Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Finals Day One Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Finals Day One Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps day one of the FNCS Season 6 Finals for Europe, NA East and NA West.

The moment of truth has arrived for the world’s best trios in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6. Just 33 teams in each of the game’s seven regions secured themselves a spot in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Season 6 Finals. With a share of $3M USD and the coveted Axe of Champions on the line, players needed their best efforts and a bit of luck on the first day to put themselves in an advantageous position.

Day one of the competition featured the first six matches, with another six to follow on Sunday. Viewers could not have asked for a better stretch of games. Several top names separated from the pack while others fell below the wayside, consumed by spawn fights and flexing dominance over a particular location. However, comfort atop the leaderboard is fool’s gold, and teams down low could mount an enormous comeback. Let’s see how Europe, NA East and NA West stand at halftime.

Europe – MrSavage and Company Lead, Season 5 Champions Rally Back Late

The European region came out swinging in the first set of games. Last season’s third-place finishers BL Noahreyli, Wave Vadeal and Rezon ay started strong with a Victory Royale before sliding down the leaderboards as others took advantage. While those three slid, 100T MrSavage, NVD Endretta and Falcon Refsgaard surged up the leaderboard after a game two win and four impressive performances after that.

The Norwegians will have to stave off the reigning FNCS Champions — GUILD Hen, GUILD JannisZ and chapix — who flexed their fighting abilities and resilience on day one. Despite having another top team contest them, Hen, JannisZ and chapix put on a clinic against hycr1s, Vortex and Night. The Season 5 Champions won five of six spawn fights at Craggy Cliffs, two of which led to Victory Royales. Their second win occurred in the final match of day one, putting them in second place on the leaderboard, only one point behind MrSavage and company.

Europe is trending toward a spectacular finish. The current Axe of Champion holders are in striking distance of an unprecedented back-to-back Fortnite Champion Series victory. All others are in hot pursuit, attempting to ensure that a new trio will sit on the throne. Here is the current leaderboard:

  • 1st: Falcon Refsgaard, NVD Endretta, 100T MrSavage – 166 points
  • 2nd: GUILD HEN75, GUILD JannisZ, oogway 74 – 165 points
  • 3rd: RedRush 123, FL7 xsterioz, EV Mappi – 157 points
  • 4th: Grizi 4zr, GUILD TaySon 7, nayte2199 – 155 points
  • 5th: LootBoy Queasy44, Glоrious TruleX, Wave Jur3ky – 153 points
  • 6th: kiryachelfg, stormyritelfg, Gambit Toose – 136 points
  • 7th: LootBoy Fastroki, OVA Pizza4k, OVA Ardit – 134 points
  • 8th: GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD – 130 points
  • 9th: zеykoo, BeGenius Sun, beGenius Jules – 124 points
  • 10th: AOS nebs, LootBoy bubаk, Devour WaiZ – 114 points
  • 11th: bloomadeal, perceval zZz, Siko Tomzy – 111 points
  • 12th: Onyx johku, Monaco Anddone, jetsﱞku – 106 points
  • 13th: Heretics K1nzеll, apeks IDrop 7, wakie 7 – 103 points
  • 14th: Wave Joe, stompyrite, LootBoy Shadоw – 96 points
  • 15th: CL Sаfik, Siberiajkeе, CL iRezUmi – 95 points
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NA East – Commandment, Cented and Edgey Trend Toward Their First Axe of Champions

The North American East region followed Europe with an outstanding display of competitive Fortnite in their own right. After six matches, TSM Commandment, FaZe Cented and NRG Edgey claimed the number one spot in mesmerizing fashion. Their 201-point performance to start the Season 6 Finals included two Victory Royales and 35 eliminations.

Perhaps the most outstanding achievement from Commandment, Cented and Edgey occurred in match five. While playing low-ground, Commandment and Edgey clutched a 2v3 against TrainH Saf, Liquid STRETCH and C9 Avery to advance up the leaderboard. They’ll look to close out their first FNCS as a trio after placing second in Seasons 4 and 5.

Chapter 2 – Season 4 Champions ENDLESS DEYY, ENDLESS Mero and ENDLESS Reverse2k compiled a tournament-leading 42 eliminations to put themselves in second place. Reverse2k called his shot before the Season 6 Finals with a confident YouTube video, and subsequently delivered an effort worthy of his words. The all-ENDLESS trio are in a prime position to win their second Fortnite Champion Series competition in two seasons.

FS Degen, FS Ajerrs and skqttles won the last game of today’s action, putting them in third. They finished the day with 190 points and 37 eliminations. A win for these three players would be the perfect ending to their breakout season. Let’s check out the NA East leaderboard after six games:

  • 1st: TSM Cоmadon, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey – 201 points
  • 2nd: ENDL8SS DEYYSIA, endless mero11, ENDLESS Reverse – 193 points
  • 3rd: FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, skqttles – 190 points
  • 4th: LG jamper 7, Threats 7, DT Rise – 162 points
  • 5th: elite gabeski, 9LIVES Tahi, sprite dabdabdab – 155 points
  • 6th: TrainH saffy, Liquid ЅТRETCН, C9 Avery – 153 points
  • 7th: FaZe Megga., Rocаine, FаZe Dubs – 153 points
  • 8th: LG Slackes, 1P Acornski, G2 Jаhq – 127 points
  • 9th: TRUNORTH DOM, INSIGHT DUSKY, Spayde OT – 114 points
  • 10th: Nittle, FS casqer, G2 Smqcked – 113 points
  • 11th: BBG Bucke, ONE WITH PIECE, G2 MackWood – 112 points
  • 12th: C9 nosh, nut ay лол ӝ, TNG Chukky – 111 points
  • 13th: PaMstou, wCarey, Fаtch – 100 points
  • 14th: Speguu gu ga ga, Gоkﱞu, strawhat charlie – 96 points
  • 15th: Felix – -, 4LK Pozed, Sparebow – 95 points
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NA West – Favs, Kenshi and Snacky Surprise on Day One

Like the two regions prior, NA West could not help but keep the trend of narrow leaderboards running. Many fans and players expected back-to-back FNCS Champions 100T Arkhram, 100T rehx and NRG EpikWhale to dominate the field with little resistance. However, a 40-elimination display and a game six Victory Royale put tsg favs, XTRA kenshi and XTRA snacky in the driver’s seat.

The week two FNCS Qualifier winners welcomed the challenge of potentially dethroning the NA West kings. They finished with 187 points, putting them one clear of XTRA Caleb, XTRA Tautai and TRNL Wheels. Caleb and company managed a Victory Royale in the third match along with 34 eliminations. Both underdogs stand in front of the reigning NA West Champions.

Arkhram, rehx and EpikWhale improved with each passing match but ultimately failed to complete a Victory Royale. Nonetheless, their 28 eliminations and impressive 5.83 average placement put them in a position to rally back over the last six games. Here is the leaderboard for NA West at the end of day one:

  • 1st: tsg favs, XTRA kеnshi, XTRA snacky – 187 points
  • 2nd: XTRA Caleb, XTRA Tautai, TRNL Wheels – 186 points
  • 3rd: 100T Arkhram., 100T rehx, NRG EpikWhale – 179 points
  • 4th: g0dku, apex cuh., NorCal fecoy – 176 points
  • 5th: Bloom Riversаn, NORCAL BLIZY B, 5G NATE B – 166 points
  • 6th: 100T Falconer, xtrа reetﱞ, pure chriѕ – 136 points
  • 7th: Assault Baccada, 5G verny, XTRA MIDDADDY – 123 points
  • 8th: Silly Trix, Pure Mony., Reguletor – 118 points
  • 9th: bluzro, 5G Nigel, Balanced Nani – 113 points
  • 10th: Glacе, clst domo, pure unsightly – 111 points
  • 11th: makenset, AK Poodle, wavyjaсоb – 107 points
  • 12th: adambae8, chronic cozz, 4DRStorm. – 105 points
  • 13th: 5G Hop, PSR Cliprs, TwitterHealthyFN – 98 points
  • 14th: SlayaNF, ZH22 Zehlo, mse -iwnl- – 96 points
  • 15th: xen jagveer, Xen Mojo, ZH22 Solution – 95 points

All regions have prepared themselves for an exciting conclusion to Chapter 2 – Season 6. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more coverage tomorrow as we crown six more FNCS Champions!

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