Fortnite: Confusing Bug Forces Players Into The Wrong Tournament

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Fortnite: Confusing Bug Forces Players Into The Wrong Tournament

An unexpected tournament bug threw the European scene into a frenzy of confusion.

Today marked the final Trio Cash Cup tournament before this season's Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) gets underway. Unfortunately, the European region experienced a strange bug that forced them to play in the wrong tournament. Several top competitors within the scene reported the confusing glitch, where they would queue into a Trio Cash Cup match and compile many eliminations. Upon exiting, they noticed that their efforts went to the Hype Cup +, a tournament with no monetary prize pool and lower-level participants.

This unfortunate circumstance led many to call for Epic Games to take action in favor of fairness. While the developers did address the issue, there are currently no plans to restart or cancel the Trio Cash Cup.

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Tournament Queue Bug

It didn't take long for players to notice this strange bug. Epic Games received a barrage of tweets as hopeful Trio Cash Cup participants recognized that their high-elimination games were going to the Hype Cup. Fortnite's Competitive Twitter account soon addressed the issue.

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“We're investigating issues of players getting matched into the Hype Cup after queueing for the Cash Cup. We'll update you when we have more information,” wrote Epic in a tweet. Fortnite's competitive player base swiftly began memeing the situation and requesting a restart.

Let the Memes Begin

Professional Fortnite player, Nikolaj “Flikk” Andreas Frøslev of Guild Esports, reported a 43-elimination effort in his team's first match. That impressive score would have gone toward their Trio Cash Cup if not for the bug. Unfortunately, their 68-point performance was meaningless and only served as a one-off in the Hype Cup. The FNCS runners-up instead had to start from scratch, erasing an otherwise exceptional game one.

Others, like fellow Guild member and two-time FNCS Champion – Tai “TaySon” Starčič – jumped aboard the train of people who wanted Epic to restart the tournament. At this time, Epic has not committed to restarting or canceling the Trio Cash Cup. Past circumstances similar to this have resulted in canceled or postponed tournaments far after their completion. Nonetheless, European players continued to accumulate points in hopes of winning the Cash Cup and collecting some of the money at stake.

UPDATE – Hype Cups Canceled

Epic Games provided an update via the Fortnite Competitive Twitter account shortly after the European Trio Cash Cup.

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“We're canceling all remaining Hype Cups until 16.40 to avoid players getting matched into those events when queueing for Cash Cups,” wrote Epic. “We are also canceling Friday Nite Bragging Rights until 16.40 to avoid conflicts with FNCS. All FNCS Qualifiers and Cash Cups will go on as planned.”

Thankfully, the developers made a wise decision to prioritize monetarily prized tournaments and cancel Bragging Rights and Hype Cups. This update hopefully means that the tournament queue bug won’t affect the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), which begins this weekend. We’ll have to see what else, if anything, comes of this concerning issue.

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