifier 2โ€™s top eight teams featured the likes of JFT Batman Bugha and G2 Jeltyโ€”both of whom will enter the FNCS Finals alongside their respective teammates. NA West is on a fast track toward an exciting Semi-Finals and conclusion to the competitive season.ย 

  • 1st: 100T Arkhram & NEG EpikWhale โ€” 216 points (Q)
  • 2nd: JFT Batman Bugha & JFT Wheels โ€” 176 points (Q)
  • 3rd: Assault Vanillaz & CEO Walay โ€” 175 points (Q)
  • 4th: Parz & Ignite Rays โ€” 174 points (Q)
  • 5th: PSR Lime & PSR Chip โ€” 167 points (Q)
  • 6th: Twitch ZukoXF & Digital โ€” 157 points (Q)
  • 7th: FS Criizux & G2 Jelty โ€” 156 points (Q)
  • 8th: daddy salvo & Pure FJAA โ€” 152 points (Q)
  • 9th: WTJ fruit & WTJ tiny โ€” 152 points
  • 10th: WTJ evol & WTJ Buzzo โ€” 135 points

Here are the results from all other regions:

Brazil: Qualifier 1

  • 1st: Seeyun iwnl & FaZe K1nG โ€“ 221 points (Q)
  • 2nd: POZ retake & POZ SLW โ€“ 191 points (Q)
  • 3rd: ffishy & talls โ€“ 168 points (Q)
  • 4th: Liquid Suetam & KING โ€“ 160 points (Q)
  • 5th: RustyK & fzr ay7 โ€“ 159 points (Q)
  • 6th: rัƒnm & Redlee โ€“ 158 points (Q)
  • 7th: Guneves & WAVE SCARPA 203 โ€“ 155 points (Q)
  • 8th: HERO Phzin & SNG Kitoz โ€“ 148 points (Q)
  • 9th: Collet & BarroSo 7 โ€“ 145 points
  • 10th: HWS Ntz & kchorro Lรดร”ko โ€“ 139 points
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Brazil: Qualifier 2

  • 1st: kurtz & SNG Diguera โ€” 205 points (Q)
  • 2nd: ITZ gxT & nathes โ€” 161 points (Q)
  • 3rd: SNG KBR & xe4t โ€” 153 points (Q)
  • 4th: Wolves Force & UCV Myst 17 โ€” 151 points (Q)
  • 5th: SNG Frans & Filipe โ€” 144 points (Q)
  • 6th: LuLuzito & C9 blackoutz โ€” 143 points (Q)
  • 7th: young biel ๆ„› & Grilo1x โ€” 140 points (Q)
  • 8th: Hero OPai & GSX โ€” 135 points (Q)
  • 9th: magrelo on celta & Its Barryzeera โ€” 135 points
  • 10th: diaspingurelli69 & manocaki โ€” 135 points

Asia: Qualifier 1

  • 1st: ALBA SwizzY & ALBA 2SNgNl โ€“ 217 points (Q)
  • 2nd: PX Shamokiy & PX Leyyner โ€“ 198 points (Q)
  • 3rd: Riddle WildHawk & FCS Snacky โ€“ 176 points (Q)
  • 4th: Ruri & Zagou โ€“ 174 points (Q)
  • 5th: CR Focus ใˆใ‚ใ–ใƒผ & WZD wickesy โ€“ 165 points (Q)
  • 6th: Riddle Shunsyan & GW Buyuriru โ€“ 152 points (Q)
  • 7th: GENIUS Tinkerะซ1x & Ehre Walkthemoon โ€“ 136 points (Q)
  • 8th: ALBA Rainy & A2 Gyen โ€“ 135 points (Q)
  • 9th: Runa1x & ใบใฝ XL2R2 โ€“ 135 points
  • 10th: A2 koyota & KWZ Pina โ€“ 134 points

Asia: Qualifier 2

1st: ALBA xmipoli & BNG stork โ€” 215 points (Q)

2nd: GSK_๊ท€์—ฝ๋„คใงใถใ‚„ใ‚“ & GW Fleder โ€” 173 points (Q)

3rd: GW Kogane & LCF ponta โ€” 161 points (Q)

4th: GW Albedo & GW Dokn โ€” 159 points (Q)

5th: CR Alice & WZD raru โ€” 150 points (Q)

6th: KWZ Ryle & KWZ Merem โ€” 150 points (Q)

7th: ใชใŽใดใฃใด้ธๆ‰‹ & ใพใ„ใ–ใใ‚‰้ธๆ‰‹ โ€” 150 points (Q)

8th: SVL CHIFFON & Tracing A Dream โ€” 145 points (Q)

9th: ALBA miya & ALBA ROCCA โ€” 138 points

10th: peterpan XD & Backhou โ€” 137 points

Middle East: Qualifier 1

  • 1st: Falcons Fahad & Falcons Yonx โ€“ 176 points (Q)
  • 2nd: Epik Arrow & EpikMshary โ€“ 169 points (Q)
  • 3rd: TSK LLJFT & TSK Strike โ€“ 166 points (Q)
  • 4th: Medal Unit & SCYTES Murloc โ€“ 163 points (Q)
  • 5th: Falcons Modisk & Falcons Mansour โ€“ 151 points (Q)
  • 6th: Foilerz 7 & Clapsyy7 โ€“ 150 points (Q)
  • 7th: HwR Hellon & KAL REELS โ€“ 148 points (Q)
  • 8th: Falcons Spy & KINGS Xx731 โ€“ 147 points (Q)
  • 9th: KLX Pexity & JKReet โ€“ 141 points
  • 10th: RsTn zz & GRMLE โ€“ 131 points

Middle East: Qualifier 2

  • 1st: Sonic Rapit & OWL P5EK โ€” 212 points (Q)
  • 2nd: KINGS Nะฐchiiri & Falcons GntL โ€” 192 points (Q)
  • 3rd: DRaFTell ุณู„ุฉ ุฃุฌุง & Rak๏ฑžan โ€” 184 points (Q)
  • 4th: SCYTES Heif & Medal 7man โ€” 178 points (Q)
  • 5th: 01 Hero & SCYTES Tacky โ€” 172 points (Q)
  • 6th: Sonic Balor & 01 Adapter โ€” 153 points (Q)
  • 7th: 3BoooD & LND RdLz โ€” 151 points (Q)
  • 8th: Medal FKS & Venomy Bleed โ€” 146 points (Q)
  • 9th: hulksitro & Unlucky Smsom โ€” 140 points
  • 10th: OWL Saio & Kard โ€” 123 points

Oceania: Qualifier 1

  • 1st: NBR Basil & jace โ€“ 266 points (Q)
  • 2nd: JFT volx & GLM danath โ€“ 246 points (Q)
  • 3rd: anon & R9 Soaked โ€“ 157 points (Q)
  • 4th: PWR Jynx & PWR worthy โ€“ 155 points (Q)
  • 5th: SLV Oreo & PWR alecc โ€“ 151 points (Q)
  • 6th: JFT Macheew & GLM Bhrax โ€“ 151 points (Q)
  • 7th: Oatley & JFT Zanz โ€“ 150 points (Q)
  • 8th: CEO Alex & GLM Baily โ€“ 149 points (Q)
  • 9th: rvl rip & LOYAL Mania โ€“ 142 points
  • 10th: MG Pumpkin & xalkerr โ€“ 140 points

Oceania: Qualifier 2

  • 1st: R9 Gazer & JFT Mysty โ€” 190 points (Q)
  • 2nd: arken & piri โ€” 185 points (Q)
  • 3rd: rvl rip & LOYAL Mania โ€” 176 points (Q)
  • 4th: R9 Jvano & sanjog fa โ€” 172 points (Q)
  • 5th: Jะฐmie Oliver & RVL Wreckless โ€” 167 points (Q)
  • 6th: PWR radius & PWR Sync โ€” 165 points (Q)
  • 7th: PWR Sะพrif & PWR Looter โ€” 162 points (Q)
  • 8th: Effex & Riv โ€” 153 points (Q)
  • 9th: TM Elusive & RVL Fhaqs โ€” 148 points
  • 10th: STG Maihaze & ntr stinger smg โ€” 137 points

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 continues next week with the Semi-Finals. Be sure to check out the format breakdown to understand the complex landscape that awaits Series Point leaders. Also, stay tuned to ESTNN for more competitive Fortnite updates!

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