Fortnite: Fill Option Now Available In Arena Mode — How To Use

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Fortnite: Fill Option Now Available In Arena Mode — How To Use

Epic Games has officially rolled out a ‘Fill’ option for Arena Mode. Learn what it’s all about and how to use it here.

Fortnite players have been campaigning Epic Games for an option to queue into Arena Mode with random teammates for some time. This feature is a staple in casual modes, and it led to many iconic moments for streamers back in the day. Presently, those who have no one to play Fortnite with tend to rely on the fill option to give them more than just solo mode.

Since Arena Mode graced players in March of 2019, they’ve longed for a fill option similar to public matches. After teasing the new feature before Chapter 2 – Season 8’s launch, Epic has finally enabled it in-game. Fortnite players worldwide can now play Arena Mode games with random teammates.

Arena Mode Fills Available in Fortnite

The tweet above sent elation and joy across the competitive Fortnite scene. A feature that players have wanted for more than two years has finally debuted in Battle Royale.

“Arena Fill is now enabled. Let us know how your fill matches go! We'll be looking for your feedback, and if we decide to adjust anything we'll let you know.”

Fortnite players now have the opportunity to perhaps find teammates for tournaments, learn the ropes in competitive Fortnite and play public matches with health siphon. While rage is inevitable, those who want to play Duos or Trios no longer need to scramble for teammates.

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How to Use Arena Mode Fills

To queue into Arena Mode using the fill option, you must select either Duos or Trios Arena in the ‘Discover’ tab. Next, scroll down to the Fortnite Competitive area and choose your desired game mode. Your final step is to hit ‘Play’ and Fortnite will drop you into a lobby with one or two teammates — depending on the mode.

Epic will be listening to feedback to determine how well or poorly players respond to this feature. Be sure to report back and maybe the developers will make this a staple in Arena Mode!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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