Fortnite: FNCS Champion Andilex Wants Out Of His Contract With Team MCES

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Fortnite: FNCS Champion Andilex Wants Out Of His Contract With Team MCES

Competitive Fortnite players and fans are rallying behind Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner Alexandre “Andilex” Christoph.

The #FREEANDILEX hashtag trended on Twitter this past weekend to support a top Fortnite talent in the European scene. Andilex is currently a member of the French organization Team MCES, where he has found success greater than most competitive Fortnite players. He joined the team in November of 2018 before breaking through as a major champion. Despite re-signing with Team MCES last year, Andilex allegedly wants the esports team to release him. Fortnite Twitter has once again taken it upon themselves to force the organization’s hand.

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Support for Andilex began over the weekend with a familiar trend in the Fortnite scene. Many personalities, including Fortnite World Cup Finalist Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman, joined the Twitter tirade in hopes of coercing Team MCES to release Andilex from a long-term contract. Although the length and terms of this deal are unclear, Andilex did recently agree to an extension with the organization on May 31. This agreement occurred one month after the French player won his first Fortnite Champion Series event. Andilex proceeded to finish seventh in the FNCS Invitational one month later.

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Ten months removed from re-signing with Team MCES, Andilex wants out. Andilex has not yet addressed the #FREEANDILEX movement, but the organization’s Founder and President had some words regarding the situation.

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Team MCES President Speaks Out

Romain Sombret, Founder and President of Team MCES, released a brief statement on Twitter. “To answer on #FREEANDILEX a note to say that I have not received ANY offer for Andi to date,” he wrote. “We are very proud to have him for over 2 years with us – when no one knew him – but he is not in prison, just under contract.”

The organization’s stance certainly is not outrageous. Contracts are legally binding for a reason. Team MCES has not shown any signs that they are willing to release Andilex from his contract at this point. However, the Twitter hashtag method proved prosperous many times before in competitive Fortnite.

Contract History – A Cautionary Tale

Contract disputes in competitive Fortnite are nothing new. For every player who unexpectedly excels, there seems to be a lesser-known esports organization behind them. Veteran Fortnite competitor Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie sparked perhaps the most infamous contract issue in history, which resulted in the #freemitr0 Twitter campaign.

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Eventually, his previous organization Team Atlantis granted his release, making him a free agent to explore other options. A similar situation unfolded between NA East pro player Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson and FlyQuest.

These incidents often arise in Fortnite because the community, by and large, is of a younger age range. Andilex could have parted ways with Team MCES in May and explored other options. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and the player and organization are at odds. Andilex and those close to the situation want to replicate past successes with #FREEANDILEX. The result could be entirely dependent on how much heat Team MCES feels from the Fortnite community.

We’ll keep you posted with any critical updates to this story.

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