Fortnite: Cloud9 Signs Vivid Amidst Recent North American Talent Grab

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Fortnite: Cloud9 Signs Vivid Amidst Recent North American Talent Grab

One of the true competitive Fortnite pioneers found himself a new home.

Former Team Liquid member Noah “Vivid” Wright announced today that he has signed with another reputable esports organization – Cloud9. He is the latest addition in Cloud9's recent push to acquire North American Fortnite players. The organization began this talent grab last week, signing FNCS winner AveryFN. Cloud9 then announced nosh as the second in a stretch of multiple acquisitions. Vivid joins his fellow NA East Fortnite pros on what is quickly becoming a formidable roster.

Organization Reveal

Vivid's revelation video provided much more comedy than most of these organization announcements. C9 showcased Vivid on camera, covering up his Team Liquid gaming chair with his new organization's emblem.

Vivid's gaming chair, with a hand drawn Cloud9 logo taped on and covering the Team Liquid logo

“Hey guys, Vivid here, happy to announce I'll be joining Cloud9 for Fortnite,” said the Fortnite World Cup Finalist in the video.


Vivid's Impressive History

For those who don't know, Vivid is one of the real Fortnite OGs. He first competed in the Summer Skirmish way back in July of 2018. He claimed victory in week one with Kevie1, week four as a solo and week five alongside his former Team Liquid teammate Poach. To round out the Summer Skirmish – Vivid took first place yet again – this time with GernaderJake.

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Vivid went on to compete at the ESL Katowice Royale tournament in Poland. He took 19th place in the solo portion and followed that up with a 28th again alongside Poach. Before long, Vivid began teaming with Tom “72hrs” Mulligan – another Team Liquid member. Although the two failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, Vivid would compete at the tournament as a solo, finishing in 38th.

The accomplishments didn't stop there. Vivid teamed up with another Team Liquid player – Ryan “Chap” Chaplin and CizLucky – for the first-ever Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). This trio reached the Grand Finals and took second place, netting them $135K USD. Since then, Vivid has qualified for two out of the last four FNCS competitions and remains a talented player to this day.

Three Down More to Come

Cloud9 has continued to reiterate that more announcements are on the horizon. Avery, nosh and Vivid are excellent signings, but who is next? My best guess would be the former Team Liquid player – Chap. He revealed on Twitter earlier this month that he joined an organization. It would make perfect sense for Chap to join Vivid on Cloud9. There are also a lot of talented Fortnite players riding free-agency at the moment. Only time will tell who C9 adds next.

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