Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Week 3 – Complete Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Week 3 – Complete Results

ESTNN recaps the third and final FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Qualifier.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) in Season 6 has reached the end of its qualifying period. For the last three weeks, players across the game’s seven server regions have worked hard to accumulate series points and perhaps even secure a top-three finish, which would push them directly to the Grand Finals. It was arguably the most intense stretch of preliminary rounds in Fortnite history, given the high stakes.

Week three was the last opportunity for teams to qualify for the FNCS Semi-Finals or even the Season 6 Finals with a strong enough effort. Only 21 of those seats remained, and the teams who didn’t claim one will need to fight through heats. Chapter 2 – Season 6 is nearing the end and we’re in for some fireworks. Let’s see how the top competitive teams in each region performed in crunch time.

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The entirely German trio of Fastroki, Pizza and Ardit finally realized their potential after tough outings in the first two weeks. Their week three performance included a Victory Royale in game two and 41 total eliminations over six matches. The three players reached an impressive 198 points, and they won’t have to fight through the Semi-Finals.

Second place went to the complete Russian team of freemok, Wulfee and 97Default, who accumulated 192 points. Their impressive six-game effort yielded a massive 45 eliminations and a Victory Royale in the fourth match. Three significant double-digit elimination matches set them apart from the rest and earned them a well-deserved seat in the Season 6 Finals.

After a heartbreaking fourth-place result last week, Floki, Clèment and Decyptos returned in the final qualifier with no fear. Their consistency has defined them this season, culminating with a third-place finish in the 11th hour. The all-France trio managed 35 eliminations and the highest average placement of any other team. The EU finals are shaping up magnificently.

  • 1st: Fastroki, OVA Pizza4k, OVA Ardit – 198 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: EvozA Wulfee, freеmoк, LMNX 97Default – 192 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: Solarу Floki, Homyno Clément, GO Decyptos – 185 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: LootBoy Slender, ALOFT Voidd, wxlfiez – 184 points
  • 5th: BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR teeq – 165 points
  • 6th: F9 Marvin, Esтy, Not BadSnipR – 141 points
  • 7th: MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, xsweeze.mces – 131 points
  • 8th: TRICKED Caspersa, Zh1ny, Fickzi – 128 points
  • 9th: rzgod_, NxS Risttreto, NxS Adi- – 126 points
  • 10th: Shaykoz., MCES DKS, GO grayinjo – 112 points
  • 11th: Reptenn, Mctr 31, BT Laazarov – 104 points
  • 12th: DREAM J4chu, PG Kefyy, Centric Kubx – 101 points
  • 13th: Wave Kikoo 97, NVD Skram, NaVi Putrick – 95 points
  • 14th: MES snoozlooz, EvozA toox, PSQ devon – 95 points
  • 15th: Reaper Pace, Mag1cIwnl, Fredoxierei – 95 points

NA East

Two talented NA East trios went toe-to-toe in week three and it made for arguably the most entertaining conclusion of any region. As game six drew to a close, C9 nosh, nut and chukky stood triumphant. They did so in style with three Victory Royales and 44 eliminations. On top of taking third in the last Trio Cash Cup, these three NA East players move into the Season 6 Finals.

Elite Esports players Narwhal, Crunchy and Zlem matched the week three winners in intensity but just fell short. This trio grabbed themselves two game wins and 37 eliminations in what was an equally impressive performance. They will join nosh and company in the Season 6 Finals, where some other talented teams are waiting.

Despite first and second place taking the spotlight, the ultra-consistent trio of SEN Aspect, XPRT Cazz and OA Whofishy did just enough to earn the third and final qualifying spot. They managed 35 eliminations and no Victory Royales en route to 158 points. The plot is thickening in NA East ahead of the grand finale.

  • 1st: C9 nosh, nut金, chukkymini wkey – 224 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Elite Narwhal, Elitе Crunchy, Elite Zlem – 207 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: SEN Aspect., XPRT Cazz, OA Whofishy – 158 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: Felix – -, 4LK Pozed, Sparebow – – 156 points
  • 5th: XTRA Furiouѕ, Ghоst Blаke, XTRA Illest – 147 points
  • 6th: bbg kre, FS Bully iwnl, XnBǃ – 143 points
  • 7th: XSET Knight, XSET Shark, clarityG – 134 points
  • 8th: Nobu Beef, TNG Lupien., TNG NicFN – 131 points
  • 9th: coldfv ӝ, Chronic Shxn, рurе сryp – 123 points
  • 10th: TNA ZUM, TMP happedvik, TNA STAQI – 120 points
  • 11th: PaMstou, wCarey, Fаtch – 118 points
  • 12th: Ozirvo 先輩, Gandhi dabdabdab, XPRT EtFopVine – 114 points
  • 13th: XPRT OSP, LG Joji, BBG Calc – 98 points
  • 14th: cerbs., рub., vantam. – 96 points
  • 15th: Bigdcawesomer, FaZe Sway, TSM.Scrubz – 95 points
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NA West

The night finished strong with the NA West region, where three top teams secured their spot in the Season 6 Finals. In first were the team of 100T Falconer, XTRA Reet and pure chris with 188 points. Their six matches produced 34 eliminations and three top-three finishes in what was a display of consistency. They’ll be a team to look out for in the finals.

Glace, clst domo and pure insightful landed in second with 176 points. They have been trending in the right direction for the last few weeks and finally reached a top-three finishing position. Thirty-eight eliminations and an average placement of 9.00 helped them achieve a high finish.

Bloom Riversan, NorCal Nathan, and 5G Nathaniel found themselves in third after six matches and 176 points. They managed 34 eliminations and no Victory Royales. One fun fact of note is that none of the top three trios won a game. Nonetheless, they will all bypass the difficult FNCS Semi-Finals.

  • 1st: 100T Falconer, XTRA Reeteyy, pure chriѕ – 188 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Glacе, clst domo, pure unsightly – 176 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: Bloom Riversаn, NORCAL NATHAN B, 5G NATHANIEL B – 176 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: TRNL TrashyTHD, DemonRosez, XTRA verT – 169 points
  • 5th: PSR Sneaks, PSR Salko, STL Parz – 166 points
  • 6th: rubenbear8, TRNL exe7, tsg beckthd – 146 points
  • 7th: SlayaNF, ZH22 Zehlo, mse -iwnl- – 138 points
  • 8th: 5G Mangos, kаboo, PSR pelican – 131 points
  • 9th: bluzro, 5G NigeI, Balanced Nani – 127 points
  • 10th: XTRA CALEB, XTRA Tautai, TRNL Wheels – 121 points
  • 11th: Timbers Raulfnar, Timberѕ Robinznn, Chicken._.XD – 116 points
  • 12th: defiablе, cyfarе, nuqlo – 113 points
  • 13th: Yoris., RG Guygoose, ZD GuyAiden – 103 points
  • 14th: TSG SIDLAHψ, Apex Mateoψ, User-2rx61na7zt – 98 points
  • 15th: Bane Wants Cash, ΟZZI, yawnǃ – 95 points

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DETONA Kayky, NEW insanitr0 and NEW Lordtr0 achieved first in the Brazilian region with 195 points. It’s quite an improvement after this same team managed only a 12th place result in the first qualifier. Consistency was the key to victory for these three, considering their four consecutive top-five finishes to close the tournament. Kayky, insanitr0 and Lordtr0 will join some of South America’s elite teams in the finals.

  • 1st: DETONA Kayky, NEW insanitr0., NEW Lordtr0. – 195 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Frаns, ktz 1, jpsk1ng – 188 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: eRa cadu, VКS Seeyun, FаZe k1nG. – 167 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: washington l2, ndр, VillaMix origins – 166 points
  • 5th: TRIBE OPai, SRN Phzin, gsx -s- – 162 points
  • 6th: SATIS Gangifishy, Action Sweet, SATIS Bergfishy – 158 points
  • 7th: ARG_PEPE_L2R2 74, F4T cautz200, zkzkzkzkzk – 146 points
  • 8th: Frosтy7, SNG diguera7, моjа7 – 140 points
  • 9th: DEMONFISHYEY, Nahueski507, Sankudeal – 139 points
  • 10th: thz1n46, Gabrielh99 L2 L2, technoviking46 – 133 points
  • 11th: BrYANNftn, soarєs, Nutideal – 129 points
  • 12th: Liquid Pulga, Suetam ., AG1RRЕ – 119 points
  • 13th: JUNIORRGGG, SKIPЕR7, xLuchi7 – 100 points
  • 14th: eRa KBR -ɢ-, 9z Barella1x, TRNL bediN200 – 95 points
  • 15th: SATIS douka, waldoreyli, GZ Twistz – 95 points


FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Champions noob jynx, wavyalecc and PWR worthy returned to the winner’s circle at the perfect time in Season 6. After a fourth-place finish in week one, the Australian powerhouses ended week three with an exceptional 195 points. They completed three Victory Royales out of six games and earned 32 eliminations. Jynx, alecc and worthy will now appear in the Season 6 Finals, hoping to win their second Axe of Champions in two seasons.

  • 1st: noob jynx, wavyalecc, PWR worthy – 195 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: arrestrr, Gtr melon roshan, cynicalrr – 164 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: TM bluezie, VR rip, VRTX Mania – 161 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: SPG Dj, MG cryz, marz. – 155 points
  • 5th: repulseszn, Eshzzz, raіku – 145 points
  • 6th: bhrax, wрuc, coralsXX – 145 points
  • 7th: PWR radius, slаya, 4PF jWONDERCRYP – 139 points
  • 8th: PRDX Oatley, Fresh, rеl_fn – 128 points
  • 9th: MG TJ, Bаntis, gusos. – 127 points
  • 10th: SYX cazi, ghost trаpped, spy 5 – 124 points
  • 11th: GLM DANATH, GLM osiris., FURY skits – 112 points
  • 12th: GLM Results, GLM Snow, GLM Pwecks – 112 points
  • 13th: doom, rhyzah, 6S Cyrex – 111 points
  • 14th: top famous cryp, jаhlyn, рhluxzy – 103 points
  • 15th: calеbb, distanttttttt, Washed Dhanu – 102 points
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The Asian trio of GW_Lettuce, GW Hamuppii and Dokn completed a dominant victory in week three. With 220 points, this trio finished with the second-highest point total of all seven regions. After finishing 16th and 8th respectively in weeks one and two, Hamuppii, Lettuce and Dokn are in an excellent position ahead of the Season 6 Finals. They’ll join the second and third-place teams in the main event.

  • 1st: GW_Lettuce, GW Hamuppii, Fcs WildoknHawk – 220 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: NorCal Kenshi, fcs 5tzuyu, ImperialDeb – 193 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: CE Fortik, OVA pizdun, CE leyyner – 150 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: Korox2zr, BOT_dangolegends, alba rä1fer – 148 points
  • 5th: OWM まいぽり, OWM ぽて, 皇帝ペンギン45号 – 147 points
  • 6th: рeterpanxyz, FaxFox ӝ, 200 Piece Nada – 138 points
  • 7th: YouTube Hibiki, SVL 猫愛好家れん, YouTubeRiaM.りあむ – 131 points
  • 8th: ASF ぷらちな, NEXUS.しふぉん MLD, ASF みんくんです – 129 points
  • 9th: 小峠英二と日村勇紀としのあと友近, スイッチ勢かげとら, img divqx- – – 122 points
  • 10th: CH.ほとけいずぶっだ 姫, LCF Debs, GW Fleder7 – 117 points
  • 11th: Misty Aim, T1 Quickss 75, Backho.백호 – 108 points
  • 12th: YOUTH.若者, YOUTH.スイッチ勢のサルジー, YOUTH.なかやまきんに君 – 105 points
  • 13th: ィケボくんっっ, GL40LabsRatTV, Ac てぃあのすけ 鮭 – 103 points
  • 14th: SPT ぜにがめ, SPT N4yker, SPT Henth – 103 points
  • 15th: 破壊神じぇりこ, ジブ娘プリティーたっくす〆, ジブ娘プリティーうぃっけしー〆 – 95 points

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Middle East

The complete SAQR trio of QnDz, Rapit and Unit is heading to the Season 6 Finals after a 216-point effort in week three. This Middle Eastern trio outclassed their opponents with two Victory Royales and 33 eliminations. Unit, a former FNCS Champion, will look to add another to his resume in the Season 6 Finals. It will be an intense finale out of the Middle East region.

  • 1st: SAQR QnDx, SAQR Rapit, SAQR Unіt – 216 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Hawk Hulkskun, Astra Minas, HWR Smsom – 170 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: KINGS Krool, SAQR Njﱞby, Μsg – 166 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th: POWER Ѕаud, じ3z, SAQR ОUTLAW – 156 points
  • 5th: Eagle DRaFTell, NMR TooKE 2.0, Sonic Naif – 151 points
  • 6th: HWR FHD, Eagle Dem0n, Yuki Herо – 138 points
  • 7th: Opezor, Arrow Rico, Arrow LORD – 124 points
  • 8th: Astra Linjy, Medal zxmbie ӝ, Arrow STAR. – 115 points
  • 9th: Fаlcon Spy, Falcon FHD, Falcon Yonx – 108 points
  • 10th: Zeeom, Medal Cigol, HwR Esca – 102 points
  • 11th: TL Azizilex, TL Mjeed, vF Deatt – 100 points
  • 12th: vF Boyka, WITD GOKU, 20 EpikKQ – 100 points
  • 13th: Ruls Silent, KINGS Lucifer, 4Dx Wolfyzn – 99 points
  • 14th: Medal Snoop, Hawk Bolt, Eagle LRK – 98 points
  • 15th: OTW Rivoroni, TRK UNR, Ruffixn – 98 points


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