Fortnite Crew: Chaos Origins Revealed As October Exclusive

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Fortnite Crew: Chaos Origins Revealed As October Exclusive

Find out what's included in the October Fortnite Crew subscription pack.

Epic Games has revealed the latest addition to its monthly Fortnite Crew cosmetics offerings. A few months ago, the developers laid out a plan that would bring some of Midas' villainous team members into the world of Fortnite. Last month, Burning Wolf merged from the shadows as Midas' enforcer.

Month two of three in this line of releases welcomes Chaos Origins to the game. Only a few days stand between Fortnite Crew members and the monthly service's latest exclusive character set.

Fortnite Crew October: Chaos Origins

Dubbed as Midas' first redeemed, the Chaos Origins character outfit is a take on the classic Chaos Agent skin. However, it seems the first redeemed received a significant upgrade. Chaos Origins sports an all-black ensemble with sludgy character effects and his signature gas mask.

Here is the complete set of cosmetics included in the October Fortnite Crew' Chaos Origins' pack and image per iFireMonkey:

  • Chaos Origins Character Outfit
  • Siphon Pack Back Bling
  • Mutagen Mace Pickaxe
  • World Dominator Wrap

Subscribe Now for Extra Rewards

The Fortnite Crew exclusive Back Blings appear next to the Fortnite Crew crown logo on a blue background.

Crew members can expect to see Midas' second henchmen in their locker at 8 PM ET on September 30. Anyone who subscribes now will receive the Burning Wolf cosmetic set for September and all of the items included. Epic also introduced a Legacy Back Bling last month with six stages. The next part of the Back Bling unlocks on October 14. New subscribers will additionally receive the seasonal Battle Pass for free and 1,000 V-Bucks.

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Fortnite fans can subscribe to Fortnite Crew for $11.99 per month.

Featured Image: Epic Games

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