Fortnite: Fan-Favorite Arena Late Game Mode To Return October 5

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Fortnite: Fan-Favorite Arena Late Game Mode To Return October 5

Fortnite’s beloved competitive Late Game mode returns on October 5!

Fortnite’s first-ever legitimate endgame simulator dubbed Bugha’s Late Game became a playlist option this past July. Competitive players instantly loved the addition—believing it to be perhaps the best practice for tournament matches. Each match began in the third storm circle, where players would drop in with set materials and loadouts. It became a go-to for competitors looking to dominate and flex their abilities against a wide range of opponents.

Epic eventually removed Bugha’s Late Game following a $100K USD tournament. Fans were upset, considering how positively the competitive community received the game mode. Today, Epic announced the return of Late Game. The developers also revealed two tournaments for the solo and trio format and some adjustments to the game mode. Let’s dive into the critical points.

Late Game Mode to Return on October 5

Epic dropped a bombshell of an announcement today for the competitive community. Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, the fan-favorite Late Game mode will return to Fortnite Battle Royale on October 5 based on overwhelmingly positive feedback. Epic released a blog post, explaining the changes.

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Late Game Solos Cup

While solo Late Game is not an option yet, players will have a chance to workshop it in an upcoming Late Game Solos Cup. Epic will host a Solo Cup on October 1—where players will have a selection of eight loadouts. A Late Game Solo playlist could become an option depending on feedback.

Trio Fill Option in Late Game

One of the most challenging obstacles for some players is locating a team to run alongside. Thankfully, Epic has added a Fill option to Late Game. That means you can find random players to test the game mode with, provided you are without teammates. Updates have been made to the nine loadouts for trios to align with Season 8’s loot pool.

Hype Changes

Epic has removed Bus Fare from the Late Game Arena ranking system and instead has added “long-term goals.” It’s unclear what that means, but we will likely find out on October 5 when Late Game returns to Fortnite.

Here are some other notable changes to Late Game:

  • Reboot Vans added
  • The first new zone forms 30 seconds faster.
  • Loot on the starter island will now match the custom loadouts
  • Alien Slipstreams are disabled at the start of the match
  • Storm issues fixed
  • Match fill issues fixes

That covers all of the significant details in Epic’s latest blog post. We’ll be sure to provide content regarding the schedule Trio and Solo Late Game Cups mentioned. Until then, mark your calendars for October 1 and October 5!

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