Fortnite: Europe FNCS Full List of Heats, Start Times and Analysis

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Fortnite: Europe FNCS Full List of Heats, Start Times and Analysis

A deep dive into the European heats and see which duos you should keep an eye on through this weekend’s events.

The Duos Fortnite Champion Series concludes this weekend, and we have four heats in the European region watch. Europe features some of the world’s best players, including MrSavage, Benjyfishy, Mongraal, Wolfiez and many others. All of these players will participate in this weekend’s events in a variety of different heats. The top-12 duos from each heat will meet in Grand Finals to decide the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS Champions.

The winning duo for the European region will receive $70K USD to split, and all duos who reached the FNCS Finals will earn some money as well. Let’s take a look at some different storylines heading into heats and how the top duos are looking as we rapidly approach the finale of this Fortnite Champion Series.

Heat One

Heat One will take place on April 17th from 9:00 AM EST to 12:00 PM EST.

  • TCE Kubx, TCE KamiFN
  • icetzy, mоsh.
  • VP Siberiajkee, putr0
  • Zh1ny, mikkelreb0rn
  • Stompgraal, COOLER aqua
  • Slide Dragou, OTW Kebo
  • еnsаr, goozhhhǃ
  • NewG Decyptos, Slide Nawqa
  • crips forcezkiy, KelFy.
  • TTV PenguWingu, Th0mas .
  • passivq, TwitchColdflame3
  • OTW hulkk, Sy Yoda
  • TrainH BlastR., TrainH Alpha.
  • stormydoggo932, Fury Legendary
  • TrainH French, synzao
  • AcY Jannes, uX tillv1_
  • WіngS, Mayhem
  • M10 MOTOR, rasneyicy
  • TSM_Crue, chapix 74
  • Refsgaardrr, secret skramrr
  • Finest Tamir, Finest Risk
  • Nøxy ., deIete
  • UnbrokenCabbage, LxTsHe
  • Merge Hottie, Merge Hygge
  • TriZоX, Smudge .
  • WеisseМоehre, Kullie
  • sеtty, packо
  • 3G Bright2k, VHV Chagsy
  • LeStream Skite, LeStream Vato
  • apr0., Ch0pک
  • qlnek, rеjek
  • snaggedrr, stеelix
  • Xypher Slender, Deside16
  • k1nzеll, MSF Endretta
  • Tobi 77, DaeZinhoo
  • VP Kiryache32, Gambit.letw1k3
  • SRN LeoJayT, serenity joshh
  • queаsy, TruleX -ʊ-
  • Wave Fleox, nakama karma
  • Hoop3k, J4chu.
  • Wulfeе, KоngTV
  • Dexter is typing, Siko Yung -θ-
  • Shaka owns rig, nade guy kris
  • avesta vortex, avesta karma
  • NOM danDANㅤ, NOM SoMiN
  • Ghost Issa, Ghost Kamo
  • D.HycroushZ1, mercury raavo0x
  • rz -Δ-, zAndy on pills
  • serenitypinq, SRN Michael
  • Naervig, Zohanrr.69

Heat One Analysis

COOLER aqua and Stompy are the clear favorites out of heat, one given their recent success in duo tournaments. The Austrian pair land at The Grotto and are two of the best at controlling high ground while utilizing the powerful Mythic Minigun. Heat one also features the controller tandem of Wolfiez and LeTsHe, who did not place top-20 in any of the qualifiers but reached the final session in three of the four weeks.

VP Kiryache and Gambit letw1k3 are worth keeping an eye on after winning a Duo Cash Cup and qualifying in two out of the four weeks. TCE Kubx and TCE KamiFN are a duo flying under the radar despite being one of the only teams to qualify in all four weeks of the competition. There is a log jam at the top of this heat, and only 12 of them advance into the Grand Finals.

Heat Two

Heat Two will be played on April 17th from 1:00 PM EST to 4:00 PM EST.

  • TCE Rakso, artorrr
  • ARC DaveS ک, ARC Nikito ک
  • rezon ay. -ʊ-, OVA Ditrxx
  • JPI 4sta, JPI Ruhe
  • ALOFT Shadz, ALOFT Spectrumz
  • Solarу Magl, EMXXRR 々
  • GODSENT znappy, GODSENT wak1e
  • Monkeyf4ce, Not Hellfire
  • Ramb0 ., Whittz.
  • elokratz, SNG Trippernn
  • OTW.a Ziblaxx, OTW.a Nz.
  • nush baby, Detoox xd
  • мaрат башнидзе, WinX pror0k1
  • KPZET, starboy fex
  • felixgеn, nоrk
  • Merijn 46, jaspaay 800dpi
  • SSdouble., MLKKK あ
  • LeStream Blax, LeStream TheVic
  • M10 a1ms0nz, OVA JulianCoM
  • veloce lolb0om, Veloce Core
  • COOLER Noward, MCES xsweeze
  • MCES Orkh, MCES PodaSaï
  • G2 Tohaj, Milan
  • Avesta Artox, Wave Pablo
  • Grizi 4zr, Mamadou Shaco AP
  • TrainH Umplify, TrainH Matsoe
  • Wave Mаеstго, Wave Styler
  • TDR Rise, TDR xjiuO
  • Huty ., Minny .
  • FaZe Mongrааl, NRG benjуfishу
  • FL Essitam, ᶜʳʸᶻᶻ
  • FNX Shaykoz, Quartz graye
  • Lareez 77, hREDS BELAEU
  • CREAM Gancheto, ManuM32
  • BL Pr0vokd, Tuckz717
  • ROGfor Skydeunrr, BDS Seextizrr
  • Joey Rae, rãze
  • Llоbeti4, COMETA kkweti4
  • Vetle 7, Playwell Styrsix
  • Jоolex, Hlechis21
  • DollarC, Darkorino
  • PopoElBedo, Papi Adecy
  • Primzhy, Vіrsuh
  • MCES Andilexrr, LeStream nayterr
  • Playwell Accis, Dr1vеn
  • Vitаlity Airwаks, Vitаlity Nikof
  • broken u.u, KPI MateoZ
  • FROZΣN, Antorak
  • advise_fn, DV1 luKi
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Heat Two Analysis

Heat two features some of the best duos across the entire European region. First off, we have NRG benjyfishy and FaZe Mongraal, who have seen some success since parting ways, respectively, with MrSavage and mitr0. Benjy and Mongraal have taken second in a Duos Cash Cup and won a Daily Duos Cup as well. For the FNCS, however, these two only managed to qualify once through four weeks. Their Sweaty Sands drop spot will likely see a lot of action in this heat with another impressive duo contesting Benjy and Mongraal.

MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte have arguably been one of the best duos in Chapter 2 Season 2. They have consistently placed well in tournaments and qualified in all four weeks of the competition. These two are Benjy and Mongraal’s most prominent threats as both duos will be fighting off the spawn in Sweaty Sands. GODSENT znappy and GODSENT wakie are another duo to look out for considering their success through this FNCS with a third and second-place finish in weeks one and two. We are in for some surprises in this heat, and one of the best duos likely won’t make it to Grand Finals without a gameplan adjustment.

Heat Three

Heat Three will take place on April 18th from 9:00 AM EST to 12:00 PM EST.

  • uD lucky Unreal, uD Mr.shizoнaмe
  • Grіzі 4zr, Σ ndyguden
  • SRN Jakei, SRN Louis
  • indrn, Xypher Zawnie
  • TCE Kartun, Arditrr
  • LOCiK, Balaskoni
  • M10 Nyhrox, Vitality BadSnpR
  • M10 Pepper, M10 fledermoys
  • Meakin 11, Vibez rae
  • frеdу, heatzyrr.
  • Wave JannisZ, E11 TaySon -ʊ-
  • Secret Mexe, VEROХ
  • Steptr, iRezUmi.
  • G13ras, Mohito –
  • keyb0аrd, сontrollerr
  • Mayzen ツ, Albraik.Bfc
  • Oraηge, Vitality hawkers
  • VP JAMSIDE, Secret_Domentos
  • Avesta Voidd, paуlor
  • Loem -α-, illusion -α-
  • TTV MDTwins, YT Ogurchik
  • DrevixEF, uX Celestan
  • SRN Hardfind, AstroSMZ .
  • Nakama Ghosty32, SRN Paddy
  • zq 69, naekoz.
  • cowjoww, Atomz9
  • Maagе, Castеry
  • АcY Mavjoe, AcY Jurrі
  • Kiujy_Y, SrStriker.
  • E11 Crippa, Tchub_
  • Sy Keziix, TrainH Yagsou
  • Oziris Zaatix, GameWard Skewden
  • AcY Tackyy FNCS, uX Zebra
  • KNG Kura ㅤ, McDaBeast.
  • FlowiS, Atlantis MarkusC
  • 4E Nate, Rojо
  • BL Raifla, BL SliX
  • Arnau_1_8, S3RGL0
  • JarkoS -ʊ-, NebbyS -ʊ-
  • Exalty Floki, Exalty Sunddely
  • mevz, SRN CStann
  • Exalty gogos, TS Kcv
  • Fastroki, TCE Kylie
  • sapiros, hаlfdumb
  • M10 Legxndz, PnR.
  • exeed Ardissino, Baffo loves Aziz
  • Braindead Kiraah, TCE Serhat
  • 3G Shipenen, VHV Akusto
  • egrm 420, faaynrr
  • lucky Mr.J, rolixen


Heat three sees a bit of a drop off in marquee names, but still features some of the elites. The keyboard and mouse, controller tandem of Crr and mitr0 are likely the favorites, provided that they maintain a smart strategy coming in. Their landing spot of The Shark will probably see some action, but if not, the loot at this redesigned POI is some of the best across the entire Chapter 2 Season 2 map. 4zr and Solary Kinstaar are also in this heat and may or may not decide to contest Crr and mitr0 at The Shark.

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Wave JannisZ and E11 TaySon are also in this heat after coming into the Duos FNCS with a win in the Warmup event. Maage and Castery took first place in week one of the FNCS and are in play to qualify out of heat three. One of the darkhorse duos worth discussing is SRN Hardfind and AstroSMZ. These two finished top-20 in three straight FNCS weeks and could make a run in the Grand Finals should they advance out of this heat.

Heat Four

Heat Four will be played on April 19th from 1:00 PM EST to 4:00 PM EST.

  • Flames Deqzyy, VHV shadow
  • slovayrr, Twitch SlqFN
  • frеemok, Azzе
  • KlusiaHD, Th0mаsHD
  • Atlantis Kaxie, Atlantis Magin
  • x8 100ping, Noahreyli
  • ZЕNО, Kqіn
  • Еdisоn, swаpz
  • Sigma DucHH, nub 2007
  • Exceptis Shaunns, Exalty Trixou
  • SRN Apen, SRN Axces
  • Reyed., Kahpa Waiz
  • troqz, xKumu
  • AION DeNiisS, AION DiegoGB
  • KIzzyfishy, Precious btw
  • BL Аnas, IboooHai
  • lilpеpе, FLAMEE45
  • gаlen, boboǃ
  • Attak., GO Xoxo
  • Technique, Gеanzha
  • AcY Swaggi, Atlantis kejseR
  • Chuckno -α-, OneX QKAIIN
  • serenity marteen, shadowhenchmenrr
  • zеyrox, kayzler
  • Jamieef32, SаmD
  • Dokko ., NеmZ
  • OVA scout, OVA Zeston
  • Solary Hunter, MCES Marcote
  • veloce saevid, scollehfishyrr
  • Wave Flikk, Wave Fray
  • magnus -ʊ-, MinZho .
  • Braizzouu, voxe.bfc
  • IDropetta, 100T MrSavage
  • Final Bobby, Final Scumic
  • Washed Slove, blоomy
  • e T q, swag -δ-
  • abrussi-, debeans -š-
  • Kobe is hornie, Fеy
  • ESP Tjoft, Reaper 9o_clock
  • Sille Sev, Bente Sev
  • Juzry, c4loverRloa
  • MGA Trxx, TRYAGIN NesTea
  • OL Keolys, b1acky.BDS
  • F I N N E X., B A D A R M A N
  • AMP Vadeal, AMP clairr
  • Sy Kyky., Sy Clement
  • SQN shimonn, SQN Kuchta
  • Homyno FlyZ, l0wlessㅤ
  • qvаdo, Gambit Toose

Heat Four Analysis

Sy Kyzen and Sy Clement have accomplished the most consistent placements of any other duo in heat four. They managed to qualify for the FNCS Season Finals in all four weeks of the competition. Kyzen and Clement’s highest finish came in week four, where they took eighth place. However, they will have to compete against the likes of IDrop and 100T MrSavage, which is a newer duo in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. After taking fourth and eleventh through the first two weeks of the FNCS, IDrop and Savage fell back to Earth and did not qualify for finals in the last two weeks. Still, the Norweigan duo is a threat to all opponents in heat four.

Veloce saevid and Scolleh are coming off back-to-back fifth-place finishes to round out the Fortnite Champion Series and are in form with big money ahead of them in the Grand Finals. BL Anas and Ibooohai, as well as qvado and Gambit Toose, have both seen consistent success throughout the FNCS and are in play to qualify through to the Grand Finals.

That does it for our preview of the Europe FNCS Season Finals. Remember to tune in this weekend for all of the action and earn FNCS Twitch Drops along the way. Stay tuned throughout this weekend for more coverage and up to date results of each region for the conclusion of the Fortnite Champion Series.

Featured Image via Epic Games.

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