Fortnite: Epic Games Address Missing DreamHack Anaheim Payouts And Support-A-Creator

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Fortnite: Epic Games Address Missing DreamHack Anaheim Payouts And Support-A-Creator

The Fortnite developers updated all parties on the missing DreamHack Anaheim payouts and the Support-A-Creator program.

Epic Games released another blog post update today, addressing the lack of DreamHack Anaheim payouts and the state of the Support-A-Creator program. The former of which had not been discussed by Epic Games since the event concluded back in February.

DreamHack Anaheim Payouts Submitted

Professional players have come out in droves recently due to the lack of payout from DreamHack Anaheim. Amongst a sea of competitors from the event was OT Inspyre, who directly addressed his dissatisfaction with DreamHack and Epic Games.

Several other players piled on DreamHack for completely whiffing on sending out winnings to those who placed in the Grand Finals. DreamHack promptly responded to all concerns, deflecting the onus onto Epic Games.

Epic Games has now addressed these concerns in its most recent blog post:

“Recently, we experienced delays in Competitive prize payments due to two separate issues. The first issue was related to our DreamHack Anaheim event. Here, we encountered delays due to additional California state tax withholding that required manual processing of prizes outside of the Hyperwallet system. All prizes for DreamHack Anaheim have been sent directly to player bank accounts. These prizes should be deposited in the respective winners' accounts in the next few days. We apologize for the delay.”

It seems that Epic typically uses the same payout system that did not mesh well with the state of California. Understandably, players grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication from the developer's side. However, payouts are now on their way to the rightful owners.

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Further problems

Epic also briefly mentioned an overpayment issue that has been ongoing for some time:

“The second issue was related to overpayment of prizes for some winners of online cups due to a clerical error and required manual correction. Now that we have sorted out the overpayment issues, we are back on track to process prizes in a more timely manner.”

With payout issues behind them, Epic has vowed to process prizes much quicker than they have in the past. We can assume as much considering the remainder of tournaments in 2020 will take place online.

New Support-A-Creator Payment System

Epic's blog post also made two references to the Support-A-Creator program. The first of which addressed the new payment system, which includes a more reliable validation process:

“All payments have recently transitioned to a new system using Tax Identity and HyperWallet to handle validating Creators' identities and managing payouts. This onboarding process was not without its obstacles, bugs and delays, and we apologize to all Creators for the frustration and confusion caused during this rollout.”

The Fortnite Team also outlined the most common issues that creators are experiencing with receiving payments:

  • Minors are required to have parental consent and information to use the payment platform.
  • Please ensure your correct payment method is selected prior to processing payments.
  • Setting up a new personal or business entity in the HyperWallet platform requires a new email address. One email account cannot be used for multiple personal or business entities.
  • Those who continue to have issues can reach out to Support-A-Creator support for assistance.
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Support-A-Creator Scams

Finally, in this blog post, Epic addressed scams that are currently plaguing the Support-A-Creator system.

“Typically, these individuals create social media material that promises false special benefits to players in return for using a specific Support-A-Creator code. Another common scam involves Creative islands that promise rewards to players like free V-Bucks gift cards. The players that use these codes never receive the special benefits they were promised by the Creator.”

Epic Games went into detail about how defrauding players will result in irreparable punishment, including the threat of legal action.

“Creators cannot provide Outfit or free V-Bucks rewards for using a Creator code. Making content aimed to scam and defraud players is a violation of Creators' agreement with Epic Games. Penalties for these violations include removal from the Support-A-Creator program and cancellation of any pending or potential payments.”

To conclude this informative blog post, the Fortnite Team outline two precautionary measures that will hopefully prevent scams in the future.

  • Creator code changes are no longer available for the foreseeable future.
  • A future version of Support-A-Creator will require all new and existing Creators to update and maintain their profiles with legitimate social media accounts.

If Fortnite fans catch wind of someone breaking the Support-A-Creator policies, they can submit a Player Support ticket with the hashtag #reportacreator. Those reporting other creators should also provide the proof in the form of a screenshot or preferably a video that displays the violation.

Hopefully, these changes will make prize payouts and the Support-A-Creator system much safer and more straightforward. Click here to see the full blog post.

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