Fortnite: DreamHack Cash Cup Extra #8 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: DreamHack Cash Cup Extra #8 Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps the latest DreamHack Cash Cup Extra, following FNCS Season 8.

Competitive Fortnite knows no breaks. One day after wrapping up the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Season 8 Finals, teams returned to the Island for another round of Trio Cash Cups. The stakes changed quite significantly this time around upon the announcement of a Cash Cup Extra format change. Instead of the top 132 teams, DreamHack reduced qualifying spots to 33. That meant teams needed to put forth even more effort.

After said and done, the top 33 Trio Cash Cup teams secured a spot in the Cash Cup Extra. Some notable names, including FNCS Season 8 Champions Kami, Setty and teeq and Bugha, Muz and Mero in the mix for a share of more than $30K USD. Let’s see how the European and NA East region played out in the first post-FNCS Cash Cup Extra.


Team Orchard Reigns Supreme

The European region went insane as several top teams hovered atop the leaderboard throughout the day. However, after winning game one, zeykoo, Esty and Slovay kept their foot on the gas and hung on to win. It was an admirable performance from The Orchard team, who finished with the most eliminations at 39 and the highest average placement of 4.17. Zeykoo, Esty and Slovay would not be denied. They executed a brilliantly consistent game plan and found themselves in the winner's circle after a 13th place result in their last Cash Cup Extra outing.

The FNCS Champions Secure Second

Twenty-four hours removed from their impressive FNCS Season 8 triumph, the Polish trio returned to work intending to find more success. Kami, Setty and teeq do not believe in time off, and instead jumped back into Trio Cash Cups and qualifying for the Cash Cup Extra. They rode the FNCS victory momentum into a 436-point performance, including two Victory Royales and 32 eliminations. Kami’s squad rounded out the tournament with a win in game six, but one 20th place prevented them from winning. Nonetheless, the three Polish players are the world’s best and can succeed with any format and play style.

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Catty Corner Crew Finishes Third

Queasy, Anas and Th0masHD continued their outstanding play in Season 8 with another impressive placement. This time out, the former Cash Cup Extra winners collected a Victory Royale and 27 eliminations en route to 412 points. It was a solid follow-up to their eighth-place finish in the Season 8 Finals. Queasy, Anas and Th0masHD are an outstanding trio and have proven their abilities in every tournament thus far, especially the Cash Cup Extra.

  • 1st: zeykoo 7, Esтy, WAVE SLOVAY 203 – 492 points ($2,100)
  • 2nd: BL Setty, KamiFN, GXR teeq – 436 points ($1,800)
  • 3rd: Queasykame, GUILD Аnas, Th0masHD 58 – 412 points ($1,500)
  • 4th: EIQ Wraxx, Hutyache32, EIQ Minny 456 – 336 points ($1,200)
  • 5th: GUILD Hen 75., solo veno, TrulеX – 330 points ($900)
  • 6th: Adn 7, Hardfind 7, Playwell Styrsix – 299 points ($750)
  • 7th: 00 Endretta, NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage – 295 points  ($750)
  • 8th: Vitality Snayzy, keziiх, naуte – 284 points ($750)
  • 9th: Desolator vegan, pirozz vegan, Reformed Slq – 283 points ($750)
  • 10th: VCTRY Kefyy, Monaco pkr, LP mlody – 273 points ($750)
  • 11th: Onyx Laxus, MCES BadSniper, Force – 239 points ($600)
  • 12th: Falcon Andi EW, 4zr, хsweeze – 239 points ($600)
  • 13th: Solarу Floki, Solarу Clement, GO Decyptos – 229 points ($600)
  • 14th: vovifishy, MRM Sanji, JL Dukey – 228 points ($600)
  • 15th: PAYNA 203, GUILD JannisZ, BL NOAHREYLI – 218 points ($600)
  • 16th: WAVE VADEAL 203, Faceless L2R2, Cyr0xV – 201 points ($600)
  • 17th: Frаctioned, OPT Riftyache32, VCTRY Shaggy – 199 points ($600)
  • 18th: Legion Cherentos, PRM Marq, PRM Ogurchik – 197 points ($600)
  • 19th: CR 유서프, KPI 분명한, VCTRY havre1k – 182 points ($600)
  • 20th: King Michаel, PW AstroSMZ, XL Veroх – 175 points ($600)

NA East

Tetro & Co Win a Close Race

Fresh off their fifth-place finish at the Season 8 Finals, the trio of crxspy, Death and tetro clutched out a narrow victory. The scores were much closer in EU, but they did just enough, earning 371 points across six matches. Crxspy, Death and tetro managed 31 eliminations and an average placement of 9.83. It was an admirable effort out of a team that is red hot right now heading into the Grand Royale.

Bucke, MackWood & Peterbot Land in Second by Four Points

Another team that is trending nicely is that of Bucke, MackWood and Peterbot. They led the Season 8 Finals early with a Victory Royale before eventually sliding down the leaderboard. The three players qualified for the Cash Cup Extra and utilized the opportunity. Bucke’s team finished with 368 points—just under one elimination behind first. It’s clear Bucke, MackWood and Peterbot aren’t going anywhere.

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Bezerk’s Team Wins a Match, Finish Third

Following a seventh-place result in the Trio Cash Cup, Bezerk, Brutal and glepo gave the Cash Cup Extra a run. It worked well, as the three players compiled 360 points and a Victory Royale. They finished with the highest average placement of any team with an 8.17. Bezerk, Brutal and glepo are a team to watch.

  • 1st: VCGO crxspy, FLu Death7, moon tetro – 371 points ($2,100)
  • 2nd: NRG Buckе, TNG Peterbot, G2 MackWood – 368 points ($1,800)
  • 3rd: Moon Bezerk, Moon Brutal, VCGO glepo – 360 points ($1,500)
  • 4th: TNA Muz3x, tna mero11, SEN BUGHADORF – 350 points ($1,200)
  • 5th: LG jamper -VII, XTRA Deyylol ., NOVA TRAGIX – 348 points ($900)
  • 6th: LG Slackes, Acоrnski, G2 Jаhq – 336 points ($750)
  • 7th: TNG sikO, FS notpandda, FаZe Bizzle – 332 points – 601 points ($750)
  • 8th: 100T Arkhram, XTRA Reetlol, NRG EpikWhale5x – 324 points ($750)
  • 9th: Twitter DukezFN, KNG Justice, twitter userzfn – 297 points ($750)
  • 10th: Ajerss, BBG KHANADA 200, Voilfishy – 292 points ($750)
  • 11th: DeRoller., Speguu11, strawhat charlie – 283 points ($600)
  • 12th: Sharkman, K2G TRAP LOL XD, shonye1x – 274 points ($600)
  • 13th: lil аle, KNG Squish, PSR Vilets – 273 points – 541 points ($600)
  • 14th: FS DEGEN, SUMMR uuuuuuuuuu, fyеrd – 264 points ($600)
  • 15th: Kn1pher, Snake Ackerman, A1 SIMPLE – 262 points ($600)
  • 16th: le xyphon, Papada Hell, 7floxdefault tw – 258 points ($600)
  • 17th: AG Noizy, SF LEXX, MTS XAVI 15 – 253 points ($600)
  • 18th: skqttles, XTRA Illest, C9 Avery – 243 points ($600)
  • 19th: C9 nosh, TNG Nut, TNGchukky uchiha – 186 points ($600)
  • 20th: XSET Ceice 4PF, K2G Cold, elitxe ay лол 7 – 172 points ($600)

That concludes our coverage of this week’s Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack. The competition returns in 28 days, so be sure to check back for more on the next installment and Grand Royale updates!

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