Fortnite Crew Pack Bug is Pay to Lose

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Fortnite Crew Pack Bug is Pay to Lose

There’s a new Fortnite Crew Pack bug in the game that’s kind of making it pay to lose, and causing problems even with Epic throwing a Rocket League Pass into the deal.

The Fortnite Crew Pack is an extra bit of monetization that Epic has been running in Fortnite. If the Fortnite Battle Pass and item shop weren’t enough for you, you can get the Crew Pack for an extra set of cosmetics and premium currency each month. The value has even increased a bit lately, with Epic adding the Rocket League pass to the same purchase. However, a Fortnite Crew Pack bug has also been introduced. It’s one that’s been locking players up when they use Crew Pack content in the game at the wrong time.

That’s making the entire subscription a little less than ideal right now.  Rather than just getting cool cosmetics and extras in other Epic games, some players are getting locked up and unable to play once they’ve paid for the Crew Pack.

Fortnite Crew Pack Bug

Fortnite Crew Pack Bug and Rocket League Inclusion

The Fortnite Crew Pack bug is affecting those who pay for an extra premium service. The Crew Pack itself has been around for quite a while now, and it’s no stranger to controversy from the player base.

The Crew Pack includes an exclusive Fortnite skin and set of matching cosmetics. You also get a monthly batch of V-Bucks, and free access to the Battle Pass while you’re subscribed. It controversially can be bought every two months, letting you get all of the rewards for two months with a single payment. It’s not the juggling payments that have hit the Crew Pack most recently though, it’s a new bug.

The new Fortnite Crew Pack bug has just been discovered by players. It only affects those who are paying for the monthly subscription. If you head over to Mega City (one of the top landing spots in Chapter 4 Season 2), the bug seems to activate quite a lot there. Once on a grinding rail, if players open the Fortnite Crew tab while sliding on a rail they’ll get a bit stuck.

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Effected players seem to end up completely locked in. They’re stood in one place, unable to move. You basically have to wait till you die to an enemy player or the storm, or just quit and jump into a new game.

The Fortnite Crew Pack Bug Could Effect More Players

So far, it’s that bug that’s been discovered by Reddit user Incredibly_Based in a post showing off the bug. However, the error might be a bit more widespread. Since it relied on players stumbling on it by accessing menus in the wrong place, this might activate at a lot of spots over the map.

The Fortnite Crew Pack bug is going to effect players until it gets patched. Now that it’s a known error, players can simply avoid opening up that specific page in areas where it could activate. It might be safest to not open up the crew pack at all in games! Only checking that tab in the lobby might be safer. Most people likely aren’t messing with their Fortnite settings or subscriptions mid-game anyway.

Using the in-game Fortnite Crew tab bugs your game out; this glitch lock you in place on rails
by u/Incredibly_Based in FortNiteBR


The Fortnite crew Pack bug comes at a bit of an irritating time, as Epic has just added more to the pack to make it better value. However, having a pay-to-lose aspect isn’t exactly making it a better deal.

Epic Adds Rocket League Battle Pass to Fortnite Crew Pack

Fortnite Crew Pack Bug and Rocket League Inclusion

Alongside the Fortnite Crew Pack Bug, there are actually reasons why the crew pack is a better deal than it used to be. A new change to the Fortnite Crew Pack is going to give players even more bang for their buck with the Pass.

The Fortnite Pack has always included access to the current season of Fortnite’s Battle Pass. However, it’s now getting the Rocket League Pass too.

Players who are subscribed to the Fortnite Crew Pack are going to be able to access the Rocket League pass too! As long as they’re using the same Epic account, both free-to-play games are now part of the same subscription.

This opens the door for even more crossover between the two games in the future. We’ve already seen Rocket League cars in the game, and more recently houses around the Fortnite map have started to get Rocket League posters decorating them. This further crossover brings the game even closer, even if the Fortnite Crew Pack bug is making the pass a bit worse for Fortnite.

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Epic also publishers Fall Guys, which features seasonal content like Fortnite and Rocket League. It’s possible that in the future Epic offers all three game’s subscription services as a single payment! Although, at the moment Rocket League and Fortnite’s Passes in a single Crew Pack is a pretty good deal. That’s especially the case if you can time it to get two sets of cosmetics out of the Crew Pack along with getting the Battle Pass.

Will the Fortnite Crew Pack Bug Get Fixed?

Normally when a bug like this gets discovered, players have to wait for Epic to fix it but it’s typically pretty quick. That might not be the case this time. More recently, Epic has been sweeping some bugs under the carpet for a brief period.

Players only have a little while longer left with the current Fortnite Season. We’ve already seen some major bugs pop up for the last few weeks though. Alongside the Fortnite crew Pack bug, we’ve also seen a major error with the Fortnite Kinetic Blades. They’ve been taken out of the game after a bug was discovered. However, they’re not coming back.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Kinetic Blade

Epic has decided to not fix the Katana. It looks like the blade isn’t coming back next season. With mere days left before we see if the Fortnite leaks2 about the new season are true, there isn’t too long left for the Katana anyway. Since Epic has decided not to fix this bug, they might ignore the Fortnite Crew Pack bug too. It’s possible that Epic sits on this bug until the next full season of the game unlocks and presumably the grind rails leave which may solve this problem on its own.

While Epic has been leaving some bugs in the game for a while, this one does affect cosmetics and monetization. That’s an area where they’ll want to get it fixed. Having a pay-to-lose feature in the game isn’t exactly going to encourage players to sign up for the subscription, even if the Rocket League pass is included.

Fortnite Crew Pack Bug is Pay to Lose
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