Fortnite: FaZe Dubs Likely Banned for an Unknown Amount of Time

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Fortnite: FaZe Dubs Likely Banned for an Unknown Amount of Time

Dubs and Waffleslul disappeared from the Cash Cup leaderboard as a result of their cheating allegations.

ESTNN reported over the weekend a story regarding an alleged cheating incident during the Platform Solo Cash Cup on Friday, May 1. The accused parties included Fortnite World Cup contender Danny “Dubs” Walsh of FaZe Clan and a player named Waffleslul. A now-deleted video surfaced, which depicted the two players allegedly teaming during the Cash Cup tournament. Both players landed at The Rig location and seemingly teamed against a solo player, split the vault loot and failed to engage in a single one-on-one encounter.

Several professional players came out in droves to speak against what took place. Some even wondered if Dubs and Waffleslul would suffer a ban. It appears we have our answer after checking the Cash Cup leaderboard from last week.

FaZe Dubs and Waffleslul Removed from Leaderboard

Fortnite Champion Series leaderboard

FaZe Dubs and Waffleslul had initially finished in seventh and eighth respectively in round two of the Cash Cup. However, the pair are no longer on the leaderboard. Vanish Jahq and Luckzier moved into their respective leaderboard spots. As we scroll down the page, there are only 98 players. Dubs and Waffleslul are also nowhere on the leaderboard. The same scenario took place in week one of the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS.

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In that instance, a video surfaced of Slackes, Keys, Kreo and Bucke trading shots for a storm surge that would come into play later in each match. All four players then disappeared from week one’s leaderboard, and each received 60-day bans. It appears that Dubs and Waffleslul have suffered the same fate.

How Long will the Ban Last?

Dubs’ Twitter presence has dropped off since vanishing from the leaderboard is nonexistent. The same can applies to Waffleslul, who has not addressed the new development. History indicates an unclear pattern of punishment from Epic Games. The competitive Fortnite team could follow the same path they did with Slackes, Keys, Kreo and Bucke. If they did, Dubs and Waffleslul would see a 60-day ban.

Fortnite’s official tournament ruleset does not feature a specific disciplinary method. What we do know at this point is that Dubs and Waffleslul have suffered bans for an undisclosed amount of time. Unfortunately for Dubs, he will likely not be eligible to participate in the $2 million FNCS Invitational. The masses recognize Dubs as one of the best solo players in the world, but he may be sitting this one out.

What is FaZe Clan’s Next Move?

FaZe Clan administered a suspension and sensitivity training as a result of Dubs’ last run-in with controversy. The two-time Fortnite World Cup finalist came back with a sincere apology and a promise to better himself. FaZe did their due diligence the last time around, but what will come of the cheating allegations and subsequent ban? It’s difficult to say whether FaZe Clan will intervene after Dubs’ second headline-grabbing incident.

Multiple professional players began tweeting #RIPDubs as a result of the recent development. Dubs’ friend and fellow pro player Liquid STRETCH is seeking an explanation for Epic’s decision. He defended Dubs and provided some context for the implicating footage video. We will ultimately have to play the waiting game to see what more comes of the Dubs and Waffleslul ban.

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Stay tuned to ESTNN for more coverage of this story and other Fortnite updates.

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