Fortnite: DreamHack Open NA East Results — Degen & Ajerss Win A Nail-Biter

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Fortnite: DreamHack Open NA East Results — Degen & Ajerss Win A Nail-Biter

ESTNN recaps the return of the DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite.

All is right in the world when DreamHack is back in competitive Fortnite Battle Royale. The Online Open was due to return last month, but an unfortunate in-game bug delayed the competition.

DreamHack moved the tournament to May and revealed plans for 18 additional events this year with $900K USD in prize money spread across NA East and Europe.

The NA East region had the privilege of kicking off the DreamHack Open Finals this month. Fifty duos battled through the one heat and the semi-finals to reach the Grand Finals. Some of the region’s absolute best teams earned the right to compete for a piece of $200K USD. However, only one could take home the win and cement themselves as the DreamHack Open Champions.

Degen & Ajerss Triumph Over a Stacked Leaderboard

Six matches separated these 50 NA East duos from the winner’s circle, and this region did not disappoint. The top ten featured some marquee names, including Leon “BBG Khanada” Khim, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorft, Jack “G2 Jahq” Downs and more. While all teams made a valiant effort, the ultra-consistent team of FS Degen and FS Ajerss came through in the clutch.

Degen and Ajerss would not concede without a fight as some formidable opponents crowded the leaderboard. They proved their worth after a six-game gauntlet that ultimately came down to the final match. While another top duo — FaZe Cented and TSM Commandement — spent most of the evening in first-place, Degen and Ajerss exhibited heart and determination in the closing moments.

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Cented and Commandment had the victory in their grasp, but Degen came through at the perfect moment to pick up a last-second elimination over Commandment. That elimination proved to be the difference-maker as Degen and Ajerss finished with 353 points, six points more than Cented and Commandment. It was an exceptional performance by Degen and Ajerss and a well-deserved victory. They finished the tournament with 22 eliminations and six top-ten placements.

Spawn Fights & Top Teams Finish Strong

While Degen and Ajerss battled Cented and Commandment for first, some other outstanding talents were in striking distance. Two-thirds of the defending Fortnite Champion Series winners — 1P Acorn and G2 Jahq — settled into third with 285 points. BBG Khanada and Mack “G2 MackWood” Aesoph fell early in the final match, which landed them in fourth. The long-time duo of Logan “BBG Bucke” Eschenburg and Nate “BBG Kreo” Kou won their first game and finished in fifth.

Two European teams found themselves inside the top 20 as well. Two-time FNCS Champion Tai “GUILD TaySon” Starčič and Thomas “GAMMA Th0masHD” Høxbro Davidsen gave Bizzle and Bugha a run for their money at Sweaty Sands. They finished in 17th while CL Safik and CL iRezUmi won a match and secured 17th overall. Here is the complete top-20 leaderboard:

  • 1st: FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss – 353 points ($13,500)
  • 2nd: TSM Cоmadon, FaZe Cented – 347 points ($8,000)
  • 3rd: 1P Acornski, G2 Jаhq – 285 points ($6,600)
  • 4th: BBG Piece Nada1x, G2 MackWood – 275 points ($5,300)
  • 5th: bbg kre, BBG Bucke – 254 points ($4,450)
  • 6th: TNG Dxrant, TNG Nani yt – 236 points ($3,400)
  • 7th: ENDL8SS DEYYSIA, NRG СІіх – 217 points ($2,650)
  • 8th: XPRT OSP7, LG Joji – 215 points ($2,350)
  • 9th: SEN BUGHA, FаZe Bizzle – 214 points ($2,050)
  • 10th: XSET Knight, XSET Shark – 211 points ($1,700)
  • 11th: C9 nosh, 24 PAPER – 209 points ($1,450)
  • 12th: ENDLESS MER0, DT Rise – 205 points ($1,450)
  • 13th: Kjrop, NeonWTFF YT – 204 points ($1,450)
  • 14th: Justicе., TNG Eclipsae – 196 points ($1,450)
  • 15th: GUILD TaySon 7, GAMMA Th0masHD – 195 points ($1,450)
  • 16th: TrainH saffy, C9 Avery – 192 points ($900)
  • 17th: CL Sаfik, CL iRezUmi – 190 points ($900)
  • 18th: skqttles, Rocаine – 185 points ($900)
  • 19th: AceSkiAckesAhq, CidUckeAdaWood – 184 points ($900)
  • 20th: Felix – -, Sparebow – 180 points ($900)
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It was an intense set of games, and more will follow tomorrow with the DreamHack Open European finals. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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