Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown Play-In Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown Play-In Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps all of the FNCS All-Star Showdown Play-In action from the weekend.

Competitive Fortnite solo tournaments have returned in a significant way. This past weekend marked the beginning of the inaugural FNCS All-Star Showdown, a competition where Fortnite’s best players of the last two seasons will duel for their share of $3M USD. The top 15 teams from the Season 5 and Season 6 Trio Finals automatically guaranteed their seat in this season’s FNCS All-Star Solo Championship. With 90 players already decided per region, only ten spots remained for others looking to take advantage of the opportunity.

That is where the FNCS All-Star Showdown Play-In came into effect. Thousands of competitors across Fortnite’s seven worldwide server regions endured a grueling four-round gauntlet with hopes of attaining one of ten spots. Doing so would enter them into the Solo Championship, where they have a chance to showcase their skills against their region’s cream of the crop. Who triumphed in the most challenging tournament thus far of Season 7? Let’s find out which players are moving on to the Solo Championship.


Two-time FNCS Finalist hycr1s triumphed in round four of the European play-in round. It was a valiant effort that saw the German player compile 112 points, 13 eliminations and one Victory Royale. He showcased his skill in solos and is one of many dark horses going into next weekend. Veno, a player disqualified last season for account sharing, rebounded nicely with a second-place finish in the play-in. Redemption will be on his mind heading into the Solo Championship.

Vortex stole the show with his impressive slaying ability. He managed 21 eliminations, which led all players and settled for a fourth-place finish.

Here are the ten European players who will compete in the FNCS All-Star Showdown:

  • 1st: Hycr1s – 112 points
  • 2nd: solo veno – 92 points
  • 3rd: SeahorseW – 89 points
  • 4th: vorTexr – 83 points
  • 5th: LootBoy Fastroki – 83 points
  • 6th: TT9 PCH – 81 points
  • 7th: SMS BelliX – 80 points
  • 8th: Not BadSnipR – 80 points
  • 9th: RAAD VoltiaX – 79 points
  • 10th: Arrow PanixZ 7 – 78 points

NA East

TNA ops scam me, better known as asianheff, pulled off a final-match Victory Royale to seal the deal and the All-Star Showdown qualification. His six-match outing included 14 eliminations and an average placement of over 25. Asianjeff outlasted some formidable NA East talents, showing what he is capable of at the highest level. TKGC Sharkman endured some adversity but hung in and secured second place. He matched asianjeff with 14 eliminations but failed to earn a Victory Royale.

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Here are the top ten NA East players who have qualified for the FNCS All-Star Showdown:

  • 1st: tna ops scam me – 97 points
  • 2nd: TKGC Sharkman – 94 points
  • 3rd: squishrr – 85 points
  • 4th: DL Justice – 80 points
  • 5th: ʸᵗ OmG Me II ᵗᵗᵛ – 78 points
  • 6th: Peterbot . – 76 points
  • 7th: kwаh – 76 points
  • 8th: TNG Okis – 75 points
  • 9th: Chronic Shxn – 75 points
  • 10th: Klayy 水 – 74 points

NA West

Kalgamer710 joined the 100-point club in the NA West region, where some other familiar names populated the leaderboard. However, none matched Kalgamer’s output of 22 eliminations. He sealed the deal in the final match with a 5-elimination runner-up finish. KOSACA followed closely behind with 105 points, 18 eliminations and one Victory Royale.

Rising NA West stars Pure BatmanBugha and Bumboy, respectively, finished third and fourth on the leaderboard.

Here are the top-ten finishers from the Brazilian region:

  • 1st: Its Filipе – 106 points
  • 2nd: GustyxFN – 89 points
  • 3rd: HDL LukszF – 79 points
  • 4th: DEMONGODУ – 77 points
  • 5th: LuLuzito ӝ – 75 points
  • 6th: tekkа11 – 74 points
  • 7th: TaL Nuti – 74 points
  • 8th: STN Neno – 72 points
  • 9th: TC TadeZ – 72 points
  • 10th: CT Myst 22 – 68 points

Middle East

Murloc of SCYTES Esports reached 119 points in the Middle East region, good enough to claim victory. He achieved first with an average placement over 13 and 15 eliminations in total. He’ll slide into next week with confidence as he squares off against the always-underrated Middle East talent pool.

Here are the ten players who guaranteed themselves a spot in the Solo Championship:

  • 1st: SCYTES Murloc. – 119 points
  • 2nd: Ruls S7S – 108 points
  • 3rd: SCYTES RecseiloV – 91 points
  • 4th: Eagle Azzx 98 – 88 points
  • 5th: medal malkawi – 86 points
  • 6th: KPI botro – 82 points
  • 7th: ba7rb – 81 points
  • 8th: WASP Tensavaks – 76 points
  • 9th: DXB 7ruth – 75 points
  • 10th: YaLLa Ech0 -α- 73 points
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GW_Buyuriru lapped the Asian region with 119 points across six matches. He got the job done through mostly eliminations, of which he had 22 in round four. A pair of fourth-place finishes and a second also helped his cause. He’ll join the nine other players below in the All-Star Showdown finalè.

  • 1st: GW_Buyuriru – 119 points
  • 2nd: wickesyyyyyyy – 93 points
  • 3rd: Carne 9 – 93 points
  • 4th: WZD Hibiki1x – 93 points
  • 5th: ぱんかs – 87 points
  • 6th: Libеrta えいむ – 85 points
  • 7th: Reisy 32 – 84 points
  • 8th: FUNNYPowerBeshy – 79 points
  • 9th: SVR Re1z – 70 points
  • 10th: WZD OTOME – 70 points


Australian player Mooteea made short work of the field in the OCE play-in finals. He managed an unfathomable 164 points across six matches. That stretch included 23 eliminations and three Victory Royales — two of which occurred in the last two games. Mooteea moved into the discussion of potential winners as he prepares to compete against Muz, Looter, Speedy and many more of OCE’s elite.

Here are the top-ten Oceania players from the FNCS All-Star Showdown Play-in:

  • 1st: Mooteea – 164 points
  • 2nd: Overt phluxzy – 126 points
  • 3rd: PWR radius – 99 points
  • 4th: Tyraxe – 97 points
  • 5th: MG em one – 92 points
  • 6th: oasis L2 – 83 points
  • 7th: arnold doknegger – 82 points
  • 8th: rhyzah – 81 points
  • 9th: sprоut – 81 points
  • 10th: megadan – 74 points

The FNCS All-Star Play-In is a wrap. All 70 players above now have the chance of a lifetime. They’ll look to test their abilities against the best of the best. Anyone looking to tune in next weekend can refer to our FNCS All-Star Showdown viewing guide, where we break down the schedule and player pool.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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