Fortnite: Epic Removes Double-Movement Binds For Keyboard & Mouse Players

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Fortnite: Epic Removes Double-Movement Binds For Keyboard & Mouse Players

Keyboard and mouse players can say goodbye to double movement binds.

Fortnite: Battle Royale patch v14.50 released early this morning. Some exciting developments included a new Stark Jetpack and some unique cosmetics ahead of Fortnite’s launch into the next generation. It was a rather pedestrian update, but one significant change may reshape the competitive Fortnite scene moving forward. Epic Games has effectively removed double-movement keybinds for keyboard and mouse players. They will no longer have the option to mimic controller movement, which will make competitive Fortnite a bit more difficult for the keyboard and mouse elites.

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What is Double Movement?

Double movement for keyboard and mouse players allowed them to bind two keys to the same action. This option benefited them by making character motions much more seamless. These specific key binds gave players the ability to move left or right while still moving forward for an extended period. They could move similar to controller players. Without double movement binds, keyboard and mouse players would have to lock themselves into one precise directional movement. Fortnite content creator Jerian explains double movement thoroughly in the YouTube video above. Multiple pro players utilized this mechanic to move more fluidly throughout the map, which is no longer an option.

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Why did Epic end Double Movement?

Epic Games is truly an enigma when it comes to discovering any discernible reason behind their actions. We’ve seen them remove the field of vision (FOV) slider and patch notes without any real explanation. I wouldn’t expect anything different from the removal of double movement binds. Some believe that Epic decided to mitigate the use of macros, which allows a player to fulfill several key presses with just one button. Essentially, someone could execute a difficult triple edit or double movement with the press of one key. Macroing can make average Fortnite players appear much better than they are.

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Pro players sound off

This decision has already fired up the professional Fortnite scene. We already know how vocal the majority of top players are at times. The deletion of double movement binds is no different. Professional player and FNCS Champion Williams “Zayt” Aubin, of NRG Esports, took to Twitter with his reaction to Epic’s latest gameplay overhaul. “ill miss you :'( all of that because world cup winner is taping 2 keycaps together and cant press 2 keys at the same time :(,” spoke the multiple-time Fortnite Champion.

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Zayt is referencing World Cup Champion Bugha, who recently revealed that he tapes two keys to make double movement easier. Instead of pressing two keys to initiate double movement, he only has to press one. The controversy goes well beyond Zayt and Bugha, however. Players are starting to call Epic out for not dealing with cheaters and instead deciding to remove crucial in-game mechanics.

European pro kejseR also made his opinion known on Twitter, stating, “this is why i hate fortnite, instead of dealing with the cheating part they just remove whatever is skillgap,” he said. “Legit used 3 weeks committed to learn it and now its just gone.” KejseR makes a valid point. Players put countless hours into Fortnite to learn particular nuances about the game. Now, those who put time into perfecting double movement are up a creek without a paddle.

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Even NRG Esports player benjyfishy voiced his discontent over the double movement removal, stating, “there is no fu**ing way they removed double movement binds,” on his Twitter account. Players now have to wait and see if anyone from Epic Games will explain their decision.

Reisshub suggests looking to STW for options

Pro Fortnite caster Reisshub suggests granting Battle Royale players the same movement as its counterpart in Save The World (STW) mode. STW movement emulates that of how a controller player moves in Fortnite. That is undoubtedly the most viable option to maintain fluid movement across all inputs.

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