Fortnite Crew Pack February 2024, Release Date, Rewards, Price

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Fortnite Crew Pack February 2024, Release Date, Rewards, Price

This article features the Fortnite Crew pack for this month, including all the skins, rewards, price and more.

The Fortnite Crew pack for February 2024 features a Lana Lane Skin along with several other rewards, and more.

Purchasing the crew pack in Fortnite for additional months grants players with more legacy skin cosmetics for Llana Lane.

For a monthly subscription of $11.99, players get access to the new outfit, called llana lane, along with a battle pass, 1000 bucks,  a variety of cosmetics,. Purchasing the subscription for a couple of months at a stretch grants several new legacy outfits for the character available in the current crew pack. Every month players get access to also Rocket League premium content. Another Epic games title, so the rewards aren’t restricted to just Fortnite if you happen to purchase the Crew Pack.

Fortnite Crew Pack All Rewards

Crew Legacy Styles are a new addition to the Crew Pack. the Legacy styles are different styles for the given outfit of the month. Subscribers unlock a new Crew Legacy Style for every single month they stay subscribed. The February 2024 Crew Pack for Fortnite grants players with the following rewards

  • Llana Lane (+Styles)
  • Back Bling
  • Pickaxe
  • Lobby Music
  • Loading Screen

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The available Llana Lane Legacy Cosmetics are:

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Llamatic Legacy – 1 additional month Crew Subscription
Auric Legacy – 2 additional months Crew Subscription
Phase Legacy – 3 additional months Crew Subscription
Rimebound Legacy – 4 additional months Crew Subscription
Cosmic Legacy – 5 additional months Crew Subscription

Buying the Fortnite crew pack also comes along with several other things, such as 1000 Vbucks which is yours to keep. You can spend the Vbucks on a variety of things such as different outfits, emotes, and several fun other cosmetics. All in all, the Crew pack also gives you the Battle pass, which means more VBucks by playing Fortnite. The Battle pass will grant you enough rewards and V-bucks to purchase the next seasonal pass which is a total win-win situation in itself.

Fortnite Crew Pack Bonus Rewards

Members who purchase the crew pack get the current season’s Rocket League Rocket Pass Premium. While still being subscribed, they will get the premium rocket league pass for additional months, for the upcoming future seasons.The rewards list doesn’t end here for players who’ve already purchased the Rocket league Premium Pass in some cases,  they will receive a one-time 1000 Credits (Rocket League in-game currency) return sent to their in-game account.

At least, for now; Epic has said “previous Crew Packs’ items may be made available again to Crew members at a later date,” but practically, if you have your heart on a certain pack, be sure to subscribe and claim while you can.

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Fortnite Crew Packs Release Date and Time

Every new Crew Pack in Fortnite for the upcoming month is available on the last day of the preceding month. That is, the Crew Pack for February 2024 will be available on January 30-31. Accurately, the crew pack should be live for the month of February by January 31, at 7PM EST for North America.

Fortnite Crew Pack Release Time

4 p.m. PST for North America West Coast
7 p.m. EST for North America East Coast
12 a.m. GMT for the U.K.
1 a.m. CEST for western Europe
8 a.m. JST in Japan
4.30 a.m IST in India
11 a.m AEST in Canberra, Australia

Fans can sign up for the Fortnite Crew from the game client through the Item Shop or the Battle Pass . The Crew pack is currently available for $11.99 (or equivalent local currency pricing). Be sure to cancel the subscription if you don’t want it, because in most-cases it automatically renews for the month.

At almost 12 dollars each month, we think the Crew pack offers great bang for its buck if you regularly` grind Fortnite. However, if you’re not a regular, we recommend thinking twice before investing in the crew pack.

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